Let’s Do the Time Warp: How the Future is Collapsing into the Present & Other Time Anomalies

Lately time seems to be acting strangely.

For one, time compression seems to be increasing — you know that thing where time flies, even when you are not having fun. I can’t count the occasions in recent weeks where I have been stunned to find my perception of passing time completely out of touch with reality.

And what’s even stranger is that this admittedly subjective time compression phenomenon has also been experienced simultaneously with others.

Just one example: At a New Mexico retreat called The Chi Center  I sat down by a pond one morning to talk with a fellow participant. We’d begun our discussion just as the 8 am breakfast hall opened. Our plan after talking was to eat together but when we reached the dining area the entire buffet had been put away. In both of our estimates, we’d talked outside for about half an hour. In reality, it had been almost 90 minutes.

If this misperception of time was the only thing going on, I would not be writing this article. But in addition, I’ve been having increasing bleed-through of future outcomes that impact my choices in the present.

I am not talking about premonitions exactly. Rather, what has been happening is I seem to be making choices in the present based on events that I will be experiencing in the future. (It’s been called retro-causality in quantum physics and a great book on the topic is Retro-causality: Experiments and Theory.)

Let me give you one example.

In January I decided to create a new online course called Soul Unleashed and had begun to create a word document outline of content. Often, I like to find a good inspirational quote that sets the tone for the course, In this case, of all the potential sources of content on the soul, from Rumi to Thomas Moore, I selected a large chunk of material by a writer named Andrew Harvey from his book, A Return to The Mother.

Here is my time-stamped screen shot of this document.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.13.15 AM.png

Fast forward two months later, to March when I get a FB message from a woman named Gail Larsen, inviting me to attend a small group five day reunion in New Mexico of her Transformational Speaking students.  It turns out she is co-hosting the gathering with none other than you guessed it, Andrew Harvey.

It seems in this case that my future attendance at this event did the reverse causality trick, and prompted me two months earlier to find material for my course by a man I was destined to meet.

But wait, it gets better.

During this event, Andrew and I kept bumping into each other alone, in the most unusual circumstances. It was as if we we were being divinely propelled together for some purpose. The third “chance” meeting happened at the breakfast hall (because we had both independently decided that same morning to skip out on the 7 am Qi Gong session).

This resulted in the two of us having breakfast alone together which revealed at last the purpose of our repeated chance meetings.

You see, on the airplane from Vancouver to Albuquerque I’d begun to outline Soul Unleashed as more than just an online course. I’d begun to outline it as a full length book manuscript.

Now, here I am at breakfast and this author of 35 books asks me: “So, are you writing a book?” When I tell him yes and that its called Soul Unleashed, he lights up and tells me it’s such a great title that if I don’t write it, he will.  Then at dinner alone the next day (for some reason no one at the big long table sat next to us) he spends a good ten minutes giving me his advice on getting a book done and cheerleading me to write it quickly.

What I am getting at here is not just a series of serendipitous meetings between me and Andrew Harvey. What stands out for me is that, when in January I cut and paste his content on the topic of soul into a word document, I was being influenced by this future intersection. And this future intersection was destined perhaps because I needed to get the cosmic nudge to write the book instead of my typical M.O. of inspired ideas that never get written.

Both time compression, and obvious cases like this of retro-causality, seem to be increasing dramatically for me in the last three months. What I am wondering is this: Is this happening on a larger scale? And if so, why?

Please share your experiences in the comments section! I really would love to know that I am not doing the Time Warp alone.

Your’s in the spirit of deep magic,


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13 thoughts on “Let’s Do the Time Warp: How the Future is Collapsing into the Present & Other Time Anomalies

  1. Michael

    Very Interesting!

    Yes, synchronicities increase much….especially totally unexpected ones!

    But i want to share a different experience of a changing reality…..maybe you can relate?

    A few weeks ago i had an intense experience with a beautiful women….nothing sexual (though we both were very attracted to each other) we parted because she left the job she was working (we worked in the same place). the parting was intimate and really big cinema! ….i thanked the unives for the intensity and this superb scene.
    A week or so later something “opened” in my energy field…like a wormhole….to that excact situation. It is not always there and has helped me to heal release something from that expierence. It is like i can go through it and i am there, with here, in her office…i experience it like i am actually there. It feels so much more real than any imagination….like i am literally there again. sometimes it closes other times this wormhole is open again. the thing is when i am there i do not relive the situation as it happened but i can change it how i want it to be…..(that brougth some of the healing i wrote above)………

    Have you had or head something like that?


