Forty Day Magic Challenge — Paint a Blank Canvas

Day 19: What if your life is a canvas and you are the artist?

The next 24 hours is an empty canvas called “my life” and you get to paint it with whatever magical brush strokes feel the most playful. Think of your day like this—you’ve learned a lot of tools—dream wisdom, stock-taking as spell-making, synchronicity, feedforward and more.

Now be the Mage Artist. Or as Rumi wrote:

“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.”

Assignment: Say to yourself: My life is a work of art. Let me have fun today tinkering with reality. What do I want to paint? This could look like setting an intention and letting the flow fill in the blanks. For instance: Today in my magical life I intend to experience a happy surprise, an unexpected reward, a chance encounter that brings a smile to my lips. 

Or you can approach this blank canvas day like this: Dear Universe that is Me. Paint my life today with colors and patterns that will enchant, delight and bewitch. Remind me just how in love with life I can be. 

PS: And share your stories with the other Mages on this journey with you! When we share our stories, we also fortify the field of intention that is being created by the collective. Here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. (If you have not joined us yet, please come on over and visit).

PPS: And if you prefer to get these daily assignments directly to your email box, just click here.

Lori Ann2

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