The Liberating Magic of Lucid Living

I’m going to let you in on my dirty little secret. Well, maybe it’s more like a nervous confession —I live my daily life increasingly convinced I am dreaming it all up and that everyone in this dream serves me in some mysterious and magical way.

No, I don’t mean servitude but rather service—all of creation is in service to me  (or as ACIM says, the universe is friendly). I see this daily in what I call Lucid Living. This confession could make me seem like a supreme ego-centrist at best and deluded at worst.

But here’s the cool part: All of creation in this dream of your life is in service to YOU as well as me. Every single one of us is the beloved and we are each of us being seduced and courted by the One Soul, which can be called the Self, Unity, Brahman or simply, Truth. Life is in effect one big love affair.

Let me illustrate.

I had a particularly lucid day recently. I am in Mexico for the Christmas holidays with my 17-year old daughter and her 18-year old boyfriend. My patience has been tried on this trip—teens in a country where they are able to order and purchase alcohol has mobilized my inner-chaperone. And for anyone who has done the sports team chaperone gig, you know the key words are vigilance, control and sobriety. (I mean, you can’t let loose and party yourself when you are herding hormonally-charged, party prone kittens).

img_0634-1img_0634-1This lucid day started out with me waking up one morning on vacation to find the kitchen microwave has stopped at 108 minutes, likely from my daughter microwaving left overs late at night. 108 shows up in my life, post awakening, as a kind of supernal beacon that magic is afoot. The number is a signal: Pay Attention.

After my coffee meditation (yes, the two are perfectly united in my world) I head to the beach on a new route from my humble rental unit a few steep blocks up the hillside. On this new route I stumble past a cuban cigar shop. I am a cigar lover (thanks to a former boyfriend who taught me to adore the intricacy of tobacco)  so I stop in and purchase one of my favourites, a Romeo and Julieta. It occurs to me as I do this that my daughter is immersed in a star-crossed first major love affair. This couple will be in different  cities once she goes to university next fall and long distance love is mostly ill-fated.

The fellow in charge of the shop is a handsome and truly radiant young man who speaks fluent english. We chat a bit about cigars and he tells me a few things I don’t know about humidity and flavour. As I pay, I ask his name. “Lum,” he says. “It means Light.”

In this moment I become highly lucid. I snap to full attention. This is going to be one of those days where the veil is thin, where I see just how fragile this construct called “my life” really is. One way of expressing this is that reality is bleeding through into the dream much in the same way that when you are asleep sounds around you can suddenly seep into the dreamscape. A clock alarm can become a church bell in the dream, or a knocking on the door someone hammering a nail. The two worlds of awake and asleep begin to collide.

Today, worlds are colliding and it’s only ten am. The rest of my day becomes a series of startling synchronicity and highly improbable coincidences. On the beach, for instance, sipping a Corona at a seaside table, I think to myself — I really wish I could find that foot reflexology woman named Elsa that I met near sunset yesterday. She’d been working the beach the day before and I’d gotten one of the best foot massages of my life.  I visually scan the beach for her and see nothing but the typical array of jewellery, fabric and sun glasses peddlers. This is a long beach—La Playa de Los Muertes (beach of the dead) and my likelihood of finding her are nil. Plus this is high noon and the day before she was working closer to dusk. I resign my wishful thinking and order another beer.

Suddenly, she is in front of me, big smile, dressed all in white and holding up her foot reflexology sign. She recognizes me and I smile back. And I snap into an even more alert state of awareness.  I am the dream master. I am lucid. And I am getting my wished for foot massage!

The day continues with this kind of spectacular prescience and sparkling clarity. It ends with a seaside dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend. Instead of the typical banter, the conversation for both young people goes deep, fast. Revelations and tears unfold  (aided no doubt by the three drinks consumed  by each of them). On the way back from our three hour confessional, the kids decide to stop and buy more booze (they have their own agenda,  their own money and it’s legal for the boy here).

My  inner chaperone kicks up a storm. A voice narrates in my head about how I need to reign them in, get control, be in charge. I am walking along side them with a scowl on my face. A local fellow sees me, we make eye contact. He smiles and waves and utters the perfect words to snap me back to lucidity: “Everything under control Senora?”

I laugh out loud. No, of course it’s not remotely under control and it never was. The best life offers is profound awareness that control is not only illusory, it’s unnecessary. (And no, this is not to say reckless parenting or parenting without boundaries is a good plan). But in this moment I remember the universe is truly friendly. This day started with a story about Romeo Y Julieta. This two young people just experienced an emotional opening and they are now doing the typical response—numb it with booze. My compassion meter rises and my control diva subsides.

It turns out that there is more catharsis ahead. Back at the rental unit, the kids coral me into beer pong and dancing, we smoke my cigar together and more tears flow for them both. A deep guilt wound held by my daughter emerges into the Light (remember Lum, who sold me the cigar) and I see now how so much of her escapism of the last two years are deeply rooted in her fathers eight week malaria coma that left him with some brain damage—and her belief she could have prevented it.

The next day I see a different girl. She has returned to herself in a way that I know is nothing short of a soul retrieval. I am hung over and grumpy (beer pong is not my game) but I am sweetly grateful for the Day of Magic that allowed this all to unfold.

So, there you have it. Your life too has the capacity for this kind of Lucid Living. You only have to pay attention. The Self is always loving you  with such devotion, and yes, seducing you with the soft kisses of synchronicity and the ardor of miracles.

May your day be lucid and your life, magical.

PS: Interested and curious about going deeper into living a magical life? In February 2017 I will be teaching a four week course: Awakened Magic. An enlightened approach to radiance, power, love and purpose. To get on my invitation list, just CLICK HERE.









11 thoughts on “The Liberating Magic of Lucid Living

  1. John Lamenzo

    ‘ corral’, I believe not ‘coral’… As for the rest of your brilliance in this post, be very aware of how blessed you are to share this time with your daughter and her love 🏆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wayne Wirs

    I call people like you and I “mystics” because we are awake, yet see so much more than the “You’re everything, you’re Nothing” so often preached today. I call my latest book “Mystical Oneness” ( ) – not “Oneness” – for that reason. The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.

    Let me know if you’d like a copy Lori Ann and I’ll send you one (Kindle or ePub).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. amaryllisequistra

    My daughter (14 years); control (or lack of it); parental responsibility (for her happiness, social life and grades, and clean room); seeing the ridiculousness of feeling responsible for these but having the feelings arise nonetheless; changing my useless reaction to her not-infrequent hostility… this is my leading edge.

    Finding your post (essentially about these matters); magic!


  4. Heather

    I damn near spit up my salad in laughter when I read the comment by the local fellow “Everything under control Senora?”
    Your writing is so incredibly touching & funny & everything in between.
    Yes it is magic!!! this life we are living (or are we being lived?)
    often after I read one of your posts, I feel somewhat lightheaded & extremely lighthearted & the magic reveals itself even more.
    thank you for your beautiful offerings Lori


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