Forty Day Magic Challenge — Do Nothing

Day 7: Take a Power Break

And on the 7th day, God took a break.

Today your assignment is to just BE. Sure, you can write in your journal if you are moved to write, or to court synchronicity with active intention and attention. But the gist of today is to enter into that surrendered state of effortlessness.

Today I am in a coffee shop with wifi and power writing this to you because the hydro-electric power is out in my neighborhood from a massive windstorm yesterday.

Having nothing to plug into–literally–for the last 24 hours has been a blessing and a bit of a curse (goodbye frozen foods). But the chance to soften into non-doing (which was always my plan for day 7 of this challenge) is amplified by the lack of power I need at home to get online where much of my doing-ness happens.

This synchronicity is not lost on me—on the very day my assignment to you and me was to take a “day of rest” I am met with a power outtage that drives the point home.

When I leave this coffee shop after posting this day’s assignment, I’m going to curl up in my favourite chair by a bright window in my home and dive into a good book.

By the way, you might be surprised. The not-doing is the gap where some of the most potent magic arises.

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PPS: Here’s me blowing in the windstorm that took our our power yesterday just an hour before the lights went out.The lesson here is about going with the flow–or having the wind at your back. Without power today the wind is moving in the direction of offline reality.

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