Forty Day Magic Challenge — Observe Your Resistance to Greatness

null (3)Day 31: The Magic of your Being can transform difficult times when you realize the light at the end of the tunnel is you.

There’s a tendency for those on the path of learning the magical arts to abandon all magic when the road gets rocky. But difficulties and challenges in your daily life are to be expected—intimacy with the magic of your being does not give you a get out of jail pass from challenging circumstances, or an exemption from the array of human emotions, especially grief and sorrow.

The human experience is your soul choice and it comes with the art of feeling. Emotions can be the chisel that carves you into a being of compassion, or kindness, or abiding peace. This lesson comes at a time in the 40 Days where many of you will begin to feel the friction between your mundane life and its attendant “problems” and your magical infinite self and its lightness of being. This friction is a form of finite self’s resistance to your greatness.

This friction is also like the grit from which the oyster creates a pearl. The rub between the ordinary and the extraordinary is your greatest growth edge now. The first step in using this inner conflict effectively is to simply recognize when it arises. In the days ahead you will engage specific exercises to turn mud into gold. But for now, just see it.

The ability to observe this friction is a prerequisite to harness that tension to catapult you to a new level of understanding and potency in your engagement of magic.

(And remember, keep looking for synchronistic patterns–repeating symbols are a sign you are on a cusp of transformation in some area of your life.)

Assignment: Start to observe places and times where circumstances or people overwhelm your wonder. Where do you lose touch with the magic? For me, it’s sometimes my teen daughter’s angst — I can get pulled me into her vortex for a short time and lose touch with the delight I normally experience. Don’t be tempted to fix situations or yourself. Don’t force a happy face when you feel sad, or try to change the situation. Just watch your inner state with curiosity. Be an investigative reporter of your own emotions and reactions. Can you name the feelings that arise in difficult moments? Anger, sadness, fear are the three most common and basic reactions.

Do this watching your feelings purposefully today, But also for the remainder of the 40 Day Challenge. We are going to work with these emotions in the next three days with specific assignments.

Anytime before October 2nd, you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

Lori Ann2

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