Forty Day Magic Challenge — Look For Cosmic Cheerleaders

cheerleaderDay 22: You are not alone. Cheering you on are myriad forces that want you to wake up to the magic you are.

Yesterday the focus was on paying attention to guidance, especially the repeating numbers that appear over and over again in your life. Today, I want you to realize how deeply and powerfully supported you really are. You are not in this thing called life alone. There are spiritual forces (guides, angels, ancestors and more) cheering you onward.

Often, we forget to ask for help from unseen forces because we assume our journey — in all its ups and downs — is a solo affair Yes, we might lean on our loved ones for support. And that is fine. But why not lean on the unseen as well?

Here is a perfect example of how synchronicity can align through unseen forces to look like exactly the kind of cheerleading that we often need—and can receive from so many sources once we are open to it. This account is from writer and divine feminine thought-leader Sara Sophia Eisenman. 

Funny story. So, one of my dearest friends (a silver sister) was out at a spa day, and the practitioner complimented her on her beautiful silver hair (it truly is so gorgeous). The practitioner stated she was thinking of letting her own natural silver hair grow out, and apparently whipped out her phone and produced a picture of me on Pinterest.

“That’s my close friend, Sara!” my friend exclaimed.

And the practitioner said, “Oh my gosh, you know her? I love her youtube videos, and I hear she’s writing a book and…you know her?”

This came at the *perfect* moment of confirmation for me, just as I was working through the slumps of some very difficult and intimate writing and wondering what the he** I was doing.

And to *know* – and receive such amazing evidence – that what I’m being and doing makes a difference to someone in New Jersey that I have yet to meet…and that this head of silver hair somehow connects to the book I have just written…it all connects…just gah!

I just cannot believe the fabulosity of this Universe sometimes!!!!!! Mind.permanently.blown!

Assignment: Set an intention to receive a sign from your cosmic cheerleaders sometime in the next three days. Stay alert and open to hearing or seeing the confirmations and support coming your way from unseen forces, through the mechanism of synchronicity. And don’t forget! Once it comes, be grateful and write it down in your synchronicity journal.

PS: And share your stories with the other Mages on this journey with you! When we share our stories, we also fortify the field of intention that is being created by the collective. Here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. (If you have not joined us yet, please come on over and visit).

PPS: And if you prefer to get these daily assignments directly to your email box, just click here.

Lori Ann2

Fun Bonus: The Cheerleader song!

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