Billy Graham Died Again: The Surreal Landscape of the Mandela Effect and What it Means for Humanity

Billy Graham died yesterday which is remarkable —not because the man lived to the ancient age of 99, but because in the memory of some people, this is his third death or more already. To them, this famous American evangelical pastor died in the fall of 2017, 2012, or 2009 and even earlier

This situation where a celebrity death is announced, and this announcement shocks people who are certain that this celebrity had already died, is called the “alive again” phenomena in the Mandela Effect research community. The Mandela Effect, in case you don’t know, is a term coined by a paranormal researcher seven years ago and which describes what mainstreamers are labeling “false memory” and what the more mystically inclined are stamping as “alternate reality time shifts.”

From Wickipedia: “In 2010 this phenomenon of collective false memory was dubbed the “Mandela Effect” by self-described “paranormal consultant” Fiona Broome, in reference to a false memory she reports, of the death of South African leader Nelson Mandela in the 1980s (when in fact Mandela died in 2013), which she claims is shared by “perhaps thousands” of other people.[31] Broome has speculated about alternate realities as an explanation, but most commentators suggest that these are instead examples of false memories shaped by similar factors affecting multiple people.”

When it comes to Billy Graham, these already-dead memories for some folks are quite detailed, filled with precise anchors that suggest authentic recall verses false memory. Here’s a sampling of You Tube comments from the latest Billy-has-died news.
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.25.14 AMScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.30.34 AM

Or these comments culled by Fiona Broome of the hundreds popping up on her site since yesterday’s news of Grahams re-death.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.28.09 AM
or this one:

Fiona Broome 2.png


I am among those who remember Graham’s death in the summer of 2012.

I remember it well because I specifically recall thinking to myself something along the lines of “Oh, Billy’s bailing out just as the Mayan end of the world kicks in.” More vaguely, I remember a televised funeral with presidents in attendance, including George Bush senior and Billy Carter. (Some say this is a confused blending of either Graham’s wife’s funeral in 2009 or the televised tribute to Alzheimers-stricken Graham a few years later in which many former presidents spoke or attended. I  am willing to entertain this is a possibility for the funeral/presidents in attendance memory, but not the basic clear recollection of thinking to myself: Billy Graham got out of dodge just before the end times sh*t hit the fan.

The Mandela Effect rabbit hole includes many You Tube posts in the last few years that predate Graham’s latest death, in which people are surprised to learn Graham was still alive. This ongoing bafflement about whether Graham was alive or dead kind of reminds me of the Schrodinger’s Cat quantum thought experiment, in which a cat in a box is both dead and alive (or neither dead nor alive) until someone observes the result of the experiment.

These two comments below were in response the a You Tube post created in June 2016 called “Please Watch: Mandela Effect PROOF BILLY GRAHAM DIED IN 2016.”
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.31.40 AM
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 12.09.17 PM


I am straight out going to clear the table of the false memory explanation.

As someone living multiple and consensus examples of the Mandela Effect (and reality shifts that include miracle healings overnight) I am not wasting time looking for a mundane explanation for something that is clearly extraordinary and rapidly becoming a mainstream meme.

The Mandela Effect is here.

What it is, exactly, and why it exists, is far more fascinating to me than debating with skeptics and naysayers. If you google Mandela Effect, research it yourself, and you don’t come up with your own mind-bending non-reality conforming memories that you are SURE OF (because like me, you have detailed anchors for them) then you are likely in the minority or you are in denial.

People seem incredibly threatened by the possibility of reality being flimsy enough to shift everything from corporate logos, famous movie lines, song lyrics and death dates. It says something about primal fear that those who say they don’t have Mandela Effect experiences turn out to be among the most vitriolic and angry trolls on the internet. (These anti-Mandela trolls don’t just beg to differ, they are out for blood in their frothing hate-filled rebuttals.)

So, back to what the Mandela Effect might be caused by and what this implies for humanity. The main ongoing speculations are fourfold:

  1. Reality is a computer simulation and the AI running the show, or the programmers are trying to drive us crazy with random changes,
  2. The CERN particle collider, the Hadron, is messing with the fabric of space time, creating wormholes and rifts.
  3. The D-wave computer (a quantum computer) is doing the same.
  4. A future cataclysm is rippling backward in space-time reverse causality mode and inciting parallel time lines in the multiverse to merge. To the fundamentalist Christians, this event is the second coming of Jesus. To the rest of us it’s more likely some kind of cosmic event of unknown origin. Either way, the idea is the future is corrupting timelines in the past.

The End of the World As We Know It.

I am not a doomsday type of girl.

My take on life is that the whole shebang is like a movie that I am both acting in and watching at the same time. Lately, this movie called life has gone the magical realism route, with a crazy increase in synchronicity and a surreal quality when it comes to things like the Mandela Effect.

When memories do not match current reality I either can choose to doubt my memory or entertain that something really weird is happening here. When I am joined in my memory glitch by hundreds of thousands of other people reporting the same phenomenon, I am more than willing to investigate what might be going on.

In the next few months, I will continue to write and video blog about this wild ride of the Mandela Effect and my own experience of it. My curiosity far exceeds my fear of being ridiculed or dismissed.

In the meantime, what DOES the Mandela Effect mean for humanity?

In my view, it means we are collectively waking up from a dream, one that fools our minds into believing that reality is immutable and concrete instead of fluid and fickle. We are all about to discover that the world of our senses and the mind’s interpretation of of that sensory input is nothing more than a construct, a kind of algorithmic program mostly geared for biological survival rather than seeing what is true.

It seems all too apparent that the brain/mind reality filter has taken humanity to a brink of self destruction — from ecosystem suicide to nuclear gamesmanship. Maybe the Mandela Effect is here to jolt enough of us awake at the same time that in the nick of time, humanity course corrects.

After all, if you remember four people in the JFK assassination convertible, or Darth Vader saying “Luke,I am your father” or the children’s books being called The Berenstein Bears then you are Mandela Affected. And just maybe it’s time to ask yourself why you are remembering a reality that is not longer here while some folks think everything is as it always was.

What is it that your being is called to create from this newly awake-to-the-Mandela-Effect state? Could it be you are asked to discover just how close we might all be to going full out super hero. After all, like gravity defying Neo or walking on water Jesus, once you figure out the rules of the Matrix anything is possible.

Just maybe you are here, to save the world one timeline at a time.

Your’s in the spirit of deep magic,


PS: In this current timeline there were six people in the JFK ‘stretch” convertible; Darth Vader says “NO, I am your father,” and it’s the “Berenstain Bears.”

PPS: I first posted this article citing the change in Queen’s lyrics of the song “We are the Champions” from which the refrain “of the world” had gone missing. Then a reader corrected me…here is what I think happened:



PPPS: I am crazy fond of synchronicity and write about it all the time and teach people to activate and harness this amazing aspect of awakened reality. Why not check out my FREE 15 minute guided meditation: Enter the Synchronicity Portal Meditation, Over 1000 people have tried it and report amazing jump-starts top the magic in their lives.

Featured Image: Ascension, by Salvidor Dali

14 thoughts on “Billy Graham Died Again: The Surreal Landscape of the Mandela Effect and What it Means for Humanity

  1. Aaron Perry

    Interesting theories on why this effect might be happening and I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this!

    I found your article after a bit searching and what prompted that was my own clear recollection of his death in 2012. I’ve raised this subject really delicately with some people in my own life and they don’t share memory.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Hi Aaron. It can be interesting to discover that sometimes friends and family DO share your memory of “the old timeline”. And other times not. Billy Graham 2012 stands out for me too just because of the Mayan end of world meme that prevailed. Thank you for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chuck

    This phenomena may have always been with us, but we didn’t have the tools to recognize it. Prior to the internet, people having different memories would have simply been called a disagreement; someone is right, someone is wrong.

    Now, thousands of people can compare memories on very minute details. Communication on this scale is unprecedented. So it may be that, although the Mandela Effect is not new, the method to perceive it is.


  3. ourworldinmotion

    Hello Lori… This is a very intriguing post. Hmmm… ” The Mandela Effect.” This is a new expression for me. After reading, I equate it with the expression “Deja-vous.” The other observation I will offer is the relativity of perception. The movie Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa comes to mind where three different eyewitness accounts are offered during a trial. Basically, what that says to me is we believe what we believe, irregardless of what might have actually transpired. I have read about yogis who have appeared out of thin air, and those who have appeared simultaneously to two separate parties. Magic? I don’t think so. I just believe it demonstrates the relativity of the dream we call life. Semantics aside, I honor your insights and inspiration. I send you blessings of pure joy! Brother Dave

    Liked by 1 person

  4. stonespeaker

    The Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte still exists. At the moment, anyway (2/22/18). I just found it on Google Maps to be sure. But yes, I also lived in NC the vast majority of my life, and Billy was a huge deal there, it made the papers big as did video excerpts from his funeral, with Clinton, etc. This isn’t a memory that could be mistaken. I remember musing at the time about how his version of Christianity had affected so many people. Lightworker leader Sandra Walter discusses how timelines are converging as we move from 3D through 4D (a transitional zone if you’re lucky) to 5D consciousness. Many old time-streams are collapsing and joining up, like rivers merging. Fasten your seatbelts, time only seems real when in 3D, and we are fast leaving that zone because of a Universal Upgrade (higher dimensional beings are also being shifted upward as part of evolution). Things are going to seem weirder and weirder until we get used to the reality that time isn’t what we thought it was. It’s an artifact, an illusion, a product of having been in 3D consciousness. It only shows up as an experience in 3D, supposedly. This is gonna get more interesting as we go, so don’t think you’re losing your minds as things get weirder. Just learn to flow and control your mental-emotional focus, which is your steering wheel, so to speak, for surfing this new awareness. This could be a lot of fun being above time! I hate alarm clocks and enslavement to watches…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony

      I see I am a little late on reading and replying to this article, but when I initially heard of Billy Graham’s most recent death, I immediately thought of summer 2012! Your writing includes your memory of his death in the summer of 2012! I remember it being a big deal because everyone in my church was talking about it! I don’t know what to make of all of it, but it’s very interesting none the less! Really, I believe, that this world’s evil is growing rapidly and technology has ability to do just about anything. I also believe God could do anything including bringing back one of His messengers to speak and reach people who would have never been spoken to or saved if it wasn’t for Billy Graham’s sermons! Not to sure why, but I do know it’s in my memory that he passed away 2012. Thanks for the awesome read! Your awesome!


  5. John Lamenzo

    What is called ‘time’ is a manufactured definition: a measurement in a 3-D environment. ‘Time’…whatever IT is, is a simultaneous event; time as an action-reaction in simultaneity, as in ‘everything is happening now’. Thus there are words such as ‘timeless’, ‘eternity’, ‘infinity’, ‘oneness’…

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  6. Good Luck Duck

    Very cool. Confused about the Queen lyrics, though. All the Googles say “of the world.”

    Someone told me about Billy Graham today. I insisted he had already died, although I had no anchor memories.


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Hi Good Luck Duck. Wow. There is this thing in ME community called the flip flop. A few months ago I spent a whole afternoon googling the lyrics and the “of the world” part was not there, and I even shared this with my ex who was equally astounded. At the time, the missing “of the world” was a big thing in the ME community and i was just one of many people who were researching this lyric change. Back then, you could not find “of the world” n any youtube videos of Queen singing their own song, or on lyric databases,.though you could find “of the world” mentioned in cover song versions here and there. This is a clear flip flop example.


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