Forty Day Magic Challenge — The Dark Night of Midway Points

Day 20: Make chaos your ally and transform doubt to faith.

There are no coincidences, as you’ve learned, because everything is interconnected by hidden threads of meaning. Your task as a Mage-in-training is to make these invisible connections visible so that you can begin to operate at a level of the knowing heart instead of the thinking (and quite blind to the unseen) mind.

Here is a small example of perfect interconnectedness. Today, as I write this it is a Saturday. Saturn-day. And Saturn is the archetype of the taskmaster, a planet that brings structure but also limitation. When we crash against the shores of our own perceived limits, we are meeting Saturn face to face. (In my masterclass starting January 2016, The Way of The Mage we will would look at the placement of Saturn in your natal chart for how Saturn operates in your life and how it challenges you to greatness.)

Saturn is a most appropriate ally for me as I create today’s lesson on dark nights and midway points. Listen carefully, because today (and the next two days) will likely be the most turbulent of the 40 you have committed to completing for the simple reason YOU ARE AT THE MIDWAY POINT.

Midway points are natural nadirs, the bottoming out point. At a halfway through anything—a journey, a course, a contract, an assignment, a creative process, a life—there arises a natural period of testing. Testing can look like constraint, doubt, obstacles, fear, exhaustion. You will know the test when you see it because the test calls you to do one thing: Quit.

But the value of the nadir is what it really stands for—a turning point from dark to light, and a place of powerful revelation. As Joseph Campbell writes:

The dark night of the soul
comes just before revelation.

When everything is lost,
and all seems darkness,
then comes the new life
and all that is needed.

In this spirit of possibility, for the next three days you are going to deep dive into any blocks, resistance and stuck-ness that shows up for you on this 40 Day Challenge. Because the blocks you encounter here are very likely the same blocks that show up in all parts of your life where you attempt to break out of the patterns that keep you stuck and into the greatness your soul urges you to be.

Assignment:  Go back and read your fairytale that you wrote seven days ago, and the updated version where you added a villain a day later. Then also refresh yourself on the weapon you chose to use for this challenge: mine was determination. 

See how in the next three days this nadir will require you to use this special power/weapon for good. Remember when you feel stuck, doubting or just blocked that is is the perfect time to CONSCIOUSLY access this weapon of strength or magical power that you wrote into your storyline.

Also, in your fairytale did you write about a turning point where things seemed darkest and then you came through to the light? If not, you might want to add a paragraph or two about such a mythic journey through a nadir. Don’t forget–your fairytale is larger than life. If in your ordinary life you faced a dark night of an abusive authority figure, or the loss of a loved one, write about it in mythic terms. The abuser is a dragon or evil warlock? The loss is of a magical child or powerful Queen. Make sure that your story honours the greatness in your soul with these mythic characters that carry potency and transformation.

PS: And share your stories with the other Mages on this journey with you! When we share our stories, we also fortify the field of intention that is being created by the collective. Here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. (If you have not joined us yet, please come on over and visit).

PPS: And if you prefer to get these daily assignments directly to your email box, just click here.

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