Forty Day Magic Challenge: Moving to Private Access Only

Doors to Magic are Closing October 2nd!

For the last 21 days I’ve posted a daily magic challenge (see first post here) —which has resulted in over 200 participants actively engaging in the laboratory of non-ordinary reality with me —by daily email assignments and on a dynamic private Facebook group.

With over seven thousand followers of this Awakened Dreamer blog I am now going to take the remaining 19 days to private pages rather than avalanche all of you with these daily posts in your notifications. (After all, I’ve deviated from posting only about awakening, enlightenment and non-duality musings).

If you are curious about the magic challenge, which is transforming lives and creating huge ripples of delight, enchantment and playful flow and ease, then you can sign up here FREE until Oct 2nd, when the doors close.

What participants are saying:

“A huge shift has happened since I started this 40 day challenge. Lori Ann posted Day One the day after I had started my own 30 day manifesting challenge … Over this past week everything that seemed stuck in my life began moving and none of it seemed to particularly matter anymore! And then yesterday I was listening to a very cool guided meditation and I felt my whole consciousness open wide. I suddenly understand what it means that consciousness is within me AND I dwell IN consciousness at the same time. Ego is still here but it feels like a tiny mouse running running running on a wheel while I am no longer just the mouse but also the wheel, the cage, the one who cares for the mouse, the space in which the mouse exists and everything else. I am no longer tiny but VAST – vast is the only word that seems to work. And it feels just incredible, both in the sense of awesome and unbelievable.”

I feel like I am floating. This particular set of exercises to help us see the magic that is in us and in our lives, and invite more of it, has been so fun. Everything that happens is now open for the most delightful experiencing of it — from the mundane to the one-time events, I am loving staying in the question, “I wonder what will happen next!?”.

Curious? In the mood to try something new? To experience a magical new beginning?

Anytime before October 2nd, you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

Lori Ann2

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