Forty Day Magic Challenge — Accessing Dream Wisdom

Day 2: Your dreams are not just vacations from reality.

Okay, so how was day one for me? For you?

Yesterday I literally floated effortlessly through my day — which took place in airports and airplanes on the way from Halifax to Vancouver. I had a more than a few intersections with strangers that turned out to be synchronistic and delightful.

But on arriving home late at night to discover my vegetable and herb garden had not been once watered by my family while I was away, my heart sank. I ran outside to inspect a once verdant crop to find it parched and brown.

I felt sad and a bit angry. I had planted this garden and nurtured it for two months and had mistakenly thought my family would think to supply water to very thirsty plants in over ten days of sun.

I went to sleep feeling less than joyful. And this pre-sleep mood impacted me today. It took more than half a day to shake the gloom. What broke through my mood? A bit of magic of course.

In a day long back to school shopping trip with my 16-year-old daughter she dragged me through more than one make up store. Each time, I eyed lipstick counters while she foraged for mascara and bronzer—apparently lipstick is too old school.

Even though I wanted to buy myself one, preferably a true red, each time I decided that it was just not necessary. I was spending so much on her that more for me felt sort of overkill. Then, at the check out at the very last make-up store before we headed home the clerk said to my daughter (who is a member); “Oh, I see you did not yet claim your birthday freebie.”

She then proceeded to hand my daughter a red lipstick. I had to laugh. My daughter pretended to like it and as soon as we left the store handed it right over to me.

That little bit of love from the Universe, from my Quantum Self, reminded me of the enchantment available should I choose to stay open and to pay attention.

Tell me some of your stories of where you paid attention to that which brought you wonder?

ASSIGNMENT: Before you go to sleep each night for the next three nights choose one question that you want a guidance type answer to–and ASK IT. Ask your dreams to show you the way. Or if you are not a high dream recall person, then note the first thoughts you have upon waking each morning.

IMPT: Keep a pen and paper or journal by your bed and a handy pen light. Some of my most blinding clarity (including my own awakening) happens at 2 am!

AUDIO VERSION also available. JUST CLICK HERE. (I don’t read the blog post–it’s more in depth coverage of the written version). Password is the word magic, lowercase.

Lori Ann2

23 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge — Accessing Dream Wisdom

  1. Sandra J Burgman

    Hi, everyone! Lori’s lipstick story reminds me of something that happened to me. I arrived at a large parking lot for a doctor’s appointment, and, as I stepped out of my car, I noticed several bills of money laying on the ground. There was no one in sight and no way of knowing who had dropped it. I picked the money up and put it in a separate pocket in my purse and asked God to tell me what to do with it. A couple of weeks past and I was in a pet store and the lady in front of me had items for many different types of animals. The cashier told her the total, and she did not have enough money to pay. She was fretfully trying to decide what to put back and I asked the cashier how much she was short. It was almost exactly the amount I had found in the parking lot. I handed the money over so she could keep all her items knowing that a higher power had designated me as the middle man of this blessing!

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  2. Freya Watson

    I came back from Christmas holidays full of enthusiasm and ideas for two new novels…which soon turned into two more sticks to beat myself with as I still haven’t finished the final edit on the one I’m working on. But I still went ahead and ‘dreamed’ them because it gave me so much pleasure, and within a few days, opportunities just ‘turned up’ to distil the essence of the two novels into short stories and submit them to a number of new platforms, satisfying the creative urge and finding an outlet. 🙂


  3. nadieachack

    Thanks Peter! Yesterday was an ah-ha moment for me – definitely magical – after reading your response. I pondered your words all day.

    To my surprise, you’ve given me another ah-ha moment with your knowledge: YES – curse words are literally curses upon the objects of their intentions. Change your speech, change your life. Like I said in the reply “spell-ing” is literally casting spells (there’s a lie in believe). In ancient times words / sounds were sacred. Just because we have no reverence for it does not mean it is any less so.

    “Spell-ing”” I immediately thought of casting spells. I didn’t actually start using curse words until 2002 when my husband had his nervous breakdown/diagnosed with PTSD. Three years later I experienced a breakdown and diagnosed with secondary, which is common among Vietnam vet wives. Thanks for your email, I’ll share more with you in an email,

    Apparently you’re educated in myths – possibly Joseph Campbell. I don’t remember in my studies him touching on the meaning of words, but I know he must have. Nor have I studied etymology, but now wish I had. You have no idea how your explanation affected me. Although I only use two words when frustrated, I regret it afterwards. More importantly, I’ve noticed that teens today use obscene words as they are part of their vocabulary. You have not only enlightened me, but given me a way-in to discussing curse words with my 15-year old granddaughter by explaining the meaning of words. Thank you so very much. You will have touched many lives with your reply on the meaning words. Casting spells – very serious – gives me much to think about. Look for an email. Have a lovely day and God Bless.


