How to Wake Up to Your Divine Agency

If there ever was an historical era where getting past the passive no-self phase of awakening mattered, this is it. Environmental peril, US presidential insanity and all-purpose darkness is on the rise.

You see, it’s not enough to just play the equanimity card in the game of enlightenment. Sure, it’s true at one level that “just this” is just right. Yet, at the level of a participatory universe, your unique point of view has special purpose and it will always be pointing in the direction of right action.

Simply, your awakening will inevitably take you from the starter question, “Who Am I?” to a realization that your boundless self will eventually get out of the navel gazing version of awakening to the stage of asking: “How can I (or this awakening) serve?”

For me, this question of service arose in the context of asking “What is this form for?” As I asked that question, the answers showed up in synchronistic, flowing and magical ways. Entire online courses were birthed effortlessly, and products like my new Awakened Dreamer Oracle cards (still in progress) were hatched in a holy instant.

Here’s what I have noticed about Divine Agency. It looks and feels like your personal will on steroids. It’s a kind of amplified intentionality that reminds me of that feeling that every artist knows: the full-steam-ahead creativity that happens when the muse strikes and when you have little to no resistance.

This post is just a short and sweet reminder: Your Will is Divine Will. And you do have agency as both the character in the dream and the one who dreams it into being.

The question of service is really the willingness to surrender to your Self fully. In my world these days, the more pliable and supple my personal will, the more joyful and invigorating my choices become — and actions unfold with grace, ease and incredible episodes of synchronicity.

So, the next time someone tells you your no-self is drifting on the shores of zero-agency, I suggest you earnestly play with this one question: How can My No Self Serve?

I guarantee, you will get an answer.


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2 thoughts on “How to Wake Up to Your Divine Agency

  1. Dave

    I have to admit that I feel I have ‘missed’ my higher purpose in this lifetime; or perhaps just overlooked it. I do also feel that the Holy Spirit is in charge. Therefore, I am not going to get caught in ‘saving’ the world from itself because this will merely draw me into the melodrama all around us. If all I can do to express my oneness is to bring a smile to someone, that is enough for now because that, in itself, makes my heart happy.

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