About Lori Ann

Welcome to the unfolding now as it reveals itself to this newly hatched, freshly awake Self. If anyone ever told me I’d experience self-realization in a spontaneous awakening at age 49, I’d have said something like, “yeah right, at what cost?” Because the catch is, the ego believes it’s going to lose big time if it lets Awareness have a say. The truth is way more fun–the egoic self gets to take a backseat journey on the ride of a lifetime, a ride filled with delight and curiousity, peace and bliss. Join me on the adventures of One Self expressing through this one form called Lori Ann.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably ready to wake up. The part of you that is deeply still, like the ocean depths, is leading the part of you that churns and tosses on the surface of reality. It is whispering beyond the you that think you are, Awareness is calling to itself: Wake up, wake up, wake up. Now.

In the entries ahead, I will chronicle my experience as barely dry hatchling. I am a discoverer here, not knowing the terrain, yet delighted in navigating this unknown world as awakened Awareness.  These dispatches from the frontier, from the place you too are going, might encompass an entirely different range of encounters than your own inevitable awakening. For you see we are each a unique point of view and expression for Awareness. And paradoxically we are all One.

I invite you to join me in my discovery of the unfolding now, the delight of each moment as it reveals itself.

If you want the “what happened” that brought me to this awakening, check out my first post, Holey Moley, I’m Awake from November 17. Otherwise, jump right in and follow along on the pathless path, the journey to nowhere and everywhere.

Awareness Is Here!

Lori Ann

The best way to reach me is at lori@lorilothian.com

I love hearing how your awakening has opened your life up, or even turned it upside down and inside out.

33 thoughts on “About Lori Ann

  1. rania

    as someone who’s also into astrology, I’m curious to know if you have the following asteroids that I think have an association with awakening/spiritual enlightenment prominent in your chart?

    (30157) Robertspira
    (24750) Ohm


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  4. Mari

    Hi Lori,

    I just happened upon your blog, and this is exactly what I was looking for. Feeling that the nothingness of consciousness is indeed real but it does not mean indifference, thank you very much for your blog.

    Sending you much love and gratitude!


  5. chris

    Hi Lori.

    Can you be more specific about your awakening. Have you a past of drug/entheogen use? Do you meditate? If it happened ‘spontaneously’, i’m guessing ‘it just happened’, am i right?

    Travelling and general life events ‘woke me up’, since my teens i’ve always questioned the purpose of my life, finding ‘regular life’, extremely questionable.

    Regards, Chris.


  6. https://twitter.com

    Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post
    reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this.

    I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.
    Many thanks for sharing!


  7. Rhys

    hi lori ann- ive recently been experiencing a change in the way i see the natural world (similar to what you describe in one of your posts) and i was wondering how long after you started experiencing this that you woke up? Its become quite a captivating experience for me lately, it feels very new and amazing. i understand that everyone’s journey is different, and i wont be expecting the exact same result for myself- but im curious.

    Thanks for listening



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  9. Kamana Hunter

    Very fascinating blog. Kinda like Eckhart Tolle, but with a lot more sex. Very insightful. Will be joining you on Twitter and Linked In. Sending some sunshine from the Island of Hawaii.


  10. lydiajaneyoga

    Hi Lori

    Just started following your blog, and I just love your writing and am very intrigued by your life experiences. I have just a few questions for you regarding post-enlightenment experiences
    1. have you had to deal with allergies, illness, or other physical ailments?
    2. I’ve heard that menopoausal women can often experience kundalini rising or awakening because the changes in their bodies (along with spiritual/emotional and life changes) naturally facilitate this process (I’ve also heard that hot flashes are a sign of kundalini rising). Any thoughts?
    3. Did you make the ‘just say yes’ commitment pre or post-enlightment? and how is it working for you? Do you think that too much sex can be detrimental for the less driven partner (for example, draining energy)?
    4. You initially described post-awakening sex as physical sensations going on in one tiny little corner of your experience. I wonder, is this how you experience your personality mind (which shows through your writing, and I imagine comes in handy when driving or talking to people)?
    5. Also, you later described how your body began to bond with awareness and sex became very intense. Do you enjoy this intensity?
    6. Finally, I know from experience and have also read that women have a hard time being fully present during the initial stages of intimacy, often thinking about a dozen different things. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts about this?

    Thanks for sharing your experience!



    1. awarenessishere

      Wow, it’s like an interview. 🙂

      1) Allergies life long to cats/certain pollens. I have noticed my allergies lessening (cats barely bother me anymore) in the last seven months. I went through four months of getting a head cold every third week, and a lot of cold sores too, post awakening. That has stopped as of about february and have been healthy since.

