Forty Day Magic Challenge: Day One — Wide Open Surrender to Wonder

Welcome to a different kind of laboratory. 

Starting today—and for the next 40 days—this is a real time experiment in divine magic making. I’m entering the laboratory of non-ordinary reality and inviting you to join me on a grand adventure. We’re going to blow the lid off the increasingly limited paradigm of the law of attraction and make-it-so manifestation and instead open the door to something much truer and vastly more powerful.

This is about Soul. This is a discovery of the truth of who you are. This is about a constant effortless surrender of what you think you want into the mystery of this one question: What does my soul want so that my life can be a masterpiece of love, joy, prosperity wellness and service?

I first created this challenge on my mother’s birthday and with the fortieth day end point landing on her death day. There is already much to wonder about in these symbolic maternal bookends. You see, this is also a time in my life where I have re-dedicated my heart to The Mother, the Divine Feminine face of God. This is a dedication, a vow, that began on Oct 2nd, 2001, the day I received the news my mother had been hit by a car and killed.

What do I imagine happening in my invocation of and petition to the miraculous and magical?

For one, that my already rampant daily synchronicity will amplify even more; that wonderment will be my guide and awe my silent giddy witness to this audacious petition to my own soul. I want to dance the dance of my life with magic, to know with such utter certainty that I am held in a web of perfection and in the capable hands of enchantment.

And I want all of this for you too.

Today I begin with a sweet story. I was listening to the radio in my car and playing a radio game with my sisters (today is the last day of a trip together). I picked song three for me. The song was one in which the main refrain was “you’re so beautiful” a hit from a few years ago. I laughed out loud. The last thing I feel these days, at age 53, is that.

One hour later we arrived in a small town called Lunenberg, Nova Scotia (reminiscent of the word Luna, of course, or moon) and within minutes of wandering the streets, a man crossed my path on the narrow sidewalk and whispered these words to me: “You’re so beautiful.”

This is what my life has become. The outer and inner blur. The edges of what is “real” are in soft focus. Life—the very act of being—is enchanting, surreal in its beauty and beaded with episodes of pure delight.

Let’s enter this laboratory together. Today, Day One, the homework is simple. Pay attention to what happening brings you wonder. Be wide open to this possibility, that your soul is trying to meet you more than half way.

A little ditty here, from my trip with my sisters, for your enjoyment. I got lost driving on day one of our trip. But not really. Because in getting lost, I found everything I really needed.

Mp3 7 -minute AUDIO VERSION of this assignment can be downloaded HERE. Password is magic.

Lori Ann2






Art by Alex Stoddard

13 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge: Day One — Wide Open Surrender to Wonder

  1. Freya Watson

    Hey Lori, just joining the journey now and already noting the synchronicity of you mentioning Lunenberg…Nova Scotia has loomed large in my emotional history – perhaps some ground to be reclaimed there still, some gem that I have left abandoned there in my urgency to flee painful memories…who knows? SO looking forward to the renewed connection with wonder and awe. x


  2. João

    I started today my 40 days of Magic. I own this page where I share content about my spiritual path, but these past days I´ve been desperately trying to share something…I was not aware that I was totally neglecting my life outside the page, I was not paying attention: I cannot share what I do not have experienced, I thought. I knew your page beforehand, but suddendly this challenge was right there in front of me – I felt the heart skipping a beat like it´s the universe opening a door – and it definitely was.
    I recovered that excitement, that enthusiasm knowing thatg the universe is taking care in every turn I make. Today I went to a close shopping center to withdraw some cash and I had the intent to cut my hair, but I saw a saloon which I thought it was expensive, so I left. Walking my way home, I found this hairdressing saloon which was cheaper than the previous one. I laughed because the name of it was ´Jaam´. Well, for a first day, I ´jamed`my way through it!


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  4. grandfathersky

    We took a trip to Halifax in 2000, a week after a hurricane tore through the city, at the boarder they suggested we call to make sure the power was on. We got there and there were sailing ships sunk at their berths, the park was closed, and yet the city was alive and thriving. We’ll be going back! As for my forty day challenge … To settle on what is the meaning of life … I have realized I will never find it in a library, and any other’s solution will not be mine … I am close, so close, but I need to watch for guidance and stop fighting the dweller on the threshold … Oh, and I have that same mole except it’s under my right eye so looking at your video it’s like a mirror. Your beauty is deeper than the mirror shows …


  5. Shazza

    I love the serendipity that I read this today – I also started a 30-day manifesting magic experiment yesterday. It just felt like the perfect day. I have some ideas about what I’d love to welcome into my life, but I am letting go of any specific outcome. It’s exciting to see where this leads. Right now I’m feeling just so relaxed, which is extremely rare for me!


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