Wired for Magic: Awakening Beyond “Just This”

You keep hearing that the whole point of awakening is the end of suffering because the self that suffers is seen as a character in the dream, not the real you. I’ve said it myself in early post-awakening articles and even today, it’s being said repeatedly by non dual teachers.

Just this morning I read an eloquent Facebook post by non-dual teacher Joan Tollifson who declared that “Whenever there is a coming home, or a waking up, to the simplicity of Just This—minus the thought-sense of identity as “me,” minus the psychological self with its endless problems that can never be fixed—when there is simply this awaring presence and this present happening, without interpretations or storylines or the “me” at the center of it, then suddenly there is no problem anymore.”

And this is true. But what if this problem-free sense of just-this is a only an initial phase of awakening? What if this sudden or gradual freedom from that nagging feeling that there is something wrong with reality is a passage way rather than a destination?

Because it’s been my journey that the end of suffering is not an entry point into a permanent state of bland witnessing or super-chill of acceptance. Yes, at first, post awakening, the utter relief of waking up from that poor-me dream character feels like the best vacation from your mind you could imagine. It’s that biblical offer from Jesus, “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” made real.

Yet, once you are on the restful vacation from your fictional self, you find that over time, a new state of being begins to infiltrate your days.  Wonderment is the best word I have found so far to describe it, but it’s tinged with elements of delight, hope, trust and mirth.

Wonderment arises from the simple awareness that everything is happening with an intricate and eloquent perfection that is impersonal and deeply personal. That even the seeming chaos and calamity that arises in the midst of flow and ease, is right and intelligent.

It’s not the mental construct that “every thing happens for a reason,” which is a kind of soother or pacifier for the fictional self  having a bad dream moment.

Rather, it’s the actual deep heart knowing of that truth and the delightful evidence gathering for it as your reality begins to become super-saturated by mind-blowing synchronicity, uncanny timing, hyper-prescience and an increasing sense of being both the wind and the sail.

I call this state of being, “wired for magic.”

And it’s not a preoccupation with non-ordinary gifts in the way the pre-awakened mind will latch on to specialness, claiming the magic as mine. It’s a kind of dance with the magic that is already here, and has always been here. It’s a post-awakening refinement of perception that simply allows you to at last see this magic that you are a part of.

To be clear. You can delight in this perception of magic while also going through a hard time — illness, loss, grief, depression, financial stress and more, all co-exist with this wired-for-magic state of being.

A friend and teacher, Jerry Freeman, often posts on Facebook vignettes of his simple life with his dog Max that are filled with struggle, but infused with his perception of the magic that is always available. Not surprisingly, his tales of synchronicity and divine timing (in the midst of ordinary life) are hugely popular. We intuit that the dry “just this” claims of non-dual teachers like Tony Parsons, might be but a partial truth. Deep down we know that reality is not the monochromatic “just this” but the brightly colored “all this” of magic.

Rumi had the same perception, which is why his poetry is so alive with wonderment and delight. “Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through you.”

So, if you think you have arrived at your awakening destination because you are resting in “just this” I offer you the possibility there is “just this with a slice of magic.” But don’t take my word for it. Instead, pay attention to those synchronicity clues, to the angel feathers at your feet, to the perfectly timed meetings of chance, to the way you are being guided and the way you guide reality.

You are pure magic moving in divine synchrony. When you know this to be true, not only does suffering end but delight begins.

Or as Rumi puts it, “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

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11 thoughts on “Wired for Magic: Awakening Beyond “Just This”

  1. ourworldinmotion

    Some very nice and original thoughts about moving beyond witness consciousness, Lori. I would add that Guidance has offered me the ego cannot be fixed. When we surrender to our State of Being, we rest in what “A Course in Miracles” calls The Holy Instant. This opens our eyes to seeing the phenomenal world in a new way. No judgement nor perception exists in this Instant. It just IS. All of our personal ‘meanings’ are stripped away. As we rest in the Witness, our soul finds beauty and joy everywhere. Perhaps even in so-called ‘suffering’. I have personally experienced a few masters who demonstrate this new outlook on the world through laughter, mirth, and wonder. Of course, words can get in the way, but perhaps this is the “magic” you talk about. In my case, it can come from a sunset; a hummingbird; or a field filled with sunflowers. I lose my ego in such moments, and That Presence is undeniable. Many Blessings, Sister.


