Forty Day Magic Challenge — Make a Play Date with Your Soul

Day 39: Did you know that your Magical Child, that curious and joyful aspect of you, is really your Soul? And it wants nothing more than to play in the sandbox of creation.


For thirty nine days you’ve been flirting with synchronicity, dancing with deja-vu and cavorting with audacious magic. You’ve been willing to abandon reason for a reckless adventure into wonderment. Alice and her rabbit hole, Harry Potter and his Owl-delivered Hogwarts invitation and you and your 40 Day Magic Challenge have one thing in common—a willingness to risk the known for the unknown.

You are in the uncharted territory of enchantment, but have you noticed? It’s not a landscape of quicksand, booby traps and land mines. Rather, it’s a playground. Can you feel it? Do you sense you have entered an alternate reality that is not only more real than your regularly scheduled life, but saturated in a lightness of being that is your…well, birthright?

I’ve lived my life by this quote, as if these words by Thomas Moore are tattooed on my soul:

“The soul has an absolute and unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thoughts.”

The loss of enchantment is the loss of soul in this world. The Age of Reason, however, is giving way to the Age of Re-Enchantment. And you, by being a part of this Forty Day Challenge, are an intricately interconnected element in what is being called for in the collective remembering of the magic of what and who we are.

This video (which is unlisted because the website I reference is still under construction) speaks to the heart of my passion for enchantment. Here it is: Can you feel enchantment matters to your soul too?

Assignment: Today your Magical Child wants to play. It’s simple. Make a play date with your soul. Ask it: What does play look like today? If you don’t hear an answer right away, look for signs. In fact, let your Magical Child take the lead and show you where, when, how play will arise.

One of my favorite forms of play is being creative. A break in my day to doodle, draw, or write a poem feels like play. Making a fun video feels like soulful frolic. But every soul feels the urge to play in it’s own way. So just stay open and follow the clues!

Anytime before October 2nd you can sign up for the 40 Day Magic Challenge.  Just click here.

And here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. Please only ask to join our group if you have already signed up for the Daily Challenge.

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4 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge — Make a Play Date with Your Soul

  1. day phun xam

    Can you feel it? Do you sense you have entered an alternate reality that is not only more real than your regularly scheduled life, but saturated in a lightness of being that is your…well, birthright?


  2. 00kha0z

    Best time ever!!
    (This is Another long, looong response post…But this time bear with me, I promise this story totally worths it!!)

    Today was my play date with her… She’s so playful and fun! And it really seems it’s “madly in love with me” or something.. (like you said in “desire the light”!). It all started when feeling SICK and really contracted after (I have to admit it) a conversation with a guide at Liberation Unleashed forums… Long story short: Saw that this finite “I” is a thought or at least is not really me (Similar results as with assignment proposed in day 26) but later on the process a lot of the “no one here/nothing to do” talk came into play…
    (Synchronicity: Thank you for the warnings about this in your other posts Lori Ann! just readed one yesterday and it was like a lifesaver, I don’t know what would have happened if otherwise!!!)

    Anyways, the idea of “DESTINY is fixated and there is no free will nor real choosing of any kind and maybe all this is just like a pre-recorded movie” came into my mind… Awful! It feels all but “liberating”…
    I just wanted to drop off EVERTHING.
    But just before bed I turned up the radio and a very mellow song started, one that I’ve never liked (never even listened to the whole lyrics!) but this time “strangely” felt like not changing station as usually and listen to it..

    “Perhaps it was no coincidence to meet you
    Perhaps this was fate’s work
    I want to sleep again on your chest
    And then I wake up your kisses
    Your sixth sense dreams of me
    I know we’ll be together soon
    That mischievous smile who lives with me
    I know soon I will be on your way
    You know I’m hanging on your hands
    So do not let me fall
    You know I’m hanging on your hands
    I will not lose hope to talk to you
    I do not care what destiny says”

    “It undoubtedly felt like it was talking to me, so closely, kind of scary.. maybe it is just my imagination. but how lovely if it is not just my mind!” that was my thought.

    The night passed and today I woke up to day 39. I remembered what I felt with that song.. and those lyrics… and well, I took that leap of faith, so even feeling jaded and wanting to just give up and go back to the ordinary life (ha ha!) I humbly committed (and devoted) to this 40 day challenge and its sense of discovery, my magical child , the divine feminine, the universe… and basically everything that is high! And before parting to college asked for help and a sign, this while placing a christmas tree sphere in my altar to completing the “activate your magical child” assignment that I’ve forgot to do back then. My phrase to activate it? (and ask her for a date!)

    (Sorry if it gets a little emotional haha)
    “Please show me that there is more than this!.. I know it from my heart, just give me a sign that this is a playground, an exciting sandbox game…Not this deterministic/nihilistic horror! So play with me!! C’mon LET’S PLAY!”

    My dear magician friends, Dear Lori Ann… Let me tell you, this was not a play date.. It was a whole FESTIVAL OF WONDER!
    It was a ridiculously amount of out of the ordinary things going on in such a short amount of time! It wasn’t even subtle, it was almost surreal. I didn’t even knew what to do anymore.. except, well.. dance with her! haha
    Too many synchronicities to tell, deja-vu, cases of precognition, linear disruptions at every corner, people acting unusually happily weird…Oh my goddess! even a moment of play with… was that air bending? haha I couldn’t believe it! It was simply dreamy/unreal.. but at the same time, it someway feels so much more true than ordinary life!!!
    Oh! and if that wasn’t enough…everything was incredibly framed by (could you imagine this!!?) background music sounding “magically” everywhere because SOMEONE LET A YOUTUBE PLAYLIST RUNNING CONNECTED TO THE HIDDEN ANNOUNCEMENT SPEAKERS OF THE FACILITIES!

    What music was in the playlist? (believe it or not!)
    freaking DISNEY SONGS! Is it there anything more -Magical Child-ish on this earth??
    Everything from “A whole new world” to Fairy Godmother’s “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” and Tangled’s “I see the light” saying something that felt so obviously from my heart in that moment…

    All those days watching from the windows
    All those years outside looking in
    All that time never even knowing
    Just how blind I’ve been
    Now I’m here blinking in the starlight
    Now I’m here suddenly I see
    Standing here it’s all so clear
    I’m where I’m meant to be

    I am totally blown away, it came the time when my mind just “resigned” and shut off for a while like it was too much to take (Halleluja!). And now it feels like wanting to willingly and lovingly surrender to whatever or whoever is this. It’s like: You know what? You win… I’m yours.

    -With Love from some kind of Wonderland-
    Emily K.


  3. Paul

    Hi Lori,
    I have enjoyed the blogs and videos that I have been able to watch, honestly I have only read 5 blogs and watch a few more videos. Life happens 🙂

    If it’s possible could you bring all your blogs and videos into one blog that capturing all the MAGIC. Maybe it can be a piece for one of the publishing company’s :))

    It would be a wonderful way to serve others and yourself :))

    Today is not an ordinary day, it a magical day of infinity value. Something exceptional, extraordinary is waiting for all ❤


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