      2) the major kundalini activations for me happened at ages 39 to 44. In astrology there is around age 40 something called Uranus opposition, that can kick this off. Read barbara hand clow’s The Liquid LIght of Sex for more about this. Post awakening, for about a week, I experienced slight kundalini tremors. My sense is the major activations the years before (I was a student of kundalni yoga for six years) cleared a lot of conditionings from my system. As for menopause, which I am experiencing, it seems only to have impacted my libido…not my sexual enjoyment or the movement of kundalini. I would speculate that an awakening to true nature (especially abiding) restores a balance in the solar and lunar currents of the body, perhaps even resulting in the mixing of the ida and pingala nadi’s in the central column/world axis/shushumna…in other words, the masc and fem currents are now in a blended fusion. This shows up in many ways…that is a whole blog!

      3) You are referring to my Walking the Sex Dog article (http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/03/walking-the-sex-dog-lori-ann-lothian/) which yes was written over a year ago (my pieces for elephant will be catching up to the now eventually). I do not think too much sex can be draining–too many orgasms can. By draining, I mean it disperses the sexual current in the pelvis/lower chakras, when it is possible to alllow pleasure to build and the energy to rise up the spine. Sex/intercourse does not always mean orgasm. I moved past ‘just say yes” to a more “say yes when you mean it.” and “no is fine too.”

      4) I think you mean, do I experience my personality as a small fraction of self? Yes. Personality is a tool, or filter, through which true nature expresses–however it is also a highly mutable fiilter. When I used to think I was my personality, there was an assumption that this personality was solid and changed very little. Now, I see it more like a reed in the wind, than the steel rod it used to be. For instance, i used to be “nice.” By that I mean this personality was accomodating and liked to keep the peace/appease/please. Not so, these days. Sometimes it does that. Others, it speaks up and causes upsets, and can seem harsh. It’s sort of like, what is needed, shows up. Very strange for friends who are used to the “old” personality that would never rock the boat. 🙂

      5) I enjoy intensity. I enjoy non-intensity. That is what happens when you wake up. the expression, “it’s all good” makes sense. I could also point out that I am okay when I don’t enjoy something too…if lack of enjoyment happens sexually or in other areas of life, there is no resistance to that “lack of enjoyment.” Even that is okay.

      6) Breathe. Focus on your breathing. Make sounds when you breath. Hear your own breathing and sounds. Be aware of your body. This practice can bring you into the “now” of intimacy. Tell your partner, i am going to try this experiment to really hear myself breath. Try it when you masterbate. The sounds of your breathing, and any other sounds, paid attention to, keep the mind from roaming. When you wake up (or at least for me) the mind seldom roams far from this moment. But until then, give the breathing/hearing a try.

      thanks for the great questions!

      lori Ann



  11. Tanya Lee Butler

    I am stunned. I too made the ‘just say yes’ promise. To make a long story short…it didn’t work. Your article in the elephant journal resonated with me on many levels. Thank you for sharing.


  12. mightierthanthesod

    I have just read your piece in the elephant journal “The Dark Secret Reason Relationships Fail” and I thought it was amazing. I had never thought about things in that was before, and suddenly, so much of the feelings and questions I have been struggling with made sense. So I thought I would come over and start following your blog – thank you for your beautiful, insightful writing.


  13. Visionkeeper

    Greetings Lori Ann….Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog and your amazing heartfelt insights…Very Good! I am nominating you for the Beautiful Blog Award. All you have to do is post the logo, thank who nominated you and link to them and nominate 7 or less other blogs that you find great reading and put their links there as well. That’s it. Keep up the great work! I enjoy it. The logo will not transfer into this comment area so come and grab it off my site to use…. http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com Thank you and blessings to you…. VK


  14. John Ptacek

    Lori Ann,

    Would you consider adding my site to your blog roll? Non-duality is at the core of my essays. I attempt to make this at first perplexing concept understandable to a wider audience, just as you do.

    My site, On Second Thought, may be found at: http://www.johnptacek.com.

    I think you will find we share an understanding. I’d be glad to add a reciprocal link.

    Thanks for yor consideration.

    John Ptacek


  15. awarenessishere

    Well my dear Guari, you are beautiful too, since we are truly One Self…when I woke up to this truth it I was so delighted (*and still am) by the “all of me” in this world. Blessings to you on your inevitable waking up–can’t wait to meet you here.



    i m thrilled….i have tears in my eyes as i m reading this ….i can connect to each n every alphabet u have written….i m still decorating,repainting, re arranging d house of my mind with knowledge, n what all not..i want to connect to you lori.my lord has been very compassionate by making me read your experience through a friend who shared this link with me.m feeling fully blessed while writing this to u.lots of love and gratitude to u for contributing in making this world pure in consciousness….the house of mind has burned….m so glad.best of grace to dear lori…lots of love.


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