Forty Day Magic Challenge — Enter the Synchronicity Portal

Day 17. There is a threshold between the ordinary and the non-ordinary. Let’s cross it together.

You first played with synchronicity in assignment five, Harness Synchronicity, which asked you to simply set an intention in the morning for a powerful synchronicity to show up during your day—an ask and you shall receive process.

Today and tomorrow we are going to go deeper with how to engage synchronicity, because it is fundamental to remembering the magic that we are.

Stories like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz or even the movie The Matrix tell us that there is always a distinct passageway from the ordinary to the non-ordinary—a rabbit hole, a tornado vortex, a red pill. We are given clues that to fully enter into what I call soul centric living there must be a conscious choice to cross-over from the mundane to the land of wonderment.

How do we do this? After all, it’s not like there is an actual door we can open in order to step into the flow of synchronicity. Or is there?

One doorway that is often overlooked—and what we will be practicing with—is what clinical neuropsychologist Mario Martinez calls “out of order events.” This kind of event appears as a disruption to our linear A to B plans that becomes a detour with purpose, especially if we are aware enough to travel it consciously. It’s these curve balls and reversals that Martinez suggests are potent entry points into synchronistic pathways that reveal profound interconnectedness and appointments with destiny.

In his words, “An out-of-order event is an invitation to a portal and observation is what allows successful entrance. Once you are in, the synchronicity will enthrall you and it’s complexity will humble you.”

Let me retell one one of his delightful anecdotes in his recent book, The Mind Body Code, about an out of order event that lead to his entering the portal of synchronicity.

“Let’s say you are flying to Rio de Janeiro for a well-deserved vacation but five hours into the flight, the plane’s electrical systems malfunction and the pilot decides to divert course and land in Belo Horizonte. You’re annoyed to begin with and to make things worse, the airline mechanics there are on strike; you’re told you can either wait for a couple of days or take a bus to Rio.

You decide to rent a car and stop at the picturesque colonial town of Ouro Preto (Black Gold) because the name is familiar. You remember it from a novel you read in college. When you arrive the town has a certain charm—beyond it’s 18th century architecture.—that entices you to stay for a couple of days. You’re bewitched, and Rio has taken second place. That evening you choose to dine at Contos de Reis (Tales of Kings) a cozy restaurant recommended by the inn keeper at the B&B where you are staying. When you are seated you recognize a fellow passenger from your diverted flight who has been told that all the tables are taken. Impulsively, and happy to see a familiar face, you invite this person to join you for dinner.

The conversation is alluring. You order wine and when you toast, your eyes meet. And it what feels like a time/space compression, this stranger transforms into someone you could love for the rest of your life. By the end of the evening, you have compared experiences and found a connection that defies all reason—and welcomes magic. You have found your parter for life!

Too good to be true? An improbable fantasy to entice you? I can assure you that something remarkably similar happened to me five years ago that resulted in my moving from the United States to Montevideo, Uruguay.”

Assignment: For the rest of this challenge, pay attention to “out of order events” that could be thresholds to synchronistic pathways. When you observe a disruption to the linear mode of being, some kind of unexpected event, refrain from judging it as negative or wrong. Stay curious. What if you were to flow in the direction of this “out of order” event? What would happen if you dove into it instead of running from it or pushing against it?

These out of order entry points can be so simple they are overlooked. The traffic jam that causes you to miss an appointment and something else begins to unfold instead. The friend who cancels last minute on you for a get together, leaving you open to some wondrous alternative happening. The car that breaks down on a trip and causes a delay that leads to something magical.

So, let’s all of us for the next 23 days of this challenge consciously cross the threshold into the magical that can happen when we encounter a linear disruption.

And share your stories with the other Mages on this journey with you! When we share our stories, we also fortify the field of intention that is being created by the collective. Here is link to our amazingly fun and interactive (and private) FB group HERE. (If you have not joined us yet, please come on over and visit).

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