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  2. pbob710699236

    SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 2018

    Today’s post–this is more my style:

    You know, Satan, rules this place.

    We are surrounded by layers upon layers of lies and deception.

    Satan is the father of lies.

    I fight Satan every day.

    Satan has many faces, and yes, he can get permission to do a lot of stuff, including time alteration or the perception thereof.

    Typically, he is your everyday asshole.

    Some days, he wins.

    Some days, I win.

    Tomorrow, I shall fight him again.

    Being a member of this tribe is all that matters to me because tomorrow I may not be here.

    To be a member of this tribe requires an open mind to the ALL TRUTH.




    Jesus Christ is the only BEGOTTEN Son of the Father.

    Jesus died on the cross and was brought back to life on the third day after his crucifixion so that we could be saved from hell and damnation.

    We are saved by the Grace of Jesus.

    I am anointed.

    Today’s battle:

    Wake up and die you evil bastards!

    #Tyler #TeamTyler




  3. goddesscoach

    Yes – just confirming that you’re definitely not doing this thing on your own…
    It used to happen a lot when I visited India … then would happen sporadically in everyday life … now it seems to have switched around to be ‘normal’ and when it’s not like this it feels like something is missing.
    This week I emailed a friend to say how I felt like I was in eternal time and it had all gone to a whole new level – 2 films I’d seen recently were overlapping themes with each other AND in my life. That email I sent her crossed over in the ethers with one she sent me forwarding a newsletter entitled ‘collapse time’ and telling me of her experience of it recently and how time was unravelling….


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      I love this kind of wild ramped up synchronicity like the crossing emails. And YES the collapsing time seems to be a new norm. I am truly in awe of how reality is showing itself to be a mirage of sorts. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Clara Guillory Ricard

    This happened to me recently……best I can describe it, is that I dipped into another reality. I say dipped into….because it didn’t last long or at least there was no mark of time, but it left an imprint which held information about this reality. What I felt in a sensual way was love, peace and content as the information imprinted to my awareness. I pondered the experience for some time, not quite sure what to make of it! Was it prophetic, an affirmation of multiple realities or just a fluke?


  5. Davidya

    Hi Lori
    Good article though you may want to adjust a concept. Clock time is not “real” time. It’s just a way to measure a linear progression through the time effect. Time is an effect of the process of experience. When you change your relationship to the process of experience, which becomes much more common post-awakening, you change your experience of time. I’ve noted about 8 ways time can be experienced so far. (Linear time, an eternal now, simultaneous time (past and future now), and so forth.

    Awakening is a shift in the experiencer, who I am. Further shifts include a shift in the content of experience (as myself) and in the process of experience (how the world comes to be). Big topic. 🙂

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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      thanks for the distinction, Davidya, — yes, CLOCK TIME” and perception of it shifting. That said, the way the future is influencing the past — or becoming obvious in this way, is new for me at the level of frequency. BTW, i had a dream a few years ago in which a voice said “You do not move through time, time moves through you.” Now that is something to ponder.

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  6. Dave

    I have shared this compression of time once profoundly while I was studying at university. I experienced myself going to class late even though I had experienced myself as being ‘on time’. It tripped me out so much I retraced my steps, and investigated what I had been doing that caused such a time ‘warp’. Indeed, I don’t recall being in a conversation with anyone that would have taken my mind away from my responsibility to be on time.
    I also… just today… read a summary of the Seven Hermetic Principles (or Laws) found in The Kybalion. It was offered to me during a class I took at our local Center For Spiritual Living. Your post here reminded me of The Principle of Cause and Effect where it states: “Everything Happens according to Law”; that nothing ever “merely happens”; that there is no such thing as Chance. I offer you this in the spirit of inquiry because there are certainly spiritual laws in effect whether we are aware of them or not. I am no student of Hermes, but I am a student of Life, just as yourself. Reading The Seven Principles certainly put things in a profound perspective for me. They are rooted in Knowledge that goes back as the ancient Egyptians. You may gain some deep insights from them as well. Blessings!

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  7. don salmon

    I find that when you start to become mindful of these kinds of time shifts and synchronous connections, you realize it’s happening everywhere, all the time.

    I just wrote an FB post about an article by republican conservative Peter Wehner on gratitude, that expresses what could easily pass for a very spiritually progressive view. I wrote it to a conservative Mormon here in Asheville and noted that there is an “unleashing of the soul” that occurs when we let go of our political polarization.

    And here you are!

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