What Right Action Looks Like on the March to World War Three.

“We do not need to be heroes to save the world; all we need is humility, a critical view of the commercial and political interests of those who would mislead us into wrongdoing, and a sense of wonder. ” ~ John Burnside, Scottish writer.

It was just a few weeks before the spring 2003 announcement that the US was going to war against Iraq when a friend of mine who worked for one of the US intelligence services said to me: “There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  We are going to war for other reasons, but nuclear missiles are not one of them.”

When she said this to me over lunch at my Annapolis Maryland home (she was visiting from her Middle-East post) I remember most of all her sadness. Until that point she had believed that her life-threatening job collecting intelligence for her government, mattered. She confessed that she had considered leaving her twenty-year career over this soon-to-come manufactured war.

The Iraq invasion would drag out eight long years. It would end in a massive loss of of Iraqi lives (some estimates as hight as 600,000), kill 43,000 allied soldiers and injure up to 80,000.) Eventually this incursion into Iraq would be exposed as a misguided war, even a plot by oil and wealth interests. What ever it really was, it was clearly not nuclear safety from the “Axis of Evil” so touted by then-president George W. Bush.

I remember before the truth came out, that weapons of mass destruction did not exist in Iraq as my friend had said, feeling like the sole clear-eyed, inside-knowledge outsider living among my deluded and naive American friends who actually believed their government was telling telling the truth.

Today, this same hidden agenda is at work in what seems to be a sure and steady march to war against Iran and/or North Korea. Instead of an Axis of Evil the US will come up with a new catchy label — Terrible Twosome or Duo of Death. Trump is already ahead of the game with “Rocket Man” as his moniker for Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that Korea is a country where the citizens are treated well. But Korea is one of the four nations on earth where first world banking interests have yet to penetrate in the form of a central bank. (The others? Surprise, surprise: Iran, Cuba, Syria. Before the 9-11, yes, Iraq was on that list, along with Afghanistan). (Disclaimer: I am not saying that one family owns controlling interest in central banks worldwide. I am noticing however that countries without a central bank are the ones that the USA targets for war).

So what does spiritually-minded right action look like when war-engineering for banking reasons is likely once again happening beneath the spectacle of an abnormal new-normal US presidency?

For me right now, right action starts with sharing information even if it’s not going to be well-received.

Let’s face it, this post in not exactly non-dual. It’s not all enlightenment-y and feel good. It’s not at all what you’d expect from me as the Awakened Dreamer (and I expect a few of you will unsubscribe in the wake of this post.)

But here’s the thing. That quote up there at the top by the Scottish poet is truly my recipe for saving the world. I remain humble. I remain full of wonder. And yet,  I have a sharp mind and with it comes a critical view of those who would lead us into wrong doing.

I can hear your resistance already, that part of you that wants to just sit on your meditation cushion and save the world one mantra at time.

Yet why not wake up and smell the conspiracy while waking up from the dream of you? 

Because if you know that you are everyone and everything the natural impulse is toward peace, harmony and love. Not just, on the inside, in a bubble of personal spiritual attainment. But in the world at large as a reflection of the luminosity of what we really are: All One.

On that note, please watch this critical-view video below by my friend Jacob Israel. It is tip-of-iceberg short summary of the oil and wealth interests behind the latest escalation to war. And it’s what sparked this blog post today.

One thought on “What Right Action Looks Like on the March to World War Three.

  1. Catherine

    I remember holding my tiny daughter and howling brokenheartedly after the Iraq war was announced. It was obvious to me that the WMD story was pure fabrication, and my gut still feels like stone when I think about it still. I don’t care if my grief over the idea of another mindless war is ‘unspiritual’/dualistic. At least I’m honest about where I’m at. I think honesty is crucially important for everyone, otherwise the ‘spiritual’ are just perpetuating the same power imbalances that have existed for thousands of years.

    Thanks for your post Lori.


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