The Neptune Effect: Can a Planet Herald Your Awakening?

Some of you know that I am an astrologer, not only a writer about awakening. Lately I have been noticing how the transits of outer planets impact our awareness of truth, particularly the planet Neptune.

To be clear, I am not saying any planet is a causal agent. What planets seem to be in relationship to consciousness is a correlative agent. Simply they reflect a deeper hidden mechanism at work beneath the fabric of apparent reality.

Neptune — a planet associated with themes of higher imagination and enlightenment —  is a prominent planet in the natal charts of spiritual leaders and teachers (for example Dalai Lama has his moon conjunct Neptune), long with Jupiter, which can represent a teacher, guru or dispeller of darkness.

Yet in transit, what I have noticed is that Neptune trumps Jupiter as an awakening marker. Here’s a recent video if you are curious about how Neptune can operate as a signal flare that you may have entered a portal for awakening.

If you are interested in knowing more about how the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are set up in your chart as time-release agents for awakening, you can book a reading with me here at the Great Uranian Awakening readings sale (ends June 1).

PS: I am giving away three free astrology readings in a draw on May 21st. Here’s a link if you want to put your name in the hat.

4 thoughts on “The Neptune Effect: Can a Planet Herald Your Awakening?

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  2. Lori Ann Lothian

    That Uranus conjunct your sun is a big one — is moon combust? (under the rays of sun by 15 degrees or less). That would be a double hit for sure. (Uranus currently conjunct my fourth house Venus, Neptune conjunct my mars) It’s been a change ride circumstantially (moving to a new city) changing career focus etc.

    I just read a study about Pallas Athene (asteroid) being one of the markers for someone who is an astrologer — especially the ones who pioneer and innovate new knowledge. Pallas in conjunct my natal sun. It took Neptune on Mars by transit to finally loosen my grip on MY WILL so that THY WILL got a word in edge wise (not really that there are two wills, but the appearance of).


    1. Davidya

      Transiting moon was in orb of the natal Sun – not sure if that would be considered combust. The current Saturn-S node conjunction is in my 4th. Thats being rectified by moving & changing furniture rather than moving. 🙂

      Some of us are late bloomers. I think it’s about clearing major karma and waking up – then the dharma can flower.


  3. Davidya

    Thanks, Lori.
    I think virtually all of the outer planets were in play in the major shifts. For example, retro Jupiter conjunct natal Mars (in rulership) while retro transiting Uranus opp transiting Saturn conjuct transiting Venus conjunct natal Pluto. And retro Uranus conjunct natal Sun with Moon and the North node in the same sign. Transiting Mars opp natal exalted Saturn. And more…. 🙂

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