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Well, why not ask your dreams for some wisdom? Otherwise, i do know in Chinese medicine certain times correlate to certain organs/systems. I think 4 am is liver, for instance. But it would be interesting to query your dream self for some insight.


    2. Carolyn

      I’ve found stretching to be helpful for releasing pent up energy. There’s a very good reason why the first thing a cat or dog does after sleeping is to stretch. But your question did cause me to wonder what might happen if you resisted the impulse to get rid of all that energy. You might also want to notice if it happens more often on a full moon, because that’s usually the case for me.

      A few years back I decided to let go of my frustration about waking up too early. Instead I made the assumption it was happening for a reason and that maybe I should find out why. The first thing I noticed was that it occurred during times when I felt more spiritually connected. I would wake up anywhere from 2 to 5am, sometimes several times before morning. I’m not usually aware of any particular thing that wakes me, but as I would lie there I’d often be gifted with some insights. I write them down in a book I keep within easy reach. I’ve often wondered if this early waking had any connection to the practice of monks and nuns rising well before dawn to meditate or pray. It seems to me that there’s something special about these early morning hours given how unspoiled they are by the hustle and bustle that comes as life gets underway.

      I’ve also found more recently that for me at least, the state between sleep and waking has a sacred quality. There’s a very brief window of timelessness before the mind starts collecting memories that re-establish the ego-state in preparation to face another day. With practice I’ve learned to linger in that space and the heart opens into a warm, deep stillness where delicious feeling of bliss arise.

      This is my philosophy to life. The purpose of life is to recognise our divine nature. Everything that happens is driven by this one purpose. Therefore there are no mistakes and nothing happens by chance.

      If you’re waking up at 2am, don’t resist it…..embrace it and see what happens!


  4. Shazza

    The synchronicity continues to a freaky degree, as this morning was given complete clarity around a question that’s been on my mind for a long time. The answer was suddenly so clear. And this was BEFORE I read you blog. Don’t you just love it? I got butterflies when I read this post.


    1. Lori Ann Lothian


      We are creating a field of intention with those who are reading and playing along.. This amplifies for each of us the magnitude of our encounters with our soul. Keep us posted here. Your sharing is a part of this playful experiment and I grateful for it.


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  6. Brandi Burnsworth

    After spending my day first in the ER with my pregnant daughter. then losing a battle to at&t for being over charged (1260 for one month of service-no joke!) I was so close to embracing negativity and resentment at the end of the day. However, I am grateful for her and baby being OK and ended the evening DANCING with her and my 12 year old girl in the kitchen, a random and welcomed surprise, bringing me right back to the moment of Being and Aliveness-connection, beauty, Spirit, and most of all gratitude!

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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Dancing is truly great medicine–it requires us to stop thinking and simply move our bodies, and then voila, we are back in the moment where grace can find us. And gratitude is always an antidote for negative thoughts and emotions that can churn from our minds discontent with life’s more unpleasant and scary twists and turns. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.


  7. grandfathersky

    Some interesting points here “mistakenly thought” thought being the key … How would they know without instruction, and how could we blame anyone but ourselves for mistaken thinking, but we do, and we get into a funk for hours, even days on end. Parking spaces are synchronicities to me. So often they appear from the crowd, and when there are plenty I park away and walk. Sense is a gift and a curse. Truth vs falsehood, how easy we are deceived, hypnotized … Think of the word cultured – good for pearls and people. We learn spelling in school, are they words, miracles, or curses? For that matter are curse words only words, or are they lesser magical spells?


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Hi Grandfather Sky….

      Yes, I realized I did not leave explicit instructions — yet in the past when i travelled the garden had been watered by one family member routinely. This time, it was just my assumption that the garden would be cared fas it had in the past, hat created my upset…the main feeling was sadness. I did not fall asleep angry, nor did blame. I simply was surprised and sad. Even the hardy Rosemary looked stressed! The parsley was kaput.

      As for curse words, any word for that matter. Every sound that we utter, is a spell of sorts. Most word sounds begin with thoughts, and thoughts and deeper even, imagination, are too spells.

