12 Signs You are Waking From The Dream (not in it).

It’s that moment where you realize you just might have not only woken up in the dream, but from it.


1. Nothing on the menu of self development and spiritual growth matters. Cause you know the self that is tinkering with self improvement is not real.

2. Everything you do matters because you are not doing it.

3. Nothing you say matters because it’s the silence that speaks.

4. Your life is not your life. It never was. But Life is You.

5. Joy replaces happiness and is strangely always present, even when the rattle of thought now and then tells you otherwise.

6. Peace is effortless. You don’t meditate for it. It simply is.

7. All the hard work of living a good life of meaning and purpose is suddenly laughable — the only meaning is presence, and presence cares nothing for work, life, or hard.

8. Presence takes time and space and tosses it out with the garbage. There is You. Now. Here. The rest is a dream.

9. The dream is now a script being written by Love. You just delight in the role you are given. Period.

10. Everything gets Done. No one does it.

11. The world’s woes are real. But not True.

12. I AM. So are You.


18 thoughts on “12 Signs You are Waking From The Dream (not in it).

  1. Laurie Gillies

    Crap. I am nowhere even near to close.

    I do intellectually understand the meaning in all 12 of them though. At least I believe I do…..

    The only one I may have actually embodied is the first one. On the other hand, I may have just gotten lazy.

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  2. lynnpaterson

    Thank you Lori, I love this piece. You’ve written so excellently about something that is so hard to write about. Some lines were immediately an ‘yes, that’s how i see it’ and others ‘hmm, that’s interesting, something to chew on’.
    Many blessings, Lynn.

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    1. Lori Ann Lothian

      Yes, real is how I define the dream (appearances of the real)…true is the perception of Presence that not only watches but gives rise to all appearances. I AM is where we can rest from the action and be in the stillness (which is not really still but you know what i mean).


      1. ourworldinmotion

        Yes. I have dicovered that we become the Witness, and, indeed, God is. The Course calls it “the holy instant,” but words just get in the way. We add drama to What Is. This is the paradox of what it means ‘to be human’. Happy “New” Year in the dream.💓


  3. Didier Weiss

    Amazingly precise and to the point 🙏

    I love the #11 which I could never express correctly, wrestling with the concept of reality. Yes the world and all its dramas are real, that doesn’t make them true at the core.

    Could you elaborate a bit on the #2? It is the only one I find a bit cryptic.

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      1. Didier Weiss

        An essay, yes surely. But at the same time, when woken up, there is no need of a single thought, concept or word to validate these 12 points, just direct looking and recognising that it is already the case…

        On the #2 – I directly gather that everything becomes equally important/non-important, no more hierarchy between “my” actions and the “rest of the world’s” actions.


  4. paradoxtabernacle

    this is all right-on. A Rumi quote I like is “Silence is the Language of God…all else is poor translation”. That being said, another quote I like is from Katagiri, a Zen Buddhist monk….”We have to say SOMETHING!”. Whatever…thanks for the living post that sets the pace for this new year. Swimming around in the paradox. xo- RC

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