Forty Day Magic Challenge — Create a Magical Space

Day 16: Magic is not something you do. It’s what you are.

That said, bringing this aspect of your being to the conscious foreground in a life filled with distractions is not simple or easy. Never before have humans been so bombarded by attention demanding technologies–cell phones, texts, tweets, I-messages, the dreaded Facebook Feed and more. Even places where we once found forced contemplation–think of elevators–we are now hunched over our cell phones for the short ride up or down.

Today’s challenge is about creating a magical place  in your home where you can turn off the technological and other noise and tune-in to your magical self.

Mythologist Jospeth Campbell, who I am fond of quoting, said, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” 

When we give our intentions form, we give them power. You don’t have to believe me, and I can’t explain why this works. I only ask that you try this as an experiment in the laboratory of this challenge.


bagua1. Decide on a space in your home where you want to create your magical altar.

If it helps, some parameters might be: Can i close a door to be alone here? Is this area private and quiet? Do I love the light in this room. Does this space feel good to be in (some rooms in homes carry residual energy from previous occupants) You can also choose the area of your home using a feng-shui bagua map if you like (see diagram). My altar is in my bedroom and it is in the “elders” section of the map—this is also the room in which I write these challenges. Also, beyond the room you choose, is the actual site: bookshelf, table, desk, bedside table, dresser, display cabinet, window sill etc.

sweetsmallaltar2. Choose objects that bring you a sense of joy or peace when you hold them or look at them.

Sacred objects can be anything from feathers, to sea shells, rocks, art, jewelry, precious stones, candles (to represent light), incense, images of angels, deities. fairies, ancestors and more. An altar is your creative expression of your own soul…I know someone who had lego pieces on his altar. Choose whatever uplifts you and brings a feeling of delight. There is no wrong way to do this. Have fun with it!

3. Add your Sacred Intention and Magical Weapon.

If you already have an altar, great! The next part of this assignment will be easy: In this sacred space you are also going to place two pieces of paper, or index cards, on which you have written your intention for this 40 Day Challenge  and your weapon of choice that one strength of character or magical ability forged in fires of your life story.

4. Visit Your Altar Daily.

Untitled design (21)There are somethings you do everyday without thinking—brushing your teeth, getting dressed, going to work. Your magical space should be a part of your daily routine.

For me, it’s first thing in the morning. I light my candles and I enjoy the cozy, quiet, stillness of dawn in the company of my own soul. (My husband gets up to walk the dog and off to work very early which is why the bedroom works as my sacred morning space). Here is a picture of it right now as I write this at 7 am.

Please share photos your Magical Space with your fellow Mages on our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. (If you have not joined us yet, please come on over and visit).

PPS: And if you prefer to get these daily assignments directly to your email box, just click here.

Lori Ann2

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