When Awakening Becomes a Pandemic Battlefield

Or a really bad game of ping pong.

Look, I don’t even have the energy here to really convey what is happening. But I will attempt to share the gist of it. And even as I do this, I am reminded of my role in my astrology chart, my “guru slayer” aspect that literally means I call BS as I see it.

There are suddenly a whole lot of self-proclaimed spiritually awake types declaring the pandemic of COVID-19, everything from a PLAN-demic, to a hoax, to a way to create “sheeple’ from people.

I cant EVEN.

I had this virus, not fun, but that aside I have known many healthy folks who have not died of it, but surely not recovered.

In the meantime, how is it that a friend of a decade, whose enlightenment teaching book and BATGAP showcase of it, suddenly goes all out on the bandwagon of declaring people “weaklings who care only about their pension plans” because they wear a virus-load and transmission reducing mask in public places?

I can’t say much more.

This one friend and spiritual teacher (she says she is NOT that but puts out videos on You Tube weekly with spiritual advice, not to mention her spiritual guidance book promoted on BATGAP that I endorsed) and now she has declared that ANYONE who objects to her view, is BLOCKED,

I know of at least a half dozen folks who have been blocked and shut down from any discourse on her FB timeline ….what kind of awakening is about blunt force blocking of dialogue and an attempt to understand each other? What kind of equanimity looks so much like defensive manoevers?

This pandemic is so interesting to me. It seem to be a flame under the collective psyche, heating up our underlying shadow and bringing it to light. I used to say, if you think you are enlightened, have kids. Now Iwould add to that, live through a pandemic.

So I lead and I end wth this by Maya Luna. You may deeply disagree. Or wholeheartedly cheer her on. But here is her August 10th FB missive. This is a SATIRE. Maya’s thing is her school on Deep Feminine Mystery….check her amazing site out HERE.

I completely understand that you feel biologically unsafe with me driving drunk on the roads where you are driving.

I understand you believe I could potentially kill you or cause life long injury to your body if I crash into you.

I understand you believe that I should not drive drunk for these reasons.

I respect your belief here. But I have a different belief and I would like you to respect mine.

My belief is that my vibe is high enough and the divine will is with me enough that I probably am not going to hit you while I’m driving drunk.

My belief is that if I do hit you you probably won’t get that hurt. And if you do, you’ll recover.

If I do happen to kill you while I’m driving drunk then this means it was just your time to die. Its divine will. Karma. I don’t know. It’s not my responsibility. Your death is between you and God. Let’s just call it fate.

My belief is that I am not afraid of crashing my car and dying while driving drunk because I have done my shadow work and also have overcome the fear of death.

If you feel afraid that I might kill you while driving drunk, that is your problem, not mine. And I wish you the best in working through this irrational fear.

I understand you believe I should not drive drunk because I might harm or kill you. That is simply your belief.

I have a different belief. I do not agree with your belief therefore I will continue driving drunk.

We all have beliefs. All beliefs are valid. There is no right or wrong. It’s just your beliefs and mine. All is one.

Everything happens for a reason.
Whatever will be will be.
Fear only attracts what it fears.
Etc etc

Oh, and if what I’m saying about feeling 100% okay with driving drunk and possibly killing you is triggering to you, I suggest you start “doing the work” to examine why you are so triggered. Likely you are judging me because you are rejecting a part of yourself that I am embodying. I am a sacred mirror for you. Your welcome.

It’s called shadow work.

Many blessings 

PS: I am doing my last LIVE 40 Day Magic Challenge starting August 24. If you need a cure for the Pandemic Blues, read more about it HERE. (We have an intimate group of 25 right now, so come on it, the water is warm). This is the last time I will be offering this course live.

3 thoughts on “When Awakening Becomes a Pandemic Battlefield

  1. Lee

    Thank you for writing this. I have some close lifelong spiritual ‘flower child’ friends who have blocked me on facebook for politely questioning their posts proclaiming Trump as the saviour of humanity from the evil shape-shifting reptilian Democrats who are raping and eating babies, as one example. This has shocked and saddened me, especially since it is not just a couple of friends, but many who have gone down this route. I feel particularly sad for those who have lost close family members to this craziness.

    It is not just that they have lost their collective marbles, but they are so superior about it, making it crystal clear that only they are the awakened ones, while the rest of us are all mainstream media, tv watching sheeple who can’t think for ourselves. I have to keep reminding myself to stay in the here and now.

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    1. Catherine

      And let’s not forget the breathtaking arrogance: “You need to do your research”. What makes people think I haven’t? It would be polite to at least ask, rather than assuming that others have not.

      The funny thing is, I used to be quite a bit over the crazy line with some of my interests (and yes, research!), but by February I was stuffing a sock in it and coming back to centre, recognising that my opinion was not needed to add interference patterns to the blathering winds of outrage about stolen freedoms.

      There have been many pithy and useful responses to the mass delusion of the conspiritualists, but I would like to add one that I have not yet seen mentioned, which is the rampant narcissim of this age…

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  2. amaryllisequistra

    Thank you. I have read many posts like this (& listened to some great podcasts), but not one of them has been this brief, to the point, and clear. And yes, the disturbing phenomenon of heart friends posting (and sending personal emails) in the way you describe leaves me feeling weak at the knees, and distressed.

    Posts like yours, calling BS are the antidote. It’s helpful to know that I’m not alone in the way I’m seeing things.

    Liked by 1 person

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