Forty Day Magic Challenge — Create Magical Tools

Day 38: When you were a child you played with toys. As a Magical Child, enchanted tools are your higher order play things.

Do you remember as a child making toys from ordinary objects? Making a stick into a sword, or a broom into a flying ride? I remember using a woven little rug I used to nap on and pretending it was a flying carpet. As children, we had the imaginations of artists, turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

Now, I am going to share a secret: You don’t have to stop doing this just because you grew up. In fact, your Magical Child is yearning to enchant the ordinary, to create magical tools from mundane things. Before I show you how, think about the classic magic wand. It’s nothing more than a stick.

Sure, if you read Harry Potter books, the wood matters—there are different magical properties to hazel versus oak. But the point is, magic wands are just sticks. It’s the imaginal power of enchantment that transforms a piece of wood into a rod of Aron, or a staff of Moses.

I first discovered the idea of creating magical tools a few years ago from contemporary shaman Robin Rice. She regaled me with tales of how magical tools were transforming her clients lives. So I began creating my own magical tools and seeing extraordinary results. What is a magical tool, exactly?

It’s just an ordinary object that you assign extraordinary power.

Some examples:

IMG_6093A waiter’s order pad becomes a magical tool for ordering from infinite intelligence what you want.

A vacuum cleaner becomes a tool to clean up emotional dirt in your life. (When you use it, you imagine it is sucking up what is in the way of your joy).

A feather duster becomes a remover of doubt.

An ancient typewriter is invested with the power of inspired writing.

One of my favorites and most fun tools?

I took the fetch balls my dog uses and wrote words like Joy, Prosperity and Health on them. When I tossed these into the field I imagined they were my requests to the universe. When my dog happily delivered the ball back at my feet it was such a playful reminder of how willing the universe is to deliver my highest aspirations—right to my feet!

Assignment: Assign one every day object in your home or office extra-ordinary power. Choose something that you are willing to experiment with daily. For instance, do you use a stapler at work? If so, perhaps invest it with the power to bring your projects together with the right people. A stapler binds things, so have it bind something else in your life besides paper.

Or in your home, everyday objects like brooms, mops, watering cans, plants, even a favorite armchair, can all become powered-up by enchantment. Once you assign a special magical function to these ordinary items, you must of course USE them. A magical mop tucked forever in a closet is of no real use.

Finally, report back to our FB group what happens after a few days using your magical tool of choice. You will be delighted and surprised at how effective and powerful this simple imaginal tool really is.

PS. Robin Rice has a 30 day online course starting tomorrow, October 1, called Training Your Inner Warrior. I can attest that it’s worth the 30 Day Ride. Just say I sent you.


Anytime before October 2nd you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic Challenge.  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

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