Politically Incorrect Enlightenment: Being a Human Being

Ever since this awakening point of view shift, and attendant blogging about it, I’ve been under the microscope and on the pedestal of other people’s lives. Not a lot, mind you. It’s not like I’m Madonna of the Non-Duality enlightenment crowd.

Yet, in the last while, I’ve gotten interesting comments and emails from readers of my Awakened Dreamer blog, all in a dither about my writings elsewhere on sexuality. For instance, Me Jane, You Tarzan: The Politics of Sexual Polarity now buzzing up the popular charts at Good Men Project online magazine, has prompted chastisements.

One commentator from the enlightenment crowd felt the need to post on my FB page, that I’d “travelled a long way from enlightenment” and that “You could lead people in that general direction. You could stay on the same continent. You could rise above reality T.V. ”

Really? Why rise above anything? And since when is sexuality, separate from enlightenment?

I keep marvelling that in the awakening crowd, there is any distinction between what is and is not okay. As if real life and all its nuances, from birth, to death to sex to money to power, are not all a part of the One Big Jigsaw Puzzle of the explicate order, emerging from the implicate. In otherwords, we are both here and not here—we are eternal unborn unchanging, (yadda yadda) and we are mortal, human and full of lovely ordinary life.

So, to those of you out there who imagine enlightenment or states of awakening (abiding or not) mean you are suddenly removed from it all and pointing the way to sainthood, picture this:  Jesus in a police outfit, directing traffic to enlightenment central.

Wake up.

Smell the roses. They are here for a reason. You have a nose.

Lori Ann (here, and there, and aware).



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25 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Enlightenment: Being a Human Being

  1. Joel

    What’s wrong with not being a human being? I hate it when everyone wants you to still be a human being.

    Though I understand your reactionary stance to enlightenment fools who are merely repeating ideas they think they understand, the real political correctness is just the opposite: the idea that you must ‘ground’ it in your humanity, you must ’embody’ it. It’s what keeps the likes of Ken Wilbur and Adyashanti in business. And that’s all it is, the enlightenment business.


      1. Joel

        Realistically though, the criticism you say you have received (I’ve not on Facebook, so haven’t seen it), sounds like it is due to you regarding yourself as the body rather than as consciousness. So critics reasonably wonder what exactly you mean when you say you are ‘awakened’. As for people putting you on a pedestal, I’m of the opinion that people can only put us on a pedestal if we put ourselves on one. I can fully understand you getting bored with the whole thing, however, and wish you well.


  2. Keith Davie

    Fascinating to see these comments of support, where I’d have thought that support would be unnecessary, the question being moot! You’re right, there is a mistaken perception that “Enlightenment” is a rising above human-ness. No, real enlightenment comes when we cease to resist our human-ness, when we sink deep into all that makes us truly human – sex being one of the more pleasant aspects of that condition! Keep preaching it, Lori – you’ve a wonder-filled voice!


  3. Joseph Polaschek

    Lori, “Stick to your guns” as they say. In my current “project” of working on a Dr. of Metaphysics degree, I’ve learned much. Regarding the subject of sex, I suggest seeing the movie, “The Sessions” – based on a true story and bound for multiple Oscars.
    Thank you,


      1. Joseph Polaschek

        That could very well be true, Lori Ann….. 🙂
        In the Black Cat Analogy of Fan Tai:
        PHILOSOPHY is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat.
        METAPHYSICS is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn’t there.
        THEOLOGY is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn’t there and shouting, “I’ve found it!”
        SCIENCE is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat using a flashlight.


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  5. Kate Street

    I absolutely love the title of this blog post! I’ve had discussions about enlightenment not being what I thought it would be ~ it’s not about transcending our humanity (like I always imagined), it’s about IMMERSING ourselves in it. And when we fully immerse ourselves into our very human existence we discover how sensual it can be. I recently read that “the more evolved we become, the more sensual we become,” and I’ve found this to be absolutely personally true. So, along with my sexuality, I’m also embracing (and enjoying) the fact that I like swearing, drinking good beer, and having an extreme abundance of money. My most favorite ascended master is St. Germain ~ and he was one who enjoyed ALL Earthly pleasures such as wild riches, sex, and alcohol. THAT is my kind of Saint! I think the difference between being enlightened and not, is the guilt we attach to such things.

    Always great to see you, Lori! ♥


  6. Simply Begin

    Hi Lori,
    Lovely to see you ” here, there, and aware”!
    And it is clearly understood by the apparent being know as Kate, that there will always be a collective of critics as enlightenment is still very much a fad in the land of seekers.
    Love your enemies as they are simply a reflection of you. And experience all as simply a test in realizing, understanding and accepting the truth of who you truly are…. Just another facet of ” I am”.
    Thank you always for your kindness and good energy in moments where Kate has also questioned the questioner/critic path….. And now I raise a Scotch glass in celebrating life, love, happiness, truth and of course the orgasm!
    PS: new t-shirt idea
    “Got Critics ? Drink More Awareness!”
    Love & Truth Kick ASS! 😉


  7. Davidya

    It’s all the old nonsense about celibacy required for enlightenment, still invading concepts. The majority of histories sages were in relationship. Not to mention all the hooey about perfection; like somehow awakening will make you an instant saint. I’d suggest one of the key words for a full awakening is inclusive. If something is being resisted or rejected, it is creating other, it is creating separation. That’s a quality of ego, not awakening.

    For myself, I thrive on the diversity of awake voices, the diversity of expressions of wholeness. From a Vedantic perspective, it is adding to wholeness, to completeness, to oneness. 😉


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      “I’d suggest one of the key words for a full awakening is inclusive. If something is being resisted or rejected, it is creating other, it is creating separation. That’s a quality of ego, not awakening.”

      This is my experience of my ‘awakening’ shift of perception. That too, though, has appeared as inclusive acceptance of those who disagree with me. I even include my own inconsistencies, in that inclusiveness.




  8. Lisa Kathleen

    Hahahaha! Sex! Our favorite subject! Right before or after the Big E! How anyone could imagine that the S and the E are not intertwined is beyond me. It’s like saying if you’re awakened or enlightened you no longer breathe air…… Hahahaha! Good post, Lori… 🙂


  9. bneal817

    I for one find your writing refreshing Lori. And I agree that sex is sacred and central to existence (not to mention FUN), and people would do well to embrace it, explore it, and enjoy it rather than shove it into the deep dark cellar of ‘wrong and shameful things.’

    Keep on speaking for enlightened sex. Voices like yours are greatly needed 🙂


  10. Gerald Westhoff

    Sex is neutral. Sex is the most neutral which exists. It is the opposites meeting together without separateness present.
    That is what frightens most people, who see themselves as individuals.
    Within the coming together of opposites it is not possible to have a separate you nor a separete me.
    At that moment there is simple joy arising out of this neutral.
    There is not a self sence of a ‘me’ enjoying a ‘you’, there is not a separate ‘you’ which is possible to be enjoyed by a ‘me’.
    It is the moment when identification with a self disappears and our true nature is seen, the veil is taken away. Nature has created us into two forms to move inwards and meet there, to dissolve there.
    The joy is inwards, enjoy is not just an action, it is a state of inner joy.


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