The Magic of Turning Any Trip into a Pilgrimage

I was 40 years old when I figured out that any trip away from my ordinary, everyday life had the potential to be transformative and mystical. That magical trip was a year after the shock-grief of my mother’s accidental death. Despairing sadness had given way to an overall restless dissatisfaction with my life. My marriage was […]

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The Only Game in Town (Poem)

If you truly want to dance for joy, to whirl with the dervishes, then listen for what thrums beneath the clatter of your story.   Listen. Do you hear the steady soft throb of love?   Did you know? It’s music to God’s ear when you dance your story with a creator’s abandon and spin infinite possibility all […]

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Finish Lines (Poem)

  No one told me before I got here that nothing truly begins. Not really.   Rather, endings bleed into inceptions, fertilizer for what must be born. And conception is the womb that incubates a seed of perfect demise.   Sacrifice has always been about this merciless magic, this capitulation to death that nurtures life […]

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Five Life-Saving Soul Lessons from the Dark Side

It’s the winter solstice, the time of the nadir. It’s a time, when, if you dare, you can mine the depths of your soul for the numinous vein that runs so deep under only the bravest hearts risk the bottomless depths to take this divine treasure home. I’m no stranger to depth mining precipitous dark […]

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