Forty Day Magic Challenge — Find Co-Authors of Your Story


Day 23: You are the author of your life. But others are wanted or unwanted co-authors.

One of the basic principles of the teachings in The Secret, and Law Of Attraction material, is that you are the creator of your reality. And to an extent, this is true.

But as Mages, we are called to the awareness that those we choose to interact with in this story of our life have influence — both subtle and overt. One of the ways we can sabotage our magical flow and ease, is by inviting nay-sayers and unwell-wishers into our orb of influence.

In other words, do you still hold onto friendships and relationships (real or virtual) that are the equivalent of letting a beaver build a damn in your fast flowing stream. Do you let those obstructionists into your world because you feel…..obligated or duty-bound to include them?

In his book The Mind Body Code, neuropsychologist Dr. Mario Martinez points out that we have co-authors in our life. Some of these co-authors support our greatest visions for who we want to be and express as in the world. Others do not.


  1. Choose one person you know is not a positive co-author in your life and make a conscious choice to navigate away. If this person is a family member, then simply say a prayer that the dynamic be healed.
  2. Choose one person in your world that you trust to be your best cheerleader. It can be a FB friend, your partner, a family member or friend. Ask them if they would be willing to be your official co-author for the rest of this forty day experiment. Their job is to simply listen and believe in you. (by PM, email, in person, by phone, skype). You can set up a time frame (such as every three days, you report in to this person), or go with the flow. Just asking for that co-authorship from one person you trust to have your back, will tremendously power up your magic.

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