      Thanks for your comments,

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      1. nadieachak

        Hi Lori. Thanks for the opportunity to begin the Forty Day Magic Challenge.

        Grandfathersky’s question on curse words caught my attention, which I responded to and hoped you would elaborate. You said, “As for curse words, any word for that matter. Every sound that we utter, is a spell of sorts. Most word sounds begin with thoughts, and thoughts and deeper even, imagination, are too spells.”

        Your response hit me dead-center. I never thought of words being a spell of sorts. However, minus the thoughts, I do feel it in my body (somewhere) – more of a cringing and a reverberation through the body. I really never gave much thought to the affect they have on my body – mostly just aware of the reaction.

        Also very interesting – most word sounds begin with thoughts, and thoughts and deeper even, imagination, are spells. This I will contemplate for days to come. I guess you could say I’ve had a small awakening here:-).

        I’m keeping a journal of each day, so for my first day I’m already seeing results and I haven’t listened to your video yet. Apparently, I’m in the magical zone already. Looking forward to this adventure with you!

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    2. Bonnie

      Hello Grandfathersky – love your name. A dear friend sent me the link, so I’m new with Lori’s challenge, but very familiar with magic/synchronicity. I started the forty day magic challenge – yesterday. So, I’ve been reading the replies and when I got to yours and your post on word culture leapt off the page at me. More specifically, curse words: For that matter are curse words only words, or are they lesser magical spells?

      My husband is a Vietnam veteran and he’s a curser – the worst kind. However, he’s not aware of his cursing. That be said, it has always disturbed me to the point of cringing especially in public – not from embarrassment but for how it affects others. Married almost fifty years now (yes, we’ve been through a lot – PTSD), I’ve picked up a few of his curse words as well.

      Your question “are they lesser than magical spells” caught my attention. I’ve never thought of them in that way. Hmmm . . . magical spells. I’ve not read further to see Lori’s response, so I’m very interested in now in how they could be affecting us. Thanks for posting, Bonnie

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      1. grandfathersky

        Hi Bonnie – Funny how I adopted gfs – but that’s another story. I liked the 40 day challenge, and have been proceeding with it offline as I found it difficult to know where and what to post. I like Lori’s work too, she is very genuine. I came across the concept of sigils, a form of sacred geometry, and the fact that words and letter are sigils, used to create one of the foundations of consciousness. – Think about it – what is the first thing we are taught and measured by – “Now I know my ABCs”… I certainly cannot share the sum of what I have learned and intuited in this small space, but I would have to say YES – curse words are literally curses upon the objects of their intentions. Change your speech, change your life. Like I said in the reply “spell-ing” is literally casting spells (there’s a lie in believe). In ancient times words / sounds were sacred. Just because we have no reverence for it does not mean it is any less so. I grew up in the Vietnam era and missed the draft by having a high lottery number. I have a tremendous respect for veterans especially Viet Vets. You can search my blog for “War and Peace” to read some of my poems about it. Have you read -At Hell’s Gate by Claude Anshin Thomas? You can email me at I might be easier than using the comments. Either way. This allows others to share as need be… May you find truth in your words, and know the light behind each sound – today and always … Many blessings – Peter

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    3. tunie

      Because we trust the ones we love – and care for on a daily basis – to love and care for us as well. It is reasonable to expect that they ‘have our backs” and are looking out for us, as we do for them. That’s one of the reasons we stick together as family. A family member should not have to ask for other members to care. The younger members, perhaps, but anyone over maybe age 12, should be able to extend love and attention with reasonable reliability.

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      1. Carolyn

        In the last few years I’ve become more and more aware of the many causes of suffering. I’ve noticed that whenever we have an expectation, especially one that’s grounded in what WE would do for others in the same situation, we are setting ourselves up for possible suffering/disappointment. The truth is, others won’t always do what we expect, even if (for example) they watered the garden last time we were away. When an expectation has previously been fulfilled, a future expectation in a similar/same scenario tends to morph into an ‘actuality’ in the mind of the person expecting. In other words, they subconsciously take it for granted that their need will be met. This only tends to intensify the hurt and disappointment when the expectation falls flat. Another word for expectation is hope. Whenever a hope is shattered, we tend to feel a little devastated, especially if we’ve relied on a person to make it happen. The more intimate the relationship with this person….the more upset we tend to feel. There’s often a sense of….”They/he/she should have known I ……(insert need here)…”. The simple remedy is to first, notice when an expectation arises and second, give a voice to what we need instead.


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