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Carbonated Holiness and Synchronistic Mischief

“Laughter is carbonated holiness.” ~ Anne Lamott I’ve been crazy busy these days creating courses in the synchronicity playground, where my life is becoming so non-ordinary in its meaningful coincidences that I am startled into wonder and awe daily. My Forty Day Magic Challenge and the Love Your Body Magic and Miracles Bootcamp are filled with […]

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The Untold Story of What Synchronicity Really Means

Most of you who follow me here realize I’ve been exploring how synchronicity is nothing short of the Presence of Self breaking through the mind’s stronghold on reality. Awakening is a lot like taking the Red Pill in the film the Matrix…and that rabbit hole you fall down is not only a radical loss of […]

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The Unexpected Blessing of Crazy-Ass Discord

Yesterday was one of those pivotal junctures in life where reality shows up with unexpected high-intensity chaos. In the face of these jaw-dropping surprises you have a choice: let the drama override the lesson. Or let the lesson reveal itself by quieting the riot within. At times like this, meditation becomes more than a practice–it’s like […]

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