Forty Day Magic Challenge — Celebrate the Near Future

Does your mind tell you celebrations are only for events that have passed? And what happens if you celebrate what has yet to happen?

We celebrate the day we were born with birthday parties, the day we got married with a same day feast and later with anniversary dinners and gifts. We celebrate the promotion at work, the successful completion of a course, our book reaching the number one spot on a bestseller list.

We celebrate things that have happened or are currently happening. But what if we choose to celebrate what WILL HAPPEN?

In his book the Mind-Body Code (yes, I love this book!) clinical neuropsychologist Mario Martinez coins the term feedforward as opposed to feedback. It’s where—once you have crossed the threshold into synchronistic pathways by noticing an out-of-order event as an entry point—you can choose to be grateful for the good that is coming your way. And in being celebratory for what has yet to show up, you facilitate its manifestation. 

Because the underlying premise is that once we step through that portal of synchronicity, we enter a zone where all things conspire for good. We are literally in a terrain of enchantment where hidden connections become visible, and clues arise as meaningful coincidences that guide us to a more en-lightened life.

Writes Martinez,

“When you accept the interconnectedness component of synchronicity, feedforward can be an effective tool for accessing synchronicity. How? You can use feedforward to celebrate, in the present, a future event: an entangling, fortuitous, soon-to-unfold event. In other words simply celebrate in the present without knowing the reason, and wait for the event to unfold in the future.”

Let’s remember, you are engaging this celebration in the wake of some sort of out-of-order event (or disruption to your linear plans) that is really a portal to synchronistic pathways.

For example, yesterday I experienced an out-of-order event. I had a consultation scheduled with well known psychic Andrew Brewer who I first encountered seven months earlier. His reading then proved to be highly uplifting and accurate—in hindsightmany things he spoke of came to pass.

This session yesterday was intended originally as a gift for my sister’s 50th birthday, but nervous about having a reading, she turned it down after I had already set it up and paid for it. So. I took the session instead.

But something strange happened the day of the reading. In getting ready for the phone call, I spent over an hour looking without any luck for my recording device—which is always in a certain drawer, but for some reason was missing in action. (I will never leave it to my memory to recall an hour long call!). Try as I might, I could not find it anywhere in my house.

Confronted with an obstacle, I sat in meditation and asked my inner guidance: What’s up?

The answer was clear: “This is not a time for you to have a reading. You do not want to collapse wave functions by mutual agreement on outcomes right now. You are at too many potent choice points to risk influence.” I know, I know… my inner wisdom uses in quantum-speak.

I fired off a message to Andrew minutes before our session explaining my intuitive hit to cancel. But then an idea occurred to me—why not re-gift the session to a friend who was having her birthday in two days and for whom I had yet to purchase something. Andrew kindly agreed and last night, at dinner with this friend, I presented her with news of her gift. She was delighted! She mentioned she had not had an intuitive reading for years and was ready for one again, in a time when her life was going through a lot of new beginnings.

So, today, I will celebrate “an entangling, fortuitous soon-to-unfold event ” that will unfold in my future from the disruptive non-linearity of the missing recording device that lead to gifting my reading to another—and opening me up to something wondrous to come. To celebrate, I will choose a dessert after dinner as my symbolic “yay” moment of gratitude.

Assignment: On the occasion of your first clear out-of-order event, follow up with a celebration! It can be cake, candles, a bit of bubbly, a self-loving gesture like booking a massage. Whatever feels ‘celebratory” to you–what would you do if you won a lottery? Or an award? Or got a promotion? Celebrate the way you would for things that have happened. Put your whole heart into the leap of faith that something GOOD is coming your way because you have consciously left the linear and ordinary for the a-causal and non-ordinary world of synchronicity and magic.


BONUS:  Really informative and fun interview with Tami Simon of Sounds True, with Dr. Mario Martinez of the Mind Body Code. Worth the listen.

Lori Ann2

4 thoughts on “Forty Day Magic Challenge — Celebrate the Near Future

  1. Freya Watson

    Hey Lori, I just stumbled across this by chance (and am now celebrating :)!). Thanks – it’s just what I need right now and I have to assume that finding it now is good timing and that I haven’t missed anything.


  2. 00kha0z

    Hey! This will be a little long but I have to share this with all of you fellow magical beings!
    (Btw, sorry if I get too excited)

    **Too long I didn’t read?** Totally amazing day full of synchronicities and unexpected (duh!) linear disruptions that led me to a sense of “this is just the beginning” and a delicious strawberry cheesecake.

    DAY 19
    So in the morning of my day 19 of magic I had something like an encounter with that spacious/always present/funny/magical awareness thingy that everybody is talking about, while hearing a teacher that I use to hear saying that our mind tends to make us dismiss this because it is looking for something more showy… So realizing that this have happened to me A LOT was very Funnily frustrating and left me with a sense of happy wonder (or something like that) Anyways, I knew that this was a special day so I did my things staying in this sense of joy and “what would happen next?! :D”
    …Magic started to happen right away! My work and presence in current job was unexpectedly appreciated by my boss.. I got a call from another workplace offering me a good deal if I work with them (that just resolved some economic issues that I recently was worried about) and also did some really fun -out of the cotidianity- activities as part of an special event at my office (later that day this ended up in me receiving another opportunity for changing jobs!)
    I said then “ok, definitely a portal to synchronicity” So I did the “consciously crossing the portal” from day 17 (I think..) and boom! Linear disruption within the next 5 minutes: A call from a friend inviting me to a casting for a role in a movie, just like that, out of the nothing! So obviously (I little hesitating, though) I figured out a way to sneak out from my job and go meet that invitation from the universe to play… but first I made a pit stop to buy a delicious strawberry cheesecake and “celebrate the near future” of whatever amazing and surprising thing is coming because I feel like this is just the beginning!
    I heard from a reliable source that I was chosen for a role! (but it is yet to be confirmed) however, I know that that cake is to celebrate something even better, and I’m sure it all will be even moooore awesome and inspiring!
    I can’t wait to see my life flooding with magic, flow and inspiration for me and you and others around!

    -Emily K.

    Ps: Thank you Lori, this is being so fun and inspiring!


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