Forty Day Magic Challenge — Earth Yourself


Day 25: Communing with Nature is not optional in the Way of the Mage. You are the meeting place of heaven and earth — and from the earth you draw your vitality and strength.

It’s all the rage in holistic health research. Just two hours touching the earth with bare skin (lying on a beach, walking barefoot) has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and literally change the surface charge of red blood cells in a way that thins the blood naturally (forget your daily aspirin, get outside and connect to mother earth).

But beyond the health benefits of connecting to the electrical energies of the earth, there are the more subtle benefits to your etheric body. The fact is we are not just bones and blood. Our body is actually our “bodies.” I won’t get into the vedic five sheathes or talk here about research into the layers that we are made of. The point is simply this: Connecting with nature by spending time daily is crucial when you are activating your magical self.

When you begin to harness synchronicity and activate your magical self, you also begin to change your own physicality in subtle ways. The fact is, you are not waving a magic wand. YOU ARE THE WAND.

In this sense, the clearer you are, the more grace can superconduct through your body without static. And static does not feel good — if the current running through you is too strong you can feel tired, frayed and jittery, This current, called by some kundalini, or shakti, is intelligent. It’s working with you not against you.

But do your part! Fortify your energy system with the loving re-charge of mother earth. I’m not telling you to fast, or exercise daily, or anything crazy-ass hard. I’m just prescribing skin contact with the nourishing current of this planet herself,

Assignment: Go outside! Take off your shoes. Unless they are leather soled, the earth can’t meet you half way. Put your feet on the grass, the sand, the wooden deck. Find a place to earth yourself daily, even if only for five minutes. If you are in cold snowy climates, touch a tree instead. (I always ask the tree permission first—t’s a sovereign being, and I would not touch a stranger human without asking first.) Trees are beautiful souls who are more than willing to share the earth with you. They are fantastic conductors of her energy. 

Curious? In the mood to try something new? To experience a magical new beginning?

Anytime before October 2nd, you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

Lori Ann2

BONUS: A great video on EARTHING and how it works. And a pitch for an indoor earthing device.

Featured Photo: Stéphanie Souhaité

2 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge — Earth Yourself

  1. Anne

    Lori Ann, 25 days into the magic challenge, and I am so grateful to what you have been inviting me too daily! Thank you ❤ These daily whispers of being are potent.


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