Forty Day Magic Challenge — Be a Superconductor of Grace

Day 24: Open yourself to being an instrument for the divine. It’s what you were born for.

This poem by St Francis of Assisi is the heart of today’s challenge:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

posterYou are a divine instrument and your magic is not for you alone. The Secret and many law of attraction teachings focus on what you can GET by using your magical nature. The bigger car, the better mate, the grander home, the vaster wealth.

And while there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting these things, there is a misfire of our potential for greatness when outer attainment overrides inner attunement. 

Tuning into your heart center is key to living a magical life that is also a joyful one. That adage, “be careful what you wish for” is often only truly understood when the object of desire, once attained, falls far short of bringing you happiness–and often even triggers misery. (For this reason, I long ago gave up the practice of writing a list of traits–tall, dark and handsome–that I wanted in a mate. Instead I listed ways I wanted to feel in a sustainable relationship.)

One of the most powerful lessons in my own life has been to realize that when I allow the divine flow of my being to guide me, I am most happy because my quantum self has perfect knowledge of what best serves my growth and joy.

Each of us is here as part of a symphony of love and it is our connectedness and hidden interconnectedness that truly matters.

If we are to live a life worthy of our greatness we need to remember we are being played by God herself. Let go of your ideas of how your life should look and find the place of wonderment and curiosity. It will lead you to the greatest joy imaginable–the ever-present well being that requires nothing other than your remembrance of it.

Assignment:  Today write down the St. Francis quote above or click on, save as, and print out this poster above. Put it in a place where you can read it often. Invite the divine to make you an instrument today. See what happens? When you make a super-conscious choice to be a superconductor of grace, audacious magic shows up in the most delightful ways.

Anytime before October 2nd, you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

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