    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Yes, that is truly what I am saying..the magic is both the wonder of being intimate with reality without thought filters AND it is the unfoldment of a greater range of expression that shows up as we are danced by magic itself — magic as in the divine orchestration of it all. This being danced by magic is usually accompanied by the experience of synchronicity and evidence for quantum entanglement at a macro level. It’s magical. Period.


  2. WayneWirs

    “Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through you.”

    That’s the key right there. That’s how we move past the mind opening that so many nondual teachers seem to be stuck at. That’s how we open our hearts. Synchronicity implies God. Nonduality implies all is One. We are God. And we act from Love.

    The smart have their theories. The wise have their scars. 🙂


  3. Davidya

    Lovely, Lori
    I fully agree. That first shift is key but in many ways is just the kindergarten of enlightenment. Traditionally, the first shift has been called Nirvana or Sat Chit Ananda when it has matured. But there is so much more.

    Teachings from the Ramayana tell us there are 7 primary stages. The first is Self Realization. The second is waking up to the deeper nature of the world around us, as you point to. The third is when that same Self within is recognized in the world. That is the true start of non-duality. And so on.

    We live in a remarkable time where much dormant potential can now flower.

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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      David. What amazes me on this awakening journey is the way it flowers. I don’t know the traditional wisdoms the way your do and almost prefer to be a cross between a front lines reporter and a mad scientist. It’s one big wild experimental trip. I often feel like Alice in Wonderland. I never know what’s going to happen next. But I completely trust the journey

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      1. Davidya

        Yes, Lori, there are so many styles of being. For most all they need is a sense there is more and perhaps some direction in how to support it flowering. (like not investing in concepts about being done)

        Others of us are more analytical, exploring ancient and modern unfolding, seeking to understand the underlying processes, and so forth. My book on the topic is now done ad I just got the Foreword from Rick Archer. Hope to have it out this summer. 🙂

        Buckminster Fuller turned his life into an experiment, documenting the results. (he was awake)

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      1. Davidya

        Hi Michael
        The 7 stages are 2 intertwined processes – that of consciousness in relationship to itself and of sattva or clarity. Without the second, we see just 3 stages (1, 2, 3 below). That process ends with Brahman but the other part continues.

        1 – Self Realization
        1a – God Consciousness (awakening heart, refined perception)
        2 – Unity Consciousness, Oneness
        2a – Refined Unity and God Realization
        3 – Brahman or Beyond Consciousness
        3a – Refined Brahman
        3b – Parabrahman or pure Divinity

        more detail:


  4. Carrie Grace Fexa

    Lori Ann!

    Thank you for this writing! I’m there! In that place you described. I did your 40 Days of Magic and appreciated every single suggestion. Brilliant! What a gift you are to be able to receive the perfect words, the perfect translation of the experiences you described! I’m living what you described and loved the resonance that arose within me as I read your post!

    Gonna read it many times! Blessings to you, Carrie

    On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 1:21 PM, The Awakened Dreamer wrote:

    > Lori Ann Lothian posted: “You keep hearing that the whole point of > awakening is the end of suffering because the self that suffers is seen as > a character in the dream, not the real you. I’ve said it myself in early > post-awakening articles and even today, it’s being said by repeate” >


      1. S. Yamamoto

        Dear Lori,

        I’m passionate about Art. Thanks for reaching out through ‘Speakpipe’…do you remember that? I’m making a color pencil portrait of you. To what physical location do you suggest this portrait be sent?

        Have an enriching Winter and beyond.

        📞 “Twitter”

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