Forty Day Magic Challenge — Take Intentional Aim

Day 8: Draw Your Bow.

For the first week of this Magic Challenge, you’ve been setting the foundation with basics like accessing dream wisdom, paying sacred attention, harnessing synchronicity and stocktaking as spell-making.

In essence, the magic tool kit has been established.

Now you are going to take aim with the singular power of your Intention. Intention is not a mild-mannered magic. It’s the most potent ingredient in creating a life of wonder, ease, flow and grace. Why?

Well, because the hidden intelligence of the universe (aka your Quantum Self) conspires to support one thing in your life: Your waking up to the reality of who you are beyond the finite mind. And it needs a field of intention as a playground for this unfoldment.

When you set an intention for what you desire/want/prefer/in your life, you are simply establishing a finish line on a particular game board. It could be a game board for health, money, purpose, relationship — the usual suspects in the game of life.

If you don’t set a purposeful conscious intention for the game of life, then the game still is afoot–but rather than you participating willingly and with some glee, the game can end up feeling more like an obstacle course.

Perhaps the best way to understand why intention matters is the sailing adage: No wind is favourable if you do not know which port you are headed for.

One of my participants in the 40 Day Challenge asked this question: “IF I AM AWAKE, SHOULDN’T SPIRIT SET MY INTENTION ON A MOMENT TO MOMENT BASIS?. …Where is the line between ego and soul’s intent?”

My response: Yes, the ego/finite self tends to want THINGS to make it happy–which really means a temporary cessation of pain/addition of pleasure. But the wanting is not inherently wrong or bad, simply mis-directed. This is why In the homework, I ask you to create an “inspired” intention by sitting in quietude and listening to that still small voice of your infinite wisdom.

An inspired intention will leave room for moment-to-moment shifts. It is an intention that springs from a bow drawn back all the way from the depth of soul, so that the arrow of intention has potency and truth. A common mistake i see with awakenings is inertia that arises from a malaise that is a misunderstanding of the dynamic quality of the stillness that is YOU. You are stillness and motion at once. This is the paradox that becomes apparent in the aftermath of awakening.

That said, there is a PHASE in post-initial-awakening where intention setting is not called for because there is a kind of lounging in the vastness, or a detached witnessing, that precedes re-engagement in the game of life. If you are in that stage, then this 40 day challenge would not have at all appealed to you at all.

HOMEWORK: Take some quiet time alone, even just a half hour is fine, and have a pen and paper (ideally your journal) ready. Set the mood by turning off your cell phone, closing your laptop. Perhaps light a candle. Put on some soothing music. Tell your family you are not to be interrupted. If you are at work, lock your door or take a break in a nearby cafe or park.

You are going to create a sacred inner space where you can receive an inspired intention. By inspired I mean you want to play on a game board that serves your greatest soul growth. It might seem like intending to win the lottery is a great idea (those bills need money right?) but your Quantum Self — if you are quiet enough — will whisper in your inner ear an intention for this 40 Day Magic Challenge that will generate the greatest amount of wonder, joy and ease in your life. And get those bills paid too!

Some examples of inspired intention in my own life?  Here is mine for the 40 Day Challenge: I intend to experience radical joy in creating online coaching/teaching programs that activate clients awakening to who they really are and that generates an steady abundant income that surpasses my expectations.

Please share with us on our private FB group (come join!) HERE what your inspired intention will be for this Magic Challenge?

PS: When we take aim with inspired intention we also don’t worry about the how of it…just set your intention and leave the details up to your Infinite Self.

Lori Ann2

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