The Transmission

The Crossing

There comes a time in every life
Where, all at once, you arrive.

You stand at the vacant threshold
of your Being, on the doorstep
of an abandoned Truth — no steps
left to climb, no remnant journey
from there to here.

The arrival itself constellates
lifetimes, collapses every mortal
breath you have ever taken into the black hole
of this Precious Crossing.

Notice the door that greets you,
wide open, and beyond, a shimmering
void at once terrifying and irresistible.

This moment is that Crossing to the place
of your Being, the place where Miracles live.

Few will dare to cross, forgetfulness
a comfort of the dream of you.

Yet, this is the Crossing for which
you were born.

Will you come in?

I have been waiting an Eternity
to meet you.


Written by Lori Lothian
Dec 2019

4 thoughts on “The Transmission

  1. Loretta B Miller

    Dear Lori,

    I’m so impressed with who and what you are. You are so realized. I’m super Impressed! Of course I was impressed with my recent reading with you but I’m seeing a much broader spectrum here. Wow.

    But to the point, do you do any kind of mentoring? I’m winding up on my current sculpture, Ixchel Mayan Goddess of Healing, and cautiously looking at my next venture in clay. So many options, so many directions.Practical, whimsical, inspirational, figurative abstract. See? Where to go! Anywhere is fine I know, but is there is better road. I am dedicated to making inspirational works and I tend to focus on women. Just because.

    Happy New Year to my lunatic astrologer Loretta Miller

    Sent from my iPad


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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Hey there Loretta, thank you for the kind comment. Yes, I will opening a new mentoring program in April — I will keep you informed, but also, you can follow me on my other website, Lunatic


  2. donsalmon

    And so the adventure begins – a wholly new Adventure – in full Awareness, in full embodied Awareness, in gritty, embodied, Real Awareness, Consciousness undulating everywhere and nowhere, everywhere and nowhere and everywhen….

    it is a beginning that is no beginning and ever-beginning again and again, now and now, deeper and ever more deeply…..

    and we discover a Mind beyond and within mind, a Life beyond and within life, a Body beyond and within body, a Soul of Love, of Delight, inseparable from an infinity of That which is always This…..

    all with an ever-more opening heart and an ever-more widening, deepening, heightening mind…..

    open your eyes,

    to see all the beauty that’s hidden by fear and desire

    open your ears, and

    listen to the sounds that are setting our hearts all on fire


    open up your mind

    open up your heart

    to the love that is here all around us

    open up your mind

    open up your heart

    to the wonder of all that is here.


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