This Pandemic is a Reality Shift Portal: Will You Enter?

Sitting on my back balcony on a muggy morning last week looking at two ugly cables dangly down from the balcony above mine into my line of sight and wondering where the hell they’ve come from. I’ve lived here for 18 months, and this is new.

A quick investigation reveals the cables are dangling from a satellite internet dish on roof to the attic unit above mine. My first thought is microwave radiation — the dish is literally aimed at the seating area of this apartment’s small balcony. My second thought is, who installed this and when, given that the unit is empty and has been for almost a year.

I text the landlord replete with pics of the dish itself, presenting it as a new object with request he fix the cords that dropped down to my unit. He pondered it must have been installed by the building next door and he would call the owner about it.

Despite renovating the attic unit for AN ENTIRE YEAR, he too did not recall EVER seeing that satellite dish lording over the balcony nor its dangling cables.

But I had a strange feeling that this was a reality shift. So I texted the woman who used to live in that unit above me and asked “Was that satellite dish always there? “

She replied, “Yes, it was mine but when when i changed over to fibre, the company never came to remove it.”

Cue the twilight zone music. My landlord too thought it was new despite the many months on that very balcony in the last year renovating the unit.

Long before this virus forced us all into a sabbatical from our mundane lives—a screeching halt from the fast-paced grind of “living the dream”—I was already deep down the rabbit hole of reality being highly, well, unreal.

About eighteen months ago, on the heels of a grace-bolt, I’d just stopped pretending I had some kind of narcissistic agency in which my personal goals were all that important.

I’d certainly relieved myself of the seduction that with the law of attraction under my sleeve, I could manifest whatever wish crossed my mind.

This instant shift to surrendered flow, in which doing does not seem to need a doer, has resulted in what I call hyper-fluid reality shifting. All at once I experienced clarity that reality was like a kaleidoscope, ceaselessly reconfiguring itself into new patterns. That perception is still here.

These new reality patterns are usually go unnoticed by most of us — and often the pattern before is so much like the design after, that changes are too subtle to pick up.

But here’s the catch: When we are in that surrendered flow state more than we are in the gripping-the-steering-wheel-on-a-roller-coaster state (because just like on a carnival ride that steering wheel does not really exist), we begin to experience massive and not remotely subtle pattern shifts in reality.

We are literally navigating parallel worlds while wide awake!

Here is another example.

Despite living in Montreal, in the heart of the city, now for a year and a half. not once in that time have I heard the sound of a train whistle —which by the way, is something I would notice because it brings up a nostalgia for Northern Ontario hometown, where for 18 years I’d heard the twice daily tooting of that whistle.

Suddenly, two weeks ago, a train whistle began sounding once daily here in Montreal. Of course, that means there are functional train tracks somewhere near by. Seriously?

A train and its tracks seem to exist in THIS VERSION of south-west Montreal that did not at exist for the last year and a half in that OTHER VERSION of the city.

Which leads me to another aspect of reality shifting — when it happens, it’s not that YOU travel somewhere like a tourist from a parallel world. It’s more like the kaleidoscope turns and voila, a newly configured world exists in which only some folks remember the old….just like some folks recall their dreams and others do not. My landlord and I remembered the old world — his wife and the former tenant only remembered the world as it has become.

These WTF-level “reality shifts” are a sign you are waking up — not to the latest conspiracy theory or social justice cause — that kind of woke is like a nocturnal dream in which you become more lucid about the details, but you are technically still asleep.

Which brings me to the portal before us.

This pandemic is not without its magic, a mutative power that has been deepening my surrender into being purposed by life and has been accelerating the synchronistic and downright jaw dropping high strangeness. (Def’n:  A quality of being peculiarbizarreutterly absurd.)

And I am not alone. Friends are reporting en-masse similar cosmic hi-jinx. Just today, in my inbox, awakening life coach Vibeke Schurch shared her blog about “reality shifting” in which she shares a spooky story about the eerily deserted (but usually busy) walking trail with the odd man and feeling she had entered “the twilight zone.” For a good read, check her blog out HERE.

Here is her take on this high-strangeness episode.

“First, there is no fixed reality, everything is fluid, changing from second to second, reality to reality. We are constantly walking in and out of different parallel realities, which exist side by side on earth at different levels of frequencies.

These are actual physical realities that exist side by side. These parallel realities can be very similar with just small differences between them. 

For example, in one parallel reality there may be a gas station off a certain exit off the freeway, yet in another reality on the same road that gas station doesn’t even exist at all.

What separates these realities are frequencies. You will experience the parallel reality that your frequency resonates with in the moment. “

So, whether her understanding of the mechanisms of reality shifting is correct, the fact is more and more people since this the onset of this Covid-19 pandemic seem to be reporting these shifts.

I am curious? What is your experience of the last few months? Please share in comments! I read them all.

PPS: Intrigued by the leap in reality shifts, I will be leading a daylong (five hours with a lunch break) virtual class with my dear friend and colleague shaman Renee Baribeau, autbor of the award winning book, Winds of Spirit We’ve set the date for July 27 when the rare portal of Neptune sextile Jupiter is open — this will be a transformative experiential day! All you need to join in is access to your wifi signal and of course, a device (laptop, cell or tablet). CLICK HERE to be notified when course sign up goes live. (Spots are limited).

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6 thoughts on “This Pandemic is a Reality Shift Portal: Will You Enter?

  1. David

    Hi Lori
    I’ve also noticed it heightened recently. Generally, it’s a sign of a larger shift underway as various parts are reconfigured. Or in some cases, the world steering us into a specific experience, perhaps because of choices we’ve made. I don’t see it as parallel, just very pliable. One, seen in many ways.
    I can give a recent example. I bought a bike rack for my car only to discover the hitch I remember no longer existed. I installed a hitch only to have the rules change with the rack needing a different class hitch. (I research such things in advance) Got a new hitch. When I offered the first one for sale, it sold almost immediately.
    Sometimes, there’s just a bit of a dance to go through to complete some process or other. So much easier if you’re not trying to control things. Just allow the adventure to unfold. 🙂


  2. drdeming

    Great article. Yes I too have been dancing between realities/ dimensions, but have for years. The difference, I feel at this time is our “forced lull” which is enabling many to a more un-sub- conscious awareness. Many are not hustling about, nor feel the need to anymore, but rather have the ‘space’ for heightened awareness. We are noticing subtle changes, things out of place, strange anomalies in the sky, but much of this could be due to ‘an opening’ into some new sort of freedom to be in a void, so to speak.

    I find it also very interesting how many people are commenting on how they have actually enjoyed the “lockdown”, (interesting word) that it actually unlocked a lot for them. Giving them a chance for quiet self reflection, a time to be alone, a time to just “be”. And it is in these times of just ‘being’ that the magic appears to manifest… If we sprint through this world we miss a lot…

    Thank you once again for igniting thoughtful insights!


  3. Richard

    An interesting and well written article. Please consider using this perspective to discuss the “Mandela effect.” Thank you for your time and consideration.


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