Riders on The Storm: Navigating Rapidly Shifting Reality in Today’s Earth Matrix

Brace for a surreal ride. Because whether you are ready to admit it or not, we’ve collectively begun to wake up to a strange new porous reality. Or as Morpheus says to Neo in the film The Matrix, “You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

I’m going to go way out on a Chesire-cat limb here on this blog over the next few posts and confess my direct experiences of what I call reality shifting—the startling phenomenon of moving into new realities where things and people I personally know are not as they were. These differences can be dramatic or subtle, but they are differences that have no logical explanation.

And I will also be touching on the collective experience of what has been termed the Mandela Effect, only because it has been so prominent in my own experience over the last few months. This effect (named after Nelson Mandela) was coined by paranormal researcher Fiona Broome, and she describes it as:

The “Mandela Effect” is what happens when someone has a clear, personal memory of something that never happened in this reality. Many people — mostly total strangers — seem to remember several of the exact same events with the exact same details. However, those memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on.

Broome coined the named based on the phenomenon where many people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the late 1980’s instead of in 2013, years after his release. There are even accounts where people report seeing his funeral on TV and a benefit memorial concert staged by famous musicians worldwide.

Perhaps the most famous Mandela Effect example? The children’s book the Beren—fill in the blank—Bears. If you read the books to your kids as I did, or had them read to you as a child, you will most likely fill that blank in with “stein.”  You see, the vast majority of people recall those books by the name “The Berenstein Bears”, but in this version of reality that name never existed. The books have always been titled “The BerenSTAIN Bears.

The thing is however, not everyone has noticed that reality has began to wobble badly on it’s axis. And there are theories galore about why segments of the population remember reality as it currently is—from brand logos, to famous movie lines, to history, to the world map—while another huge portion of us remember reality another way.  Some folks are now suggesting that two earth timelines (or dimensions) are merging, while others suggest something catastrophic happened happened to the planet and a bunch of us were transported to this new version of earth. (This is expressed as old Earthers and new Earthers).

Now before you hang up the phone on me here (because you think I have gone off the deep end) I ask you to consider this: What do you have to lose by investigating for yourself whether you are one of those folks experiencing reality shifting and the Mandela Effect? Is it worth at least staying open-minded at curious for now?

So, a friendly reader warning: Stop reading right now if you are entirely comfortable in your life as it is. If you want to stay asleep to what might be happening, that’s entirely okay — and yes, you can argue that this is the maya and totally irrelevant.

But that is not my perception. Rather, in this participatory universe in which the observer changes quantum outcomes, I rather suspect that whatever is happening to reality lately, we are all co-agents of this change.

As Morpheus said: “Remember – all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.”

On that introductory note, here’s a short video where I talk about one of my latest “reality shifts.”  (I can hear you now. What does this have to do with spiritual awakening? My answer: Everything. Because we are collectively waking up not only to the unreality of the fictional “ego” self but to the deeper truth that reality itself is a fiction. And no, I do not mean illusion. More on that to come).

Yours in the spirit of deep magic and high wonder, oh and disappearing possessions!

Lori Ann

16 thoughts on “Riders on The Storm: Navigating Rapidly Shifting Reality in Today’s Earth Matrix

  1. Kelley

    I forgot about this one. I was washing some blankets for my friend when my keys came up missing. I looked everywhere but no keys. I sat there and was drawn to the washer. So I checked there pulled every thing out. Went through all the blankets I had already washed. No keys. So , I gave up. And started using the spare keys. Well, one day months later I my husband (at the time) was trying to fix the washer. This was not a top load so he unscrewed all the nuts and bolts to pull out the tray that is under the washer. And there they were. I couldn’t believe it! Anyway, I have otherers but won’t go into that right now. I will say I loose things in my purse all the time. Empty everything out(a very small purse) put everything back. One time I did that 4 times. I was starting to panic. Then there it was my debit card. Now I just laugh and know what I am looking for will reappear in there


  2. Kelley

    The biggest shift I had was my son (around 10 at the time) opened my bedroom door and asked if he could stay up. That we still have people over for the party we were having ( I went to bed my husband stayed up playing games with our guest). After the conversation I fell back asleep to be woke up by my some coming in and saying word for word what he had said. I yelled at him and said we Already had this conversation. I kind of thought what was that. Anyway I could hear my son telling people there was something wrong that I had said he already asked now go to bed. The exact conversation took place. He came in exactly like he had just did and said the exact words. One day I was in the computer room at the time and saw my husband walk up the stairs to come inside after work. Well, I waited and he never came into the house. When he came home I said were you just here? He said no!


