The Awakened Beauty

This Space emptied
of him, her, this and that,
deleted of doing and wiped
clean of what ifs and should haves,
this place of thundering
silence is refuge.

Here I fall freely
into the mystery,
surrendered to the velocity
of Truth.

You see, the dream of me
has lost its enchantment
and sober among the drunken
dreamers, I wait.

For us to dance
to music only God’s
ears hear, to tango
to the tempo of angel’s
wings in full flight
and to twirl to the spent
ardour of Her heart.

Are you dazzled yet
by the majesty of this dance,
this chorus of love?

By this solo performance
so beautifully disguised,
a mirage of many
spinning in place, worlds
born from each turn?

It’s timeless time to
take your superstar bows.

The audience of  You
has leaped from the seat,

~ July 2014, Lori Ann Lothian

Illustration/Moon Dancer Energy, art by Julia Watkins

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8 thoughts on “The Awakened Beauty

  1. Louis

    Lori, I’m curious as to why you have practically stopped posting to this blog. Is it because words seem meaningless?


  2. Davidya

    Thanks for that, Lori Ann. And thanks again from bringing Igor to the wet coast. It was lovely to meet you both in person, and a richness full of surprise.


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Thanks Davidya! I am looking forward to seeing more of you over the months and dare i say, years! Igor seems to have some velocity of Truth here in Vancouver, and will be visiting often to teach. xo


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