How to Collapse Reality for Superior Outcomes

Something strange happened when I asked the fate verses free will question in my last post Confessions of an Awakened Astrologer. Instantly a series of dreams befell me over three nights (during a Scorpio full moon on my natal Neptune, god of dreams and visions). This is what I learned in these dreams, in which I was being given “teachings” by various Obi-wan type characters.

1. The Dipole Effect. There are two of everything in this reality/simulation. North and South. Man and woman, day and night, high and low, left and right. It stands to reason that each of our futures is a twosome affair — that in any given choice moment, we bifurcate into two entirely separate (though sometimes overlapping) directions — in which the outcomes or destinations are possibly if not probably quite different.

2. This means that when a tarot reader, crystal ball gazer or astrologer tells a client “this is what will happen” the great mistake has been made. The reader has colluded with the client to collapse a reality into one of two poles or split options — and without conscious entertainment of a second path, the deal is sealed. This is what fate looks like — mistakes we all make in not realizing that we stand in every split second at a fork in our road. The path is NEVER singular.

3. The many worlds theory of quantum physics implies that we are in a fractal reality, and we branch like an infinite tree into new worlds with each choice we make. I see it it as a kaleidoscope — with each turn of the dial (each choice me make), the little pieces of glass configure a new pattern. But now I see that each choice moment provides two new patterns in front of us, not one.

4. There is a high road and a low road. A muggle road and a magician road. A devil road and an angel road. An unconscious road and a conscious road. The inferior and superior path. In other words, we get to choose from two trajectories, only we collectively forget this detail and most of us, most of the time, default to the lesser path, the road more travelled. Why? Who knows — limbic brain hijacks, living in fear, failing to trust, losing our grip on faith, sheer magician laziness? PS: the first card spread is always the inferior path — it takes a second divination to reveal the higher road.

5. What is the practical application of this new found ah-ha? First, I started casting my own tarot readings with two whole spreads. This has been a deeply fascinating process because I see how the two paths are sometimes locked in with similar parts of the “reading” being the same but outcomes or critical other parts being vastly superior. For instance in two horoscope tarot spreads, the fourth house of home were both stellar card draws with cards of bounty and luck, where as both times the career house (10th) was troubled though far less so in the second or superior spread. This makes sense to me — I am relocating to a new nest in July and I am in the throes of changing my astrology practice to a teaching platform as well as carving out time for new projects that are not about astrology. The trouble cards show the turbulence of this area of transition. Most fascinating was that the first house of each spread which represents me, were vastly different (a highly negative vs highly positive card) and as the set point for the rest of the 11 houses reading, set the tone or split the outcomes. It’s as if the second reading said: get yourself aligned and all else will fall into place.

6. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself by asking the same question twice and comparing the two results. Of course the ultimate catch here is that once you walk the inferior or superior path the door closes behind you to the other road — you only know and live and experience the direction you chose. You can only imagine the lesser path, but not know the hardship of it or vice versa.

I LOVE this site ( for its range of free divination tools, so go play with it. This is of course a working thesis, based on three night of intense dream teachings. Last night was all about how each lifetime is like a star in a constellation of other parallel lives, and we deposit bits of the story across these other selves in other times, as a kind of “constellation” of our soul. But that dream still needs me to unpack it.

So, I started with the fate verses free will question a few days ago. Of course the question I have yet to answer, and may never resolve: who is the chooser?

But for-now my conclusion is simply that free-will consists of the ability to choose the superior to the inferior path. Neither path is without obstacles and challenges, but the superior path is without doubt less difficult, more rewarding, and mostly likely what would be called alignment with divine will.

May the sky tell. you true stories,


featured image: Image by suju-foto from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “How to Collapse Reality for Superior Outcomes

  1. aquavist

    I see the marker split choice as continually choosing between benevolence and malevolence where benevolence is simply the sharing of consciousness and its resources versus the malevolent wanton to control, own, consume throughout the conspicuousness space. Thank you for your trail blazing efforts.


  2. grandfathersky

    Makes sense, pondering free will vs destiny will remain a question forever as we all search here for our souls (purpose). There is a reader on YouTube “Patriza 11:11 “ I believe is her name, and she always uses several decks to define the meanings in the spread. She is fascinating to listen to.


  3. Laurie Gillies

    Lori, I also am named Laurie and live in Dorval. For that reason I have often thought of contacting you for a reading but have have held back because I don’t know what time I was born. My (now deceased) mother only said that she had 3 cesarean sections and her Doctor told her he doesn’t like to start before 9 a.m. So she figures we were all born around 9-10 in the morning. Would that be close enough?


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