Forty Day Magic Challenge — Heal Your Abandonment Story

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The perception of harm is a fiction because the real you is invincible. But how do you truly realize it?

Yesterday you were introduced to the concept that “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” You might have rejected this immediately or it might have felt like a possibility or even a truth. It all depends on how tightly you have been holding on to an identity that involves the role of victim.

Yes, bad things happen and yes, people do bad things. This is not about turning a blind eye to harmful behaviours by others or a carte blanche to act badly ourselves. This truth that you cannot be threatened or harmed—and that shame, betrayal and abandonment are fictions—is a transpersonal one.

By transpersonal, I mean it applies to that which is beyond the body and personality and mind of you. It applies to your SOUL. And the whole direction of engaging in magic IS the revelation and deepening intimacy with that real you. It’s about living a soul centric life.

At the same time I am leading you in the direction of your soul, I am cautious that you not engage in spiritual by-pass. That’s where you stuff your pain under the rug and pretend all is well because, hey, “nothing real can be threatened.”

So, before we quantum leap to recognition of the truth of who you really are, that invincible loving self, let’s address the three wounds again and work with them at the level of the wound.

One of of most brilliant methods I know to release the apparent emotional damage caused by the perception you were abandoned, harmed or betrayed, is using the opposite expression of each as an antidote or anti-venom. This path was pioneered by neuropsychologist Dr. Mario Martinez, and can rapidly heal the perception that leads to a victim mentality. This frees up so much more energy for magic that to not try it out is just plain crazy! (You can think of these psychological wounds as a drain on your synchronicity battery, if you like—by removing the perception of harm, you return to full power again).

Today, we will work with abandonment because it is one of the most difficult wounds to heal simply because it flies in the face of what is most true–that we are all One and we are eternally interconnected. The misperception that someone can leave us is like saying I am so upset because I left myself. It’s impossible to be abandoned by another because that other is you! (A Course in Miracles is based on the idea that our mistaken perception we have abandoned/separated from God/Innocence is at the root of all human suffering).

Assignment: If you have experienced abandonment by a loved one the antidote is the healing field of COMMITMENT. While you cannot ask the parent who left, or the partner who bailed, to commit to you, you can practice the expression of commitment to self as a healing path.

An example. My mother did not leave the family. But when I was very young she often hid in her room with headaches and overwhelming fatigue—looking back I can see she was likely depressed and suffered migraines. As a little girl it felt like I was being abandoned. I have memories of wandering the house in near darkness (in winter in Northern Ontario, it gets dark at 4 PM) waiting for my father to arrive home from work. I felt afraid and often desolate.

Now in my life, I use the healing field of SELF COMMITMENT to restore the balance and return to an inner state of wholeness. For instance, this 40 Day Magic Challenge for me has included the commitment to no alcohol. When I follow through on my promises to stay the course (in anything in my life) I feel my own inner joy. It’s beyond a pride of accomplishment because for me, being self committed is a healing practice.

Commitment to other is easier once self commitment is mastered. Why? Because once you commit to yourself in any area of your life, you learn to fall into a deep trust and intimacy with life itself. This leads to choices in commitments in the outer world of people, events, job, projects etc that are already in alignment with your highest purpose and expression.

So, keep it simple. Choose one thing to self commit to in your life and give it a time frame. Examples: I will commit to getting exercise daily for ten days. I will commit to writing for ten minutes a day for five days. I will commit to finishing this 40 day challenge! Keep creating small bite size, crafted for success self commitment plans.

You will find that as you do this, over time, the being abandoned wound begins to close. Because you are no longer abandoning yourself.

Please feel free to share your healing self commitment with our FB group!

Lori Ann2

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