Tuned to Channel Cosmic Professor

And now, for something completely different.

Over my years as a writer, every now and then I found myself consumed by the urge to take dictation from a voice in my head that did not sound like me. The cadence, language and tone was not my normal wry humor mixed with splashy adjectives and high strung verbs. Instead, the voice would come across in my inner ear sounding a lot like a humorless professor in semi-poetic lecture mode. But I took notes, because the content was inevitably fascinating and oddly insightful material on the nature of consciousness and reality.

The last time I tuned into Channel Cosmic Professor was in the months before 9-11 and my mother’s sudden death, in which the voice (self-identified as The Teacher) spoke an hour a day for three months on the nature of Creation and Choice (a handwritten manuscript that I will likely take to the grave). And perhaps to really get my attention, the day before my mother was killed The Teacher said (and I wrote): “Someone close to you is about to die suddenly.” When I probed for details, the voice was annoyingly cryptic: “Some things are not meant to be known.” The next day my mother died under the wheels of a Ford 250 pick up truck.

Ever since the awakening that turned my identity inside out, my inner landscape has been silent and hugely present. There is little noise, other than stray thoughts about food, comfort and sleep (boy am I tired or hungry, or this chair is too hard). When the silence of true nature comes to the foreground, any high verbiage thought sounds like a megaphone blast. Imagine the sonic boom then, of hearing the Cosmic Professor in my head again all of the sudden. Class in session. Please take notes.

So, in the name of sharing this odd journey of my awakening to true nature, here is what the Cosmic Professor had to say. It might speak to you, or it might sound like new age drivel. But I just took notes, so if you have a complaint, take it to the dean.

The Power of Totality

What you receive is what you are. You are that which both gives and takes. When this totality is realized, there is no struggle to get. For how can you get that which is yours to give all along?

You imagine yourself a part of the whole. But I tell you, you are the whole. There is no other. As the whole, no parts are missing. You cannot add to your totality, nor can it ever be diminished.

What power then have you? The power to create within that totality, new patterns. The power to re-constellate that which is here, into ever more beautiful arrangements.

The totality you are is a flower garden from which you may create unique blossoming bouquets. The wholeness is water that crystalizes an original snowflake every time.

You are that originality, whole yet separate in form. You contain the infinite within your finite expression. There is nothing you do not have at your disposal as cosmic artists rendering the face of God in one-of-a-kind manifestations.

To misunderstand your totality is to lose the power invested in you, by you. Remember that which you are and from there, paint the sky with your heart.

Awareness is here, (the professor too)

Lori Ann



PS: Did you know I’ve started a weekly 3-minute video blog? It’s free, fun and magical. Curious? Then subscribe here. 



PS: Did you know I’ve started a weekly 3-minute video blog? It’s free, fun and magical. Curious? Then subscribe here. 

12 thoughts on “Tuned to Channel Cosmic Professor

  1. pozablo

    “Someone close to you is about to die suddenly.”
    O Lori Ann, even tho you wrote it down at the time, this magic surely cannot be.
    Has the voice ever wrongly prophesized?


  2. intuitivejuliemarie

    I would propose that you consider sharing more of the ‘dictated’ material. It has a power and simplicity that really cuts through the layers. That professor has spoken to me from time to time, as well. Very much enjoy your writing. I will be back.


  3. bneal817

    Beautiful! I love the idea that we are all “cosmic artists rendering the face of God in one-of-a-kind manifestations.” Thanks Lori Ann. And thank you Professor.

    ~ Ben


  4. Joseph Polaschek

    Very interesting! The Truth is always with us if we do not let what we create with our “mind” (“reality” to some) get in the way.
    Thank you!


  5. Davidya

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. I get information, understanding and sometimes direction but never dictation. My stuff usually comes from a generalized intuition (for want of a better word) that not only gells stuff but adds to understanding. Occasionally there is some sort of conversation with one of a variety of “presences”. They all have names but the names they give are not always how they’re commonly known, if they are.


  6. Lisa Kathleen

    “Paint the sky with your heart”. Oh, Lori… LOVE THAT.
    When the professor (nice!) says ‘you’, to whom/what is that referring? You as ” thoughts that me is separate” or the you that is One, Absolute? I am reading ‘I Am That’ now, and love how the ‘I’ and ‘you’ in it refer to One, not an ego self. HUGS!!


  7. Mark Ty-Wharton

    Very interesting. Your cosmic professor sounds very poetic.
    What would happen if the voice in my head that I sometimes write from was the same voice that you were hearing? It stands to logical reason that it is right?


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