The Untold Story of What Synchronicity Really Means

Most of you who follow me here realize I’ve been exploring how synchronicity is nothing short of the Presence of Self breaking through the mind’s stronghold on reality.

Awakening is a lot like taking the Red Pill in the film the Matrix…and that rabbit hole you fall down is not only a radical loss of the fictional self but eventually a deep intimacy with not only your very soul, but the One Mind of All that Is.

Rampant holy magic—or over the top synchronicity—is a not a mere byproduct of waking up. It’s a force that has an alchemical motive—it wants your nascent awakening to fully flower, for your transmutation to full realization to continue.

Let me put it this way: Awakening is the recognition that you are not the caterpillar you thought yourself to be. Enlightenment is when the wings dry and you take flight. Synchronicity is the blow dryer on those still wet wings.


5 thoughts on “The Untold Story of What Synchronicity Really Means

  1. Wendy

    I don’t even know how I found your site but my life seems to keep bringing me back to ideas such as this…a force begging for stillness out of the chaos of my thoughts yet I don’t even know how to control it or where to start. I tried to meditate once upon a time but could not quiet my head and my life is still unfulfilled. I subscribed to the 40 day challenge about 2 weeks ago… never really made it past day one but will jump into day two this evening. I have read a few of your past blogs and some of the ideas without the background were confusing yet intriguing. Is there a starting point or another resource, that would help fill in some of the learning gaps?

  2. tony

    I have had some really strange synchronicities. It has turned my world “upside down”. The logic I used to use for problem solving is no longer relevent. I’m trying to find something for an anchor because nothing makes sense anymore. Any ideas?

  3. Jo Garceau

    “synchronicity is nothing short of the Presence of Self breaking through the mind’s stronghold on reality.” Well done! And wishing you every possible success with the symposium!

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