7 Ways to Get Your Flow Magic Groove On

Yesterday a friend sent me her article about holy feminine rage with a note that she had a hunch I was meant to see it. I rarely have time to read anything these days, but my instincts told me that yes, it was important to read.

I loved the piece so much, I posted it to my Facebook timeline and tagged several powerful women influencers—and as I was tagging away, a  woman’s name came to mind. This woman Facebook friend is a publisher of several print magazines, and I hesitated…what if tagging her is a too-pushy or even annoying move. So, I didn’t tag her from my own sudden wave of self doubt.

But Divine Intelligence would not be thwarted.

Seconds after I posted the article, this untagged woman publisher somehow sees it in her newsfeed anyway  (gotta love the entangled universe) and not ONLY comments on it, but asks the writer if she can re-publish the piece in Origin Magazine, one of her publications.

This is what flow magic looks like. It looks like that kind of orchestration where you just sit back and marvel.

Here’s the deal.

Post awakening, the magic is fast and furious and it’s rare any egoic doubt (like yesterday’s example) gets in it’s way.

But even if I am not blocking, I have noticed there are ways to actually promote or amplify this flow—to turbo-charge that groove. So, here are seven tips for keeping the flow, flowing.

  1. Don’t judge the moment. It’s usually perfect just as it is, you just don’t have the big picture.
  2. Hear the signal of soul hunches by keeping the noise down. What kind of noise? That chatter box called your thoughts. Meditation helps. So does deep breathing.
  3. Celebrate the synchronicity that shows up with a w00-hoo thank you! The more you jump for joy at the magic, the more the magic jumps back at you.
  4. Play with like minded others. There is nothing more magic-inducing than having a group of friends who are synchronicity junkies just like you.
  5. Pay attention. Are you actually noticing the wonderment of the way your life flows when you allow it?
  6. Allow. Yeah. You know what I mean. Just allow.
  7. Stop complaining. About anything. Ever. Just try it. Then watch the magic flood in.

PS: This is what flow magic looks like via Facebook Algorithm.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.04.09 PM


PPS: Want to ramp up your flow magic. Try my 20 minute guided meditation, Enter the Synchronicity Portal. It’s free. It’s fun. And it’s, well, magical. CLick HERE to download. 


2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Get Your Flow Magic Groove On

  1. Davidya

    Great advice, Lori. I’m continually amazed at what shows up and falls into place. Get in the way of it a little once in awhile, but then I discover a new thing to let go of.

    So much easier when the noise settles. Then, as Peter Mayer sings, everythings a miracle.

    Liked by 1 person

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