Forty Day Magic Challenge — Stock Taking as Spell Making

Day 6: The Power of the Written Word

Before we get to our stock-taking how has day three’s shift to the practice of “paying sacred attention” been working for you?

Here’s one example of how it has been showing up for me. I often take my dog for a game of fetch in a nearby field and while she is racing for the ball I check my emails on my cell phone or browse Facebook. I am a natural multi-tasker. But taking this experiment to heart, I chose to not bring my phone into the field with me for the fifteen minutes of attention to my dog, the fresh air and the flying saliva-laden ball.

The result was magical, of course.

In the midst of all of this attending to the dog moment a thought popped into my head. The thought was, “Oh, I need to call my chiropractor to set up an appointment for next week.”  I’d taken a three month summer break from treatment and had told her office I’d be back in touch in September to resume regular adjustments. (Long story, but I was rear-ended by a taxi driver three years ago and chiropractic got me walking again after a year of pain).

As I got back into my car where my phone sat after the game of fetch, it rang. After three months of radio silence, it was my chiropractor’s office calling me to book me in.

I find this happens frequently when I attend to the moment, or as i like to call it, pay sacred attention. The magical rises up in those gaps where I am simply doing one thing without a whole lot of thought. Blowing drying my hair, vacuuming the house, folding laundry are all times where non-ordinary perception breaks through.

Later in the day, chatting with a friend, we both wondered: Does my thought of the chiropractor prompt the call to me? Or does the thought of the chiropractor come because that call is on the way in the near future?

Either way this sweet entangled moment brought a smile of delight and made my day feel more wonder-full.

HOMEWORK: Today is simple. It’s a consolidation game today where all I suggest you do is write down some of your breakthrough magical moments. By writing down even just one episode of synchronicity, pre-cognition, deja-vu, telepathy etc you create an attraction-factor for more of the same to show up in your life.

Telling a friend is one thing, but there is something potent about the written word. It has spell power. Just as it has been noted that people who write down their goals are far more likely to see them happen, writing down your magical moments creates a momentum and positive feedback loop.

I suggest a journal for your 40 Days of Magic (electronic is fine too). Remember: stock taking is spell making. My preference is a physical journal because I love the tangibility of having my book of mini-miracles in my hands, preferably leather bound and supple. And I get a break from staring at a laptop screen and get to savour the kindness of paper on my tired yes.

I’ve received quite a few emails from participants (and comments on the blog thank you!) with fun stories. This is one of my favourites from a woman who is challenging herself to engage the magical:

“Chatting with an old friend we talked about two people we used to go to school with, one who lives in South Surrey who I see occasionally and one who lives in 100 Mile.  I leave there to make a wine run to go back to my friend’s place and look to my right and there is Ed (from South Surrey). I take him down to my friend’s store, as she has not seen him in 25 years and she is totally surprised. The three of us chat for a half hour and someone walks into her store … it is Gus, the other person who we were talking about.

Next one…I’m wondering whatever happened to (a friend named) Corinne. I turn on the computer and as soon as I am in FB I get a friend request from her.”

These kinds of precise entanglements remind us that we are not only magical beings but that we are connected by invisible threads of Oneness.

Please share YOUR magical stories in the comments section or by email. I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime here’s a video I did a few weeks ago with a VERY SIMPLE SYNCHRONICITY by one of immense potency in that simplicity. Enjoy! (You can sign up for my weekly VLOG  by clicking HERE. 

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9 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge — Stock Taking as Spell Making

  1. Annette Bouvier Long

    Earlier this week, I was looking at our budget to see when we would buy a ton of pellets for our winter heating. I called my husband to see how much we had in the woodshed, then forgot to ask him about it when I got home. The next day, he tells me that when he went to work, there was a ton of pellets sitting there for us. My husband’s co-worker happened to be in Portland and got them for us like he did last winter. I’m seeing more patterns when I am open to see them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Yes. Our seemingly random thoughts are not so random. We are like antennae picking up signals from the near and far future. We just don’t recognize this because the signal to noise ratio is so static filled. Interesting story because it times in with the challenge for tomorrow. So many ways we are entangled


  2. grandfathersky

    Wrote this after waking this morning a summary of what was given to me in a dream : Life in this realm is about being a conscious creator. We are given consciousness as divine sparks to mimic the greater creation. To know and to understand creativity, and connection with the realm, so that we may have the opportunity to expand the universe through the creation of ourselves and our world. Our spheres of influence … Life and death are not the meaning, conscious creation is, that is why we should not be drugged when passing over, we need to be consciously aware of the realm crossing …

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  3. Wayne Wirs

    Back in January, 2012, I was advising my readers to keep a “Miracle Log” ( ) Why? Not to INCREASE synchronicity, but to provide them with EVIDENCE of the Divine when their natural doubts would arise (synchronicity implies God).

    I see this pattern over and over and over again (and it is being supported with both your personal experiences and those of your readers): The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.


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