The Astounding Magic of Timeless Time & Why YOU Can Never Access It

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to jump aboard the magic carpet ride of manifestation, prophecy, telepathy, miracle healing and mind-bending synchronicity. These are wonder hits, the unicorns of life that—when encountered—fire up a burst of gratitude, delight and joy.

What these amazing phenomena also do is slam dunk you back home, to the you that is true. That’s because these unlikely magical happenings activate those rare states of being — wonder, delight, joy are what the bible means when it suggests the we “praise the Lord ceaselessly.” (Don’t ask me where it is in the bible, but it’s there a lot.).

Simply, this praise is not something you do to earn your magic ride. It’s something that you are by virtue of remembering your true nature. Praise is that constellation of wonder-joy-delight (with a dash if effortless peace) that is your very own true essence.

The whole new age gig however has you chasing your tail by focusing of the magical phenomena as if those non-ordinary events can promise lasting well-being. But the fact is you can’t get what you are any more than water can attain wetness or the sun can acquire light.  Those magical time-and-space-bending events are simply the bleed through side-effect of returning home to Awareness. The wake of this homecoming to your rightful state of self-knowing or as Jed Mckenna would say, “truth realization,” is always a frothy blend of siddhis (spiritual gifts) and astounding flow.

Why am I writing about this now?

Because in early December an awakening refresh (or more accurately a new splash of grace altogether) catalyzed a non-stop state of “walking with God.” Or you could also classify it as being not only awake within the dream but from it. Or you could also say the perceiver left the premises, leaving only perceiving.

The bottomline?

Wonder-joy-delight-peace are ever-present. With this Perpetual Presence comes surprising miracles and mind-boggling magic in what I am now calling the matrix of timeless-time. It’s the perception of time but time without a me in a lockdown of imagining that I am  “moving through it.” (There was a dream a few years ago, shortly after the 2011 awakening shift. In it, a voice said this: “You are not moving through time. Time is moving through you.”)

Now, I get it.

This is what being a Time Lord truly means, no Tardis ship needed — it’s that critical juncture where non-local awareness becomes the seat of consciousness and from that infinite perch pure perfection unfolds in every moment.

To be clear, I don’t mean the simple Jedi mind trick of  “not arguing with reality” a la  Bryon Katie or the Krishnamurti’s equanimity line about “I don’t mind what happens.” Of course, there is that too.

But there a dynamic engagement with each moment best described as a non-stop free-fall with a kind of trust that comes from knowing that the fall itself is the place of true homecoming. In that free fall, this place where the perceiver and perceived have melded into perceiving, astounding magic happens.

That said, there is still always a dialogue of sorts, and kind of improv banter in which the free-falling perceiving-ness takes on a communion quality just for the sake of it.  In other words, perceiving-ness likes to talk to itself.

In his book, Spiritual Warfare, Jed McKenna describes it like this:

Dealing with the universe this way is nothing new to me. We understand each other pretty well. I know how to speak and I know how to understand what I’m being told. Patterns, signs, subtle variations in rightness and not-rightness, flow and obstruction; this is how it works. I make it sound as if the universe and I were two separate things, but it’s actually the absence of that artificial distinction that I’m talking about. … This is the thing that everyone wants to know about and tap into; effortless functioning, direct knowing, the manifestation of abundance, health, prosperity, happiness. Understand how the universe works, merge back into it, learn to operate in alignment with it, and you’ll blush to recall that you once thought that Albus and Obi-Wan had cool powers.” (from Spiritual Warfare, The Enlightenment Trilogy Book 3).

So, I will leave you with just one example of thousands of how this divine alignment works in daily life.

I called a plumber yesterday for my place in Montreal, which my daughter (who goes to McGill University in that city) informed me, has a plugged toilet. I am driving to Montreal in two days from Norther Ontario and obviously need for the one toilet in my place to be fixed before I arrive. Even though I had left a voice mail with a plumber yesterday morning, by the day’s end I had not heard back.

Rather than fret about it, I merged into the free fall, which looks like this.  I woke up at 7:00 am and made a quick to do list for my day. I put plumber at top of list and then, an hour later, morning coffee in hand, I looked out the bedroom window to this unlikely and beautifully synchronistic message from me talking to me.

A plumber visiting the neighbour’s place just as my planner’s first to-do is to call one is the flow and rightness that Jed talks about. I grabbed my cell, hit redial and got the plumber from yesterday’s voicemail on the first ring. The appointment was scheduled effortlessly at a time tomorrow that was the very window my daughter could be available to be there.

This is a fun example of this Garden of Eden Effect, where an innocence exists that is like perpetual beginners mind in which there is infinite trust in the unfoldment to go smoothly. It might be described to as “no me in the way of divine function.” A spiritual teacher friend used to call it “flowing wakefulness.”

This divine function is in essence the experience of being an instrument of divine flow rather than an agent of it. In folly, I used to think I could teach people HOW to harness this flow and synchronicity. My earnest motive was to reverse engineer enlightenment side effects to lead people back to their true essence. I now am doubting this strategy.

It seems the only way to work magic in the maya playground is to get people off of it first. Then, and only then, does re-entry into the dream as a “lucid” game player make sense.

In the meantime, I will keep on reporting here with the caveat that I am not your teacher. But I am your frontline scout, willing to share descriptions of the seamless terrain of timeless time and spaceless space. Just maybe my travelogue will spark a bit of grace in your world. And just maybe that grace will take you on an unexpected magic carpet ride home.


PS: The most recent divine function here seems to be that of sharing astrological wisdom. If you are at all curious, here is a link to my current sale page, where I am offering up insight and guidance into what I am calling the Your Great Uranian Awakening” reading — yes, it’s so dramatic!

Featured Image by Harten.

5 thoughts on “The Astounding Magic of Timeless Time & Why YOU Can Never Access It

  1. Daniel Blackmoor

    Thank you so much for authentically sharing your journey with us. I especially appreciate it as you are one of the only voices out there who speaks to my own experience, and your post about feminine heart awakening vs masculine mind illuminated an aspect of my journey I was waiting to understand. (As a man who awoke from the heart, there was some confusion as to why my experience was so much different than most of the stories I heard…!)

    I look forward to the rest of your path!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. paradoxtabernacle

    As long as we have a body, we are on the maya playground, bound by natural law, and to deny that reality using verbal smoke and mirrors does not make that aspect magically go away. Yes, we are also lenses through which grace can manifest in the forms of synchronicity, telepathy, healing, etc. That is our paradox….we are both….and it appears to me that this paradox, while not offering a heavenly-ride ticket, does offer us, as free beings who are both carnal and godly, to make choices that allow the godly aspects to become manifest on the maya playground where we exist.
    It is imperative with each decision that we “remember” our godly; “praising the Lord ceaselessly.”, lest we become vehicles of suffering, rather than the loving alternative. thanks.


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