Forty Day Magic Challenge — Activate Your Magical Child

Day 37: There is a part of you eternally playful and playfully magic. This magical child is the heart of wonderment.

You’ve heard of inner child work, the psychological process of healing the unmet emotional needs of our child self. I call this the wounded child, and while it can be useful to engage in dialogue with that part of your self, the limitation is stark: You are engaging at the level of your emotional complexes rather than the level of your soul.

There is a higher order of inner child that, once engaged, can lead the wounded child to wholeness simply because the enchantment of present moment play is greater than the pain of an emotionally barren past. The sad, angry or afraid inner child will follow the magical child in the same way a younger child will gladly let an older child take the lead.

You don’t have to believe me. Just suspend disbelief for the the last four days of this challenge and give your Magical Child a chance to prance her stuff.  It’s your Magical Child you’ve engaged all along in this playground of synchronicity and rampant magic—you are already intimate with her capacity for curiosity, whimsy and delight.

At the heart of God is Play. There is no other way to say it.

God/Infinite Intelligence is not a fan of hard work or struggle but rather, champions enJOYment in all things. There are many times in your life where you’ve naturally engaged reality from the heart of your Magical Child Self. Times where you have danced with synchronicity and jumped headlong into rabbit holes of wonder. This entire magic challenge is one of those times.

Now you are going to consciously bring this aspect of your divine self to the foreground. If you are unsure about what a Magical Child is like here are a few characteristics:


ASSIGNMENT: Today is the first of three days of Magical Child activation. We begin by finding an object for your altar that represents this divine child. It could be an image from a card, an object that symbolizes play, or anything that brings forth that feeling of playful wonder and curiosity. Add this object to your sacred space with joyful reverence. You might have a few words of homecoming such as, “I welcome my Magical Child to the game of life, to play with abandon and delight.” Or any invocation that inspires your soul.

Share your pictures of your altar on our FB group. It’s helpful to inspire each other as well!

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

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2 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge — Activate Your Magical Child

  1. Cherie Byrd

    Ouuuu, I LOVE this one, I’d forgotten about her…magical indeed, she actually did see auras and fairies. Her time is truly NOW.

    Thank you!

    Cherie Byrd


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