You are a Dandelion Ready to Blow Apart

Do you imagine the you who thinks it wants to experience enlightenment is solid? That this identity is as dense as say, a block of wood or a boulder?

Because if your fictional self is getting ready to let go, once and for all, it’s really more like a dandelion gone to seed. Sure, you can see the shape of the flower that was once a vibrant and thick yellow, but we all know that the white wispy phase is delicate and fragile—ready to blow to pieces.

All it takes is the wind of grace.

So, how do you know that your fictional self is just about to fly to the four winds so that the truth of who you have always been becomes apparent?

Well, if you are disillusioned with life, if it has whacked you with disappointment and loss, the fictional self is more than likely going to seed. The hardship crucible of enlightenment is a common one—we all know that folks like Byron Katie and Echart Tolle have tales of pre-awakening existential crisis.

But I’ve learned there is another, gentler way. I call it the portal of non-ordinary reality, also known as magic. And it’s not everyone’s cup of enlightenment tea. But it’s the tea I was sipping in the years leading to my awakening shift.

This inquiry into “who am I?” and the beginning of a magical life  started in earnest with my mother’s sudden death when I was 39 years old. Synchronicity and high strangeness avalanched my daily life in the weeks after she was killed, to the point I wrote a manuscript about it aptly called, “Falling Off the Edge of the World.”

But what I was falling off of, was not the world. Rather, the fictional self was falling away with each mind-blowing occurrence of what can only be described as a highly paranormal life. I didn’t just question “what is real.” I began to question whether I was real.

Ten years later, the last seeds of the fictional self blew apart in an overnight awakening. And in the five years since, I’ve come to know a calling that looks completely at odds with anything else I’ve encountered in the non-dual, contemporary teaching and writing circuit.

I am called to help people blow apart through the doorway of magic. And the means?

No long winded lectures here. No high performance satsangs and darshans. No transmission of shakti with a wave of my hand. No You Tube channel where I enlighten you with my depth of knowledge.

You see, when I created the Awakened Dreamer blog, all I wanted to do was report the post-blown-apart journey. Dispatches from beyond the dream was my tagline, and still is. After all, I was a reporter by trade in my 20s’ and writing things down was just natural for this personality through which grace was shining.

But these days, there has been a movement to share the portal of magic as way to wake up. I jokingly call it a back door to enlightenment. But what the portal of magic really does is begin to ripen the dandelion of your fictional self, turning it to wispy seed, so that when grace is ready, she will do her work and blow that self apart.

But by the time you’ve gone to seed you are ready for dispersion. It’s not that harsh crash landing of awakening where you are jolted into Oz via a tornado. The portal of magic is simply a gentle remembering of the magic of Being. The magic that you really are.

So. I can’t blow you apart to what you really are. No one can. The best any teacher or way-shower can do is help create conditions that allow grace to find you.

In that spirit, I invite you to the playground of magic.

I created this free 20 minute guided meditation called Enter the Synchronicity Portal as a way to begin your dandelion journey. Over 500 people have tried it, no one has been injured by it, and many have reported magical outcomes. Click HERE to download.

PS: The point of a magical life is not for your fictional self to wave the wand and make it so. The wand is your true self and it cannot be held in the grasp of what is unreal. So. Don’t take my word for it…come along on a journey and see for yourself.

PPS: The video blog, guest starring the Dandelion.


3 thoughts on “You are a Dandelion Ready to Blow Apart

  1. Sheila

    Hi Lori,
    I’ve just spent time reading through your blogs and have found that my experiences of awakening are so similar to yours including the physical issues. Thank you for putting it all into words.


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