Invitation to 22 Days of Awakened Wellness Magic–Starts November 1st

Okay everyone, you’ve noticed I’ve ventured into exploring the wonderment of non-ordinary, non-local reality. Also called magic.

If this is not your cup of non-dual tea, that’s okay. You don’t have to read my blog and feel free to unsubscribe anytime. But if you are curious and open-minded, you might just stick around awhile and see how deep the awakening rabbit hole really goes.

In that spirit, there are two days left to sign up for my free online “Magic and Miracles, Love Your Body Bootcamp. It’s a twenty two day course with daily email messages and a private FB group as well. If you are at all curious…click HERE.

Oh, did I mention, sign comes with instant free download of “Enter the Synchronicity Portal” a 20 minute professionally produced guided meditation by me (Mp3 format).

CLICK HERE to find out more!

Lori Ann2

One thought on “Invitation to 22 Days of Awakened Wellness Magic–Starts November 1st

  1. jogarceau

    Sure can see all the work you’ve done and the result of the workshops! The site is really professional with all the bells and whistles and leads to capturing the audience and the eventual income. Congratulations! jo


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