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  4. pbob710699236

    First, I read a paper back in 1997 to a group of about 100 people about an inspirational writing of Nelson Mandela as an exercise in public speaking. I thought that he had passed already. Perhaps, the more recent man was a clone? Not joking!

    Secondly, Mr. Cati in some of his YouTube videos talks about secret advanced technology that is capable of splicing a timeline out of one dimension back into this reality to alter future events. Sounds plausible if one has the technology to do so?

    Lastly, my own spiritual awakening, which started as early as June 4, 1976, and possibly my entire life, has been more of a gradual awakening; however, it has been very, very “intense” at times. Also, I would like to tell you about my journey into this higher existence sometime if you would care to know., i.e., given your time constraints, etc.

    Thank you for the video,
    Love always, and God Bless You Always,
    p bob
    I am a widower for about two years now.


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  7. Rory

    This is very interesting. However I’m a bit confused as to how you now have two mice. If you are now back in the timeline where you didn’t lose it, how come you now have the replacement as well? Am I missing something?
    Keep the faith.



    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      LOL…you are RIGHT. Here’s my theory then. The mouse was lost or stolen in one time-stream/dimension so I buy a new replacement mouse.

      I then go to Montreal a few months later and buy a key — at this point I am still in the same mouse time-stream where the mouse disappeared.

      Then, in the art installation labyrinth (beckoning users to journey “through space and time” I shift into a NEW time-stream. This new timeline does NOT include the key (which goes missing that very day from the night stand).

      However the reality I shift into after the labyrinth is not the same timeline where the mouse disappeared — so now I am in a time stream with the original mouse in my briefcase and the replacement mouse in my desk drawer.

      Make sense?

      It’s that, or leprechauns.

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  8. Heather

    Thank you so much for this sharing Lori Ann!!!
    I’ve experienced several similar disappearances & rediscoveries over the past year, but probably the most intense experience that convinced me of either alternate realities or certainly the permeability of the space/time continuum was the day I went through a “time warp” (at least that’s how I fondly refer to it now.) I was heading to work one morning & noticed my gas light on so stopped to fill up. Right as I did, I heard the radio announcer state it was 8 am & the hourly news came on. I proceeded to get out of my truck, pump the gas, then get back in & go about my merry way. I was a bit bummed, as I was an hourly employee at the time and knew I was late to work (my shift goes from 8am-5pm, and it’s about 14 miles to work from the gas station.
    When I arrived at work, I noticed the clock above the receptionist showed 7:55am, and I said to her she should check the battery because the clock was running slow. She looked at me quizzically & said the clock was correct and showed me her cell phone and computer which both showed 7:55am. I went into my office in a weird kind of haze & checked my own computer which by this time showed 7:57am. I then went outside and read the time stamp on my gas receipt and it showed 8:05am.
    To this day, I have no logical explanation to how I could have driven 14 miles and arrived at my destination 10 minutes BEFORE I left the gas station.
    Thankfully, like yourself, I feel I’ve been given a glimpse into something mysterious & wonder filled and am enjoying the adventure, even the strange times it feels like I’m going down the rabbit hole.
    Thank you always for your in-lightening & in-spiring posts 🙂

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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      This is a wonderful reminder that time is not what we think it is…I had a dream once where a voice said to me, “You do not move through time. Time moves through you.” I am still exploring that message. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful tale–it made my morning!

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  9. Callaghan Grant

    OMG! Lori Ann! I don’t say this to many people but I have witnessed objects materializing since 2004. Even before, it happened to me occasionally and I wrote it off, but it’s happening more and more often. In fact, all my life I have had this knack for finding things. I don’t mean just *my* things. I find other people’s things if they ask me to help them. I have a deep constant awareness of my guide. He has been asking me since 2001, “Was that object located where you looked for it in spacetime because you saw it in your mindspace where you found it in spacetime? Or did you see it in your mindspace located in the spot you found it in spacetime because that’s where it always was?” (He often teaches me by asking pointed questions. Like, “My Cailin,” he says, “Why do you continue to look for what you do not actually Will to find?”) In other words, he was asking me, “Did you put that there by visualizing it there, or was it there all along and that was why you saw it in your mindspace in the location in spacetime where you found it?” Many times in my life, things have gone missing, even though I am very careful to put things back where they belong so they don’t go missing. I have on many occasions said “Michael! Give it back, please!” and whatever it was, it shortly reappeared.

    When I moved in May 2004, my ex-husband’s kids came by and packed up a lot of our stuff that had been in our closets in black garbage bags. I had no part in packing those bags, nor was I around when it was being done. I was running around working on other things because I was running our business at the same time. With all the unpacking in the new place, on the first night, I developed a severe leg ache and I needed my heating pad. I asked Michael (my guide) where I might find the heating pad, which is how I usually find things. I ask and then I see a picture in my mind. So, I asked and, suddenly, I saw the black bags stashed in the other bedroom. Then the image zooms onto one particular bag and I see it as if it were open. On top, there’s a purse I hadn’t used in so long I didn’t know I still even had it. Then I saw one boot of a pair of boots I haven’t worn in like a decade at that point. Under it, I see peeking out the power cord of the heating pad. So I give it a shot. I go to the room and untie the bag he showed me, move the PURSE I was astounded to see there, then THE BOOT! and there was my heating pad! There were a dozen identical bags in the room! This was no hunting mission. That heating pad was right where I was shown it would be! Amazing… But that is not the only example I have.

    In 2007, on a Sunday afternoon, I was expecting a shipment of an endangered species of peafowl (“Peacocks”) and I was building a coop with the help of a friend names “Red”. Red was working on the roof of the coop and he was atop it as I struggled to make pieces of wood fill the gaps between the wall of the coop and the rafters of the roof where the roof met the wall. There was no way I could put a $500 baby bird in a coop into which raccoons could easily squeeze through those gaps. But I needed more 3″ nails. I needed 4 more to finish the job and I had only 2. The local hardware was closed. It was nearly dark. The nearest other hardware store was 10 miles away, across the border in Canada, and I had not time enough to get there. I went inside to look through all of my cans and jars of nails and bolts and washers and nuts. NOTHING! NO nails! Considering speeding to make the drive to the hardware and having worked myself into a lather about needing 4 nails, I went back out to the workbench where I had left, next to my hammer, the two nails I had already had when I went inside to look for the other two. THERE WERE SIX IDENTICAL NAILS LAYING THERE–THE TWO I HAD ALREADY HAD AND 4 MORE!! Well I HAD asked for four! I kept saying, “Dang! I need four!”
    I asked Red, who was still on the roof of the coop, where he had found the extra nails. He said “What nails?” Recalling suddenly both Michael’s question and the heating pad incident, I blanched and croaked, “Have you been down off the roof since I went inside?”
    “No. Huh-uh,” he grunted.

    But wait, there were two more incidents in the next few weeks. I was talking from Washington state with my mom back in Florida on my wireless phone and we wore out the battery. I changed to another. We wore it out too but it was a tense and emotional conversation and I hadn’t seen Mom in 7 years. I wanted the time with her! Figuring to use the old plug-in style phones that don’t go down when the electricity goes off, I went to the closet where I KNEW I had put the traditional phone which I keep for emergencies. I knew EXACTLY where it SHOULD be. NADA. IT was nowhere in that closet. The power to the cordless phone kept failing and I’d dial Mom back and it would work for a few minutes because I changed to the other phone that had a little juice because I had put it on charge when I switched to the other one. I got very intensely willful about talking with Mom. I searched the closet 4 times and it was not there! I closed the door of the closet and stood in the hallway (because we are NOT yet allowed to actually SEE a materialization.) I became adamant: “I KNOW that phone is in there on the third shelf up–right between my fencing helmet and my ice skates!” I asserted quite forcefully. “I put it in there and no one would steal an old phone!” I SAW IT IN MY MIND IN JUST THE SPOT I HAD DECLARED IT WOULD BE then I opened the door to the closet and my eyes landed right on it!!!

    Next, a few weeks later, I was feeling very unwell and wishing very strongly for some cannabis for the nausea. I knew we had none and I was depressed that I was gonna be nauseous for a while. Nonetheless, I got up and started cleaning house. I threw laundry in the washer and got it going and then I started vacuuming. As I vacuumed, I wished repeatedly for cannabis and felt quite emotional about feeling so sick and having to get work done anyway. I found another item of clothing my hubby had left on the couch and I dashed to the washer to restart the cycle before it let all the water out so the shirt would get washed too. When I opened the washer, inside, floating on top the water and completely dry inside, was an ounce of exceptional cannabis (BC bud!) I had cleaned out all the pockets before I put anything in the wash because my husband often put his cigarette butts in his pockets and I didn’t want tobacco bits in all the clothes. I was also the one who had control of the money so I knew my husband had not bought any cannabis–which he later confirmed: He had no secret stash. In fact, we were planning a trip up to fetch some that very night. There was NO way that solid ounce of grass was in his clothes or mine. I would have known as I kept close track of the grass because I have a serious seizure condition and it helps diminish the seizures in frequency and severity and it slays entirely the nausea that comes with them. There is no way a load of wash nearly done would have had a full ounce of perfect bud floating in a brand new zip-lock and NOT have gotten a leak. The whole thing could not have happened unless it simply materialized.

    Two more: In 2012 I went to visit my sister. When she came to the door she was crying. Our mother had died in 2009 and I had moved back to Florida to be with my one surviving sibling, Chrissy, and her husband.
    “What’s the matter?” I asked and stepped inside to comfort and cuddle Chrissy. ‘
    “I lost Mama’s ring,” she wept. “You know the diamond dome ring I bought for her. I wear it all the time since she died because it gives me comfort. I don’t know how it happened. I have been looking for three hours!”

    She was very upset because she is very sentimental. Her emotions ached in my own heart (because I am very empathetic) and my chest grew heavy in sympathy with her loss. “Let me try to help,” I offered and smooched her face. “Okay,” she sighed.
    “Did you leave the house?”
    “No, I have been here all day. I had it on this morning and suddenly noticed it was not on my hand and now I can’t find it. I have looked everywhere!”
    “Okay where in the house do you have the strongest feeling it SHOULD be?”
    “Oh, the bedroom, but I looked and LOOKED!” She started to cry again from frustration and because we both missed Mom so much. I almost cried too. “Alright,” I said, “Let me go look again.” Please keep in mind my sister has 18 cats in her house. She was afraid the cats would, or HAD, found the ring and pawed it and it was under some heavy furniture and she’d never find it.

    Chris’ bedroom has an antechamber. I walked in and stood in the arched passageway between the antechamber and her bedroom. Inwardly I paused and focused, talking to Michael: “Please help me find the ring.” I opened my eyes and they landed on the ring–literally. There was NO hunting. I was there no more than 5 minutes and I had found the ring she’d been looking for for three hours. It was not 4 feet away from where Chrissy was standing and it was sitting atop her pillow, in the middle of her pillow, as if it had just been placed there! “There’s your ring,” I sighed, pointing. She was ecstatic. I was so pleased to have helped. That ring almost never leaves her finger. More, had that ring been there all that time, one of her many cats WOULD have batted it about because it was on the pillow where the mama they so loved lays her head and it doesn’t belong there. THEY WOULD HAVE FOUND IT FIRST.

    Another example: This one is “Schrodinger’s Dog” and I am not going to recount it because it’s too long, but you can find it on my blogspot here: http://www.callaghangrant.com/
    “Schrodinger’s Dog” is the third entry down when you go to that link. Just scroll down or read through as you will. I will say this for now: How does a Great Pyrenees dog survive in a locked van with the windows up, IN FLORIDA in JUNE for FOUR DAYS with NO food or water? The answer: miraculously. You should check it out.

    Lastly, just yesterday, I was looking for my cherished Tweezerman tweezers. (They are expensive but great!) I always put things in the same places so I can get to them and use them readily. I do not accept well being thwarted because things usually seem to go exactly as I need them to go. Losing things upsets me. The night before, when I had been somewhat buzzed from the medical cannabis, I had gone to my desk and heisted my backup pair of Tweezerman from the desk drawer to pull a stiff hair that was annoying me on my chin. Michael told me when I went to get them to “Take care you put them back lest you lose that pair too” because the other pair I keep in the medicine cabinet has INEXPLICABLY gone missing. (I live alone.) So I stood at the desk and felt for the hair and tweezed it away and opened the desk drawer and put them back. The next afternoon (which was yesterday) I was sitting at my desk writing when my fingers found another vexing stiff hair. I looked ALL through the drawer while one of my cats lay on the desktop hoping for attention. IT WAS NOT IN THE DRAWER WHERE I HAD PUT IT! I looked four times and still no luck. I resolved that I’d look more thoroughly later wondering how they managed to migrate ON THEIR OWN away from the very front of the drawer where I always put them. My cat finally got tired of waiting for attention and got up and jumped to the floor and, there, laying right where he had been, WERE MY TWEEZERS. I can hardly wait to see where the other pair turns up!

    I am so glad you did this post today! I am researching for a book series I am writing and the mandela effect had popped up in my news feed yesterday on facebook but I had not gotten to read the article. Then I saw it again today in the title of a youtube video and, when I played the video, it went straight to two men talking and one of them called the other “Brother So-and-so” and I left that straight away and went to other things because I am so done with religion. So, even though I have experienced a few incidents of the mandela effect since Trump was elected, I did not know it by that name. Actually, I thought I might be losing my mind because of these small but telling differences between what I remembered being history from our Old Earth. So your post and video popped up about 30 minutes after I had tried to play that mandela effect video. The series I am working on IS AN ALTERNATE EARTH–MANY WORLDS CONCEPT SETTING!! I feel very much that your video was meant to draw my attention because I needed to be pointed at this weird phenomenon. I don’t KNOW why yet, but I have an inkling it has to do with discerning the mechanism of how it actually works and writing that into the series to give it even more present day real world relevance than it has. I shall let you know what I figure out, or what comes of it, but 3 pointings in two days from a “random feed” convinces me I should go relax and lay down to speak with Michael about exactly what he is trying to show me.

    I hope you enjoy “The Fabric of Experience”–my blogspot which still needs lots of additions. Very warm regards to you, my dear. No, you have not lost your mind. I am a scientist by training and I have been jokingly lately, theorizing that CERN making black holes in their lab seems to have torn the fabric of spacetime and we have all slipped seamlessly into an alternate world version where the quantum effects are much more sensitive, and willing and seeing inwardly a thing we desperately need or very much want causes it to materialize.

    Loving regards,


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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Needless to say you were perfectly lead to my post. I so loved your tales and I have many of the same type. Your natural receptivity to the non-ordinary seems to have placed you in a position to make a contribution to the field of inquiry. I will check out your blog. I am so happy to meet you!


  10. Good Luck Duck

    I don’t think you’re crazy, but then, maybe I’m crazy and then how reassuring would that be?

    This may not fit snugly into your request for comments, but it did make me think of getting lost one evening in the notion of “bungee-ing” into … something. I was really into this concept and playing with it. Maybe something like the reverie you describe around the labyrinth. Then I went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, there was a bungee cord in my bed. Honestly, I’m not a woman who sleeps with bungee cords, or really even thinks much about them.

    Working with your theory, did I slip into a nearby reality where the bungee I was thinking about manifested?

    It seems that at any moment, we could be slipping, unnoticed, into a nearly-identical reality, except for the small-ish thing we just changed.

    Also, kinda cool, I JUST gave Facebook-voice to my inner question about being “out” regarding awakening, manifesting, and reality. I get keeping it hushed, and I admire that you made this video.


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