Forty Day Magic Challenge — Desire the Light

nullDay 29: Wonderment can be jump-started in the now. Your desire is the ignition.

There are days where you wonder: where did the magic go? The morning might start out rocky—feeling tired, an angsty teen at the breakfast table, a to-do list ahead of you that feels like a dull duty-list, or worse, insurmountable. Or turns of events might change your wonderful morning into a chaotic afternoon or evening.

This is life. Life is always happening. Things change. The unexpected occurs. The unwanted shows up.

But you have the power to dramatically shift things, to tilt reality on its axis. If you DESIRE it, you can change the spin and momentum of your day. You can reality-shift it with this simple desire-driven technique I’m about to reveal, that I call a Wonder Journey.

To be clear. I’m not telling you how to change other people or un-do events. Life has perfect intelligence and what happens, happens for a reason. Rather, I’m showing you how to interact with reality in a way that no matter what happens, you experience joy, flow, ease and wonder. Yes, even in a shit storm.

But before I show you how, let me tell you why you should do it and why it works.

  1. You do this because your preference for the light is greater than your addiction to the darkness. That is already true or you would not have signed up for this magic challenge.
  2. The Wonder Journey technique works because what you desire (the light, which feels like wonder) is desiring you. It’s that simple. It’s looking for you at all times, wooing you with synchronicity and signs, dreams and deja-vus. The light — which is your true self — is madly in love with you. And when you desire the light, it chases you like a lovesick lover.

Let me give you an example of how I recently used the Wonder Journey technique.

I wake up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed. My pillow is too flat (my daughter had stolen mine the night before) and I have a sore neck. I let the dog out to pee and she runs into the street after another dog. I chase after her barefoot, wearing only underwear, yelling, “get back here.”  Later, my teen daughter misses her ride to school and I have to drive her when I have other plans, like taking a shower. On the ten minute ride, she tosses an anxiety ball at me about her eyelash extensions causing her eyelashes to fall out and how she is not going to go to her classes with no eyelashes. We sit in front of school long enough debating her eyelashes (which look fine to me) that I need to write her a late note. I head back home, still in pj’s, physically frazzled and emotionally dishevelled.

I have two choices. Desire the Light. Or muck around in the dark for the rest of my day. I choose to desire the light. It looks like this:

I get in my car and drive to my car-repair appointment with the conscious desire to feel wonderment again. I know the Light that I am desires me, so that my choice to ignite wonder with my desire will be met.

My first caress: I turn on the car radio. It is my favourite all time song, the one that makes me bounce in my seat and sing along, my cheer up song: Uptown Funk…Of course the irony is not lost on me. I am in a funk. The song is about UP town. Getting up and out of a funk.

The second touch is a nuzzle: I pass a street sign. 17th street. I drove a new way today and have never seen this sign before. It catches my eye because it is shrouded by the leaves of a tree. It is nearly obscured-—and I think, ah,17 is my lucky number. 17 is the Star in the tarot, it is my birth number AND it is the number of the card I drew for the question: “What is the purpose for me of creating the 40 day magic challenge?” And this number is nearly hidden by leaves, but I managed to see it anyway. Seeing the wonder that is sometimes hidden. Sweet.

sandThe third sign from the light, is a full on mouth kiss. I drop off my car for repair (well, an oil change) and head to a nearby coffee shop that I have not been to in over a year. When I arrive, there is a photo hanging on the wall that is my symbol for entering the stillness. It’s the very same sand and stone photo from the challenge called “Be Quiet and Listen.” 

I order my coffee and a gluten free muffin. The man at the counter is lovely—he has a big smile and as he goes to take a muffin from the tray, he stops. He looks me right in the eye and says: “You choose your destiny.”  Then he points with the tongs at the muffin selection. (I mean really, how frigging obvious the light can be sometimes when it seduces me with such overt moves).

And you know what: I pick the biggest one with the most blueberries. My destiny is to have the best one. 

Because I am desiring the light, it’s madly in love with me to the point it made sure I got a super muffin on a glorious day—one that started off looking gloomy until I reality shifted it with a Wonder Journey.

Assignment: Do a Wonder Journey.  Start by saying to yourself: I desire the Light. Then FEEL that desire. Remember the last big dose of wonderment, when you felt loved-up by the Light. Recall a recent synchronicity, to get yourself in the mood.

A wonder journey is about desire. But also attention. If you are at a desk or computer, it might help to take a drive, or walk, or ride to get yourself moving so that the Light can chase you. But it can work at your desk: pay attention. What emails show up now? What private messages? Phone calls. etc.

The purpose of a Wonder Journey is to shift yourself back to wonderment if you have lost your way. But it can be a great technique anytime —if you are already in the flow, a Wonder Journey will move your from a stream to a river or from a river to a torrent. There is never a time where desiring the Light so it can love you back, is a bad idea.


Curious? In the mood to try something new? To experience a magical new beginning?

Anytime before October 2nd, you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

Lori Ann2

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