Channel Surfing the End of the World

I am on a zoom call with a pretty young face named Gia Prism, telling me how this thing will work. I can ask questions, and she will open up the line for any number of her celebrity dead people to come through with answers. Her afterlife crew runs the gamut from singer/songwriter Prince, to genius Albert Einstein to diva Marilyn Munro.

Music artist David Bowie comes through for me, and unknown to Gia, he happens to be one of my favourite musicians — I have gone through bouts of obsessively repeat listening to his song, Heroes, when I need a pick me up.

My Covid-19 related question for Bowie, asked on on Feb 11, 2020: “It’s like a feeling that we are in a crossing or in a transition that’s pretty perilous. And I’m just really curious what your take is on the state of the earth’s journey right now?”

This sends Bowie on a riff of existential material about personal and collective awakening, all of fascinating to me and all of it readable in a free three page PDF downloadable HERE.

But what stands out most is his acknowledgement of a tacit question underlying all queries to channelled entities: WTF is actually happening that all of the sudden we escalate from a smattering in the last 50 years of channeled information (A Course in Miracles, Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, the Abraham material with Esther Hicks) to a downright downpour of new transmissions.

Explains Bowie: “As we are moving forward and the veils are lifting and the light quotient is increasing rapidly day by day and time is slowing down, the ability to connect is expanding; it’s becoming more subjective. What we are able to do as humans now is to receive more information, not simply to our original oversoul source, or to the source of an archangel or God, or anyone you wish to see; we are now able to connect with every other being that our oversoul is fractured into.”

Take your pick: David Bowie advising on the existential meaning of this pandemic, Jesus of Nazareth speaking lovingly through Joe, the Council of Light reminding us through Karen that this is The Grand Reorganization. These are all ordinary people. Joe was a print and online journalist, Karen a successful life coach and motivational speaker, and Gia was a former health and wellness editor. All three suddenly found themselves channeling knowledge from sources beyond their individual consciousness.

All this reminds me of the New Testament end-times quote from the book of Acts: “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

This same End Times wave hit me in May 2019, when, while walking into my kitchen one morning (after a vivid dream that I was taken in a space ship to see God) I heard an inner voice say this: “There is but one way to hear the voice of God – through the ears of the soul.”

This unfolded a whole manuscript of “God’s voice” telling me about The Coming Age of Miracles, including reference to a coming pandemic, and specific instructions for everyday people to connect to the divine signal. This was followed by a second manuscript, The Way of Miracles, more of an instruction manual for the miraculous.

I have been oddly ambivalent and lazy about transferring this content to book form, but those who have read Coming Age of Miracles report feeling as if they are in direct contact with God. However you choose to define and name the creator archetype, one thing is clear: The cadence, syntax and voice in these books is not mine and the content is nothing I have ever pondered in my own mind.

Same when Gia Prism allows David Bowie to speak — her whole demeanour and even facial expressions dramatically change. Joe, channeling Jesus, has a soft voice and a rapid cadence entirely unlike his regular voice.

Something real is happening here. This is not a collective state of multiple personality disorder, nor is it simply fanciful imagination en masse. Times are radically changing and so is our relationship to reality. We are waking up, at the every least, to the understanding that this world of the seen is underpinned by a vast unseen realm.

I end with this story of my own experience of how what seems like fiction bleeds into reality in surprising ways.

The third book-to-be, Children of Light, Children of Adam by Hermes Trismegistus began to come through me January 30th, 2020. One day I got up after my morning channeling and decided to sweep my house.

Now, to get the full punch line here, you have to know that Hermes, a figure found in Egyptian lore and hieroglyphs, is always holding in one hand, an ankh, a symbol for life that looks like a cross with an oval look on top.

That morning, as I swept under my bed, I saw something golden shining in the pile of dust and popcorn bits (yes, I love popcorn in bed). When I realized what I had found under my bed, I was stunned.

It was a gold ankh pendant.

What matters is that I do not and never have, owned an ankh pendant. I have no idea where this came from, and no idea why I found it now —because I sweep under my bed weekly, this was even a more confounding find. It was not there last time I cleaned and no one had been staying in my home but me.

It gets weirder.

Later that day, curious, I decided to add the asteroid called Hermes to my natal astrology chart. This heavenly body sits directly conjunct my natal Saturn which is a part of a Finger of God aspect pattern (divine mission) pattern in my chart.

Just to spice things up, so you get how profoundly synchronized this whole matrix-like reality is, the fellow who channels Jesus has the asteroid Yeshuhua (suggestive of Yeshua, another name for Jesus) one degree off his Midheaven (career point) in his natal chart. And, yeah, Gia has asteroid David Bowie (her number one dude) one degree conjunct her Midheaven.

Add to this whole weirdness, a fixed star for blindness just happens to be conjunct my sisters natal sun — and yes, she is blind. As my sister Cindy (Blind Fatih Readings card reader) so often says, “You can’t make this shit up.”

We say this now a lot to each other, as reality seems to be serving up rampant uncanny coincidences that boggle the mind and hint at an order of intelligence that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

If you want to know more about some of the channellers I’ve mentioned, here are some of their current offerings. Also, if you want to download the first three chapters of my Coming Age of Miracles book, you can do that below too! Just click on each image to get your free or discount offers.

PS: Use discount code REBELREBEL (just for my readers) to experience David Bowie et al with Gia Prism, bookable HERE.

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