What to Do About Apparent Evil?

I’ve given up being Zen about Donald Trump. The truth matters. A refrain has been stuck on repeat in my head for the first week of the new US Presidency: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” These words were spoken by president John F. Kennedy (and […]

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The Master Key to Awakened Magic

I heard from a friend recently, an author and a teacher who had an awakening two decades ago who told me that the flow of magic had abruptly dried up in her life. By this, she meant the gifts of self-remembrance ( synchronicity, ease, intuitive knowing and mini-miracles) had come to a halt just as if […]

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The Liberating Magic of Lucid Living

I’m going to let you in on my dirty little secret. Well, maybe it’s more like a nervous confession —I live my daily life increasingly convinced I am dreaming it all up and that everyone in this dream serves me in some mysterious and magical way. No, I don’t mean servitude but rather service—all of […]

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Is Donald Trump a High Chair Tyrant?

The consensus among an increasingly alarmed populace of the world’s sane is that presidential candidate Donald Trump displays the attributes of a tyrant—you know, like Hitler, Hussein or Trump’s new bestie, Vladimir Putin. But a closer inspection of The Donald’s actions reveal something even more alarming than a simple authoritarian-bully. If you really dissect Trump’s comments […]

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What if Your Awakening is Not Just for You?

Have you noticed there’s a not-so-subtle narcissistic weather pattern that prevails in today’s awakening and non-duality climate? It’s a kind of low pressure system of “how can waking up make MY life better” and unfortunately a whole lot of contemporary teachers—me included—have at times accidentally or even purposefully catered to that self-serving impulse. I’ve watched people in […]

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7 Ways to Get Your Flow Magic Groove On

Yesterday a friend sent me her article about holy feminine rage with a note that she had a hunch I was meant to see it. I rarely have time to read anything these days, but my instincts told me that yes, it was important to read. I loved the piece so much, I posted it to […]

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You are a Dandelion Ready to Blow Apart

Do you imagine the you who thinks it wants to experience enlightenment is solid? That this identity is as dense as say, a block of wood or a boulder? Because if your fictional self is getting ready to let go, once and for all, it’s really more like a dandelion gone to seed. Sure, you […]

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