Forty Day Magic Challenge — Shift Your Perspective

Today you are beginning what will be a repeating theme for much of the rest of this challenge — you are going to play with perception because perception shapes your reality. If a magical life of ease, flow and grace is your aim, then you will need to begin to shift limiting habits and patterns of perception […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge: Enter the Flow

You’ve got your magic toolkit, you’ve playfully set an inspired intention and you are actively loving your life. The stage is set for the next phase of this magic challenge, which i am choosing to call Enter the Flow.  It’s a bit like “going with the flow” except I want you to see it as […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge: Love Your Life Now

So far you have learned a few basic magic tricks (harnessing synchronicity, paying sacred attention, accessing dream wisdom, stocktaking as spell-making) and yesterday you set an inspired intention (or a soul-centric wish) for what you want to this 40 Day Challenge to support in your life. Now comes the key piece for everything that will follow […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge — Take Intentional Aim

For the first week of this Magic Challenge, you’ve been setting the foundation with basics like accessing dream wisdom, paying sacred attention, harnessing synchronicity and stocktaking as spell-making. In essence, the magic tool kit has been established. Now you are going to take aim with the singular power of your Intention. Intention is not a […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge — Do Nothing

And on the 7th day, God took a break. Today your assignment is to just BE. Sure, you can write in your journal if you are moved to write, or to court synchronicity with active intention and attention. But the gist of today is to enter into that surrendered state of effortlessness. Today I am […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge — Harness Synchronicity

It might sound strange to harness synchronicity — those meaningful coincidences where events in the outer world mirror something happening our the inner world. After all, aren’t these events random and rare? And what purpose would harnessing synchronicity serve? I see synchronicity as the most powerful of all non-ordinary events because it has the capacity […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge — Sacrifice One Thing

What does sacrifice have to do with anything? Aren’t we here to have fun? Well, yes. And sacrifice will just increase the fun because at the heart of it, when we surrender or offer up one thing for something greater, the trade-off is always in our benefit. This is not about giving up something for nothing—but […]

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Forty Day Magic Challenge — Pay Sacred Attention

Have you ever noticed that where you place your attention matters? That the old refrain “What you dwell upon grows” could also be said as “What you pay attention to amplifies.” Before we talk about Sacred Attention and how to use it, let’s define the word attention. When I want to really understand the deeper meaning